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I'm Jenn... the wife and mom in our little world.  I started blogging back in 2010 when we were building our home in suburban Maryland as a way to keep our family in the loop with all our exciting construction progress.  

I'm a native New Englander and love everything about my beloved Boston.  I also love great food (cooking and eating it!), wine, running (when it doesn't feel like I'm dying out there!), skiing, scuba diving, reading, traveling and documenting all of our adventures here on the blog.

I'm a firm believer that freckles and messy hair are a summer staple!

I moved to the DC area in 2003 after graduate school in Boston and have been working as a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist in our local school district since that time.  I'm an elementary school SLP and love that I get to work with students every day to help improve their communication skills.

In 2006, I met my future husband, Nick, on a bar crawl through Georgetown!  Yup, I met my guy in a bar (fairly certain my mother is just relieved that all those years in bars finally paid off!).  We got married in 2009 and spent our honeymoon diving with sharks in Bora Bora and the South Pacific. He's my personal IT guy and keeps all our home's electronics up and running while I attempt to break all of them.  He's also our grill master, lawn boy, bug-killer, and never-ending supplier of batteries.  Together, we love traveling, gardening, sailing, hosting friends/family at our house for BBQs, and sitting out by our firepit enjoying a cold drink and a warm s'more at the end of a crazy day.

Celebrating our wedding night at the Seaport Hotel in Boston!

Diving in Moorea with lemon sharks

2011 brought our biggest adventure to date... a baby girl named Georgia Grace.  Born 10 weeks prematurely, the blog then became our way to communicate to all our friends and family with daily updates during our long NICU stay at Children's National Medical Center in Washington DC.  

Georgia was discharged from the hospital in June of 2011 and we started a whole new adventure as I took a leave of absence from work to help keep our little baby safe and germ-free as she grew and got stronger.  We returned to "normal" in November 2011 as I returned to work and Georgia headed to daycare for the first time.

Since that time, we've been living our lives one day at a time.  We deal with balancing our love of good food with our daughter's multiple food allergies and experiment a lot with allergy-free cooking and products to help keep her safe at home and school.

Update... In the summer of 2016, we welcomed our son, Grant Michael, into the world.  He arrived 4 weeks early, but after all the drama with Georgia, that seemed like nothing.  As with most things in life, it didn't go quite as planned and I found myself being rolled back into the operating room at Holy Cross Hospital for a second c-section while Georgia found herself having an unplanned sleepover at the neighbor's house.  

Our little chunky monkey joined the world a short time later and hasn't stopped smiling since he arrived.  He's the happiest little dude on the block and adores his big sister!  He's completed our family in so many ways that we never could have imagined.

The blog is a daily journal of sorts with all of our daily craziness - school, work, travel, friends, family, etc. 

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Staci said...

Hi Jenn!,

I just found your blog through the Friday Favorites link up and it's so cute! Such a sweet little family. I'd be over the moon to have your job! I have a BGS in Linguistics from KU and wish I would have used it to my advantage! Can't wait to follow along!