Saturday, July 29, 2017

Grant's Baptism

The main purpose of our summer trip to Massachusetts occurred on Sunday, July 16th... Grant's baptism in our family church.  

Ready to go
We knew the timing was going to be a little rough since it was smack in the middle of Grant's typical nap time, but he seemed okay as we got him dressed (with a safety pin holding up his little pants!) and headed a few minutes down the street to the church.  If only we knew...

When we arrived at the church, the first person we saw was my Uncle Roger, who would be performing the baptism (and may look familiar since he baptized Georgia in 2011 and married Nick and I back in 2008).  Grant seemed most interested in his apparel.  

Waiting to get started
At least Grant looks a tad impressed with church!

Georgia and her godparents
Meanwhile, Georgia found her cousin and the duo was fairly inseparable for the rest of the day.

Georgia and Abby

And then it was go time.

Prior to the baptism, my Uncle sent me a letter with a little family history... not only was Georgia baptized in that very church, but I was also baptized in that church (also by my Uncle Roger).  It doesn't stop there... Mimi was baptized there!  My grandparents were members of the parish, as well as their parents.  It's pretty cool to think that Grant and Georgia were baptized in the same building that their great-great-grandparents (Paul and Anais Morin) once attended.  My uncle estimated that there is an almost 100 year family affiliation with the church. 

Grant wasn't quite so interested in the family history.  Instead, he was interested in demonstrating his lung capacity.  Apparently he takes after his mother when it comes to baptism screaming.  I have to admit that I may have only heard 1% of what was said during the ceremony because I was too busy either bouncing a screaming child or shushing Grant or exchanging looks of panic with Nick.  Unfortunately, I mostly just wanted it to be over so I could take Grant aside and calm him down!  

I can't say that we got the best family photos after the ceremony since Grant was still at full-blown "stage hysterical," but we tried!

With his godparents
At this point, I gave the official "we're done" so that I could take him aside and try to calm him down a bit.  Luckily, he inhaled a bottle (more to self calm vs hunger) and that seemed to at least give him a second wind for a bit.

You know your kid is teething when they eat their baptismal bib!  Grant DESTROYED that thing.  Nick and I were both covered in white lint for the remainder of the day.

When your child is trying to escape...
3 generations (with the littlest one being very unhappy)
Auntie and Mimi

I was absolutely blown away that two of my college roommates, who both live in Connecticut, were able to join us for the day.  I miss the days of living with these gals! 

I hit the friend lottery back in the spring of 1998 when I pledged with these ladies
Our future Theta!
After the church, my mom hosted a luncheon at The Village Inn for all our friends and family who were able to join us that day.  Grant loves a good luncheon since it involves his favorite thing... FOOD!

Georgia and her beloved Aunties who spoil her rotten!
Meeting Baby Hattie
Grant managed to sample snacks from MANY different people!

Stealing all of Kate's french fries
STILL eating Kate's fries
Hysterically, every person that I spoke to that afternoon mentioned that they fed Grant french fries!  Yes, he made his rounds eating half of the fries in the restaurant! 

Visiting with Kelly... AND eating her fries!
Fry thief with his big cousins
I was standing at the bar finally grabbing a drink when I spotted someone sneaking into the hall...

It's not a family event without Mr Mike strolling in to join us!  Almost 25 years of friendship here!
Grant made his rounds visiting with as many of our guests as possible!

Starting to look a little sleepy with Uncle Ken
With Auntie Sherrie
Grant loved watching the kids play and desperately wanted to join in!

Thank you to all of our family and friends who attended Grant's big day.  I tried my best to get around to talk to everyone, but as always, the time flies and you always feel like you missed someone or didn't get enough time with certain people.  A special thanks to my Uncle Roger, my mom, Melissa, Lisa and my Uncle Paul for handling all the details and taking care of everything to make the day so special for everyone.  I told people - I just had to show up with the kid (which is 100% true!) and the rest was handled by the A Team!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Summer - Week #4 - Part 1

We originally planned to drive to Massachusetts on Saturday morning, but Nick and I did some math and decided to try to hammer out the drive on Friday evening.  The biggest X factor... Grant!  He did fairly well driving back/forth from the lake earlier in the month, but he was definitely a little out of it due to his teething, so we were definitely not sure what to expect.  We were hoping that leaving in the evening would equal bedtime/sleep for him.

Overall, he did pretty well.  We picked him up from school around 4:30 and he promptly passed out for about an hour or so.  Unfortunately, we hit traffic around Baltimore during the evening rush, but we chugged along and kept making progress.  Since I was driving, Nick climbed into the back and Grant was pretty easily entertained through the rest of Maryland, into Delaware and New Jersey.  He was ready for bed as we entered central New Jersey, so he complained for a bit and Nick fed him everything in the diaper bag, tried the iPad, and did his best to keep him quiet (while I drove through a total deluge!).  He finally passed out and we made it to the NY/CT border before we stopped to change drivers.  We made Georgia hand over her iPad to try to get some sleep and I stayed in the back for the rest of the drive.  CT had construction, so we went some crazy ways to avoid traffic (thank you, Waze) and then we entered MA.  Oh, Massachusetts.  At 11:45pm, we came to a screeching halt as they repaved half of the state.  By 1am, we hit every red light in Lowell and Grant was wide awake and ready to party!!  But, we made it safely and everyone survived the ride.  Thankfully, we handed kids over to Mimi and slept in the next morning.

The next morning, Georgia discovered my old Barbie collection!

And Grant discovered Mimi's banana bread... and never stopped eating!

Our first day at home, we walked up the street to introduce Grant to the neighborhood cows at Shaw Farm.


Auntie Lisa stopped by and we may have invented a new driveway game that lasted... well, much longer than it should have!

Everyone got involved in our target shooting game, even Papa!

Our agenda for our week in MA was non-stop... starting with Grant's baptism the next morning.  Stay tuned for that wrap-up (the best news --- there is no video of his non-stop screaming).