Saturday, July 1, 2017

Washington Nationals Peanut Free Game!

Last weekend, we took the kids to their first official MLB game.  I'm only slightly heartbroken that it wasn't my beloved Red Sox at Fenway, but I'm okay with it being the Nationals.  Frankly, I'm okay with anyone as long as it's not the Yankees (still in denial that I married a New York boy).

A few months back, I stumbled upon an article about peanut free baseball games.  I did a little research and initially reached out to the Baltimore Orioles organization since I was able to find a contact name/number for their tickets.  Unfortunately, I was late to the party and all of their games were sold out except for one game that didn't work for our calendar.  Next up, I went to the Nationals website, but didn't have much luck finding out information.  I sent a general inquiry to their tickets site and within minutes I received back an email with further information about purchasing tickets and we were able to score tickets to an afternoon game!  The process was super simple and everything was handled over email and fax.

Fast forward a few months later and we were strolling into Nats Park!

I had absolutely zero expectations for the seats, the view, etc.  All I cared about was that the chances of peanuts being near us was greatly reduced.  

To say I was blown away by our seats was an understatement...

What a view!

Turns out that our seats were in the suites section!  I really need to start reading the fine print.  

The Nats organization reserved several suites for peanut free families for the game (and several other games during the season).  The suites were beautiful and the view along the 3rd baseline was great.  The added benefit of having access to air conditioning inside was worth every penny!  Our seats were roomy and we had a nice counter in front of us to put our drinks.  We didn't know any of the other families, but everyone was SO nice.  (I mentioned to Nick that there is definitely the added benefit of sitting with other "families" vs drunk college kids or random strangers screaming obscenities during the game!).  Another added benefit was just the space.  We could roam a bit and not feel like we were blocking anyone's view or interrupting anyone around us.  Grant crawled all over the floor (total 2nd kid), Georgia danced in the aisle, etc. and no one batted an eye.  It was nice to be able to stand, stretch or just watch the game from inside for an inning and then come back out to the seats.

My boys are looking baseball ready
Grant LOVED all the action, especially the loud music!
We also had access to much nicer bathrooms that were tucked away from the giant lines snaking into the gigantic bathrooms on the other levels of the stadium.  When traveling with a diaper wearing infant, quick and easy access to bathrooms are key!!

Mr Party Animal loved the people watching!
Go Nats!
It was amazing to be able to watch the game without the worry/anxiety of someone near us opening a giant bag of peanuts.  Ironically, we left the suite to grab some dinner and as soon as we sat at a table for 10 seconds, the family at the next table over opened a bag of peanuts and the peanut shells and dust starting flying everywhere.  And... back to the safety of the suite we went!  

Sporting my Nats visor that I got for free during the last game I went to circa 2011 (memo to self - we gotta get to more baseball games with or without these kids!)
Grant was a total rock star during the game.  We hit horrible traffic getting into the city, so he managed to squeeze in a 90 minute nap during our commute to the stadium.  He was ready to roll for game time.  He stayed awake the entire game and then immediately crashed on the ride home.  His favorite activities included dancing, clapping, standing on his chair and watching whoever happened to be inside the suite!

Totally cracking up at the kids inside the suite who were sweet enough to wave and play peek-a-boo with him!

Did I mention the air conditioning?  Because in the DC summer heat, it was a total blessing to be able to head inside for a few minutes to cool down!
She was amazed that she could watch the game on the tv... even though it was happening right outside the door!

Who let this goon inside?!?
The game was a ridiculous blow-out and the Nats creamed the Reds.  We decided to stroll around the stadium on our way out knowing that traffic getting out of the area was going to be ridiculous.  We stopped by guest services and they issued certificates to both of the kids since it was their first MLB game.  The lovely lady there also gave them both a few packs of baseball cards.  Georgia ripped into them on the way home and managed to score a David Ortiz card.  The timing couldn't have been better with Big Papi's number having been retired at Fenway just that week!  She even let me keep it (parenting score!!!).

Overall, I was so happy with how the day went.  The process for ordering tickets was super simple.  The suite was amazing.  A huge thanks to Major League Baseball, the Washington Nationals, and all the other teams out there who recognize that food allergies are deadly and scary.  I used to be the person eating the peanuts in the park and giving out peanut butter cups at Halloween.  Now, I just want my kid to be happy and healthy while enjoying a ball game on a beautiful Saturday afternoon!

We'll definitely be back for another game next season!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer - Week #1

Week #1 recap...

A rainbow to start off the week!
First up on the agenda was a hair cut for Ms. Georgia.  A few inches off and she even let the hairdresser give her a cute braid for the day.  6 years old and only her second haircut ever.

Day #1 also included catching up on "chores," including getting all of Georgia's daisy badges that she earned this spring onto her vest finally!

And we both cashed in some gift cards to get our nails and toes painted.

Even on summer break, the big kid is still watching over the little kid in our house...

Day #2 included blueberry picking at our local farm with friends.

G and I made blueberry muffins from our haul.  Grant loved them.  He really liked giving chunks of them to the floor too!  Grrrr.

When we got home that evening, a little something was waiting on the front steps for Grant.  Mimi sent him a birthday gift a little early and I think it's going to get lots of use before July!

He was so excited!

He could not wait to go for a ride, even while Nick and Georgia were building it!

Time to cruise!

Day #3 included a trip to the library and we stumbled upon a new nature walk nearby, so we took a few minutes to explore before heading in to get some books...

The best part about summer... random lunch dates with my girl.  Especially when they involve burritos!

She also is a great nanny!

On Day #4, Georgia and I decided to go on a new adventure to a farm about an hour from our house to pick sweet cherries.  Nick happened to be working from home, so he took the afternoon off and joined us to go exploring.  We drove out to Baugher's Orchard in Westminster.  We loved the farm, including the cute petting zoo.

Tractor ride out to the fields

Ready to pick!
So many cherries!

We didn't even need to move.  We just stood at one tree and managed to pick an entire bucket of cherries in less than 10 minutes.

Now.... what to make?!?!

That evening, Nick and G biked up to the corner where a local church was hosting a "music on the lawn" event.  Grant and I stayed home for bedtime, but these characters stayed out late and biked home...

We have the best sunsets in C'burg!
We finished off the first week of summer by spotting this little advertisement on Facebook.  I recognize someone's bouncing curls.

Not bad for the first week of summer!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

1st Weekend of Summer!

If you missed my last post, we limped and crawled, but we made it to summer!

On Friday morning, Georgia headed to school for her last day of kindergarten (and got to walk with a buddy who joined Nick/her for the final walk).

On Friday afternoon, I picked G up from after care and we headed home to find Nick on the deck setting up this new fun summer toy...

An advertisement for a blow-up pool popped up on my Facebook stream this past week. I sent it to Nick with some funny like quip like "would be great for movie nights!"  Next thing I know, I've got a shipping confirmation in my inbox.

Definitely a hit with this kid!

On Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for Georgia's final tball game.  Most of these kids have been together for 3-4 seasons at this point and most will be together again in the fall.  It's nice to have a such a great group of kids and parents to hang out with several times per week!  

The coaches convinced the kids that they had to "win the championship" in order to earn their trophies.

Go 6U Giants!
Following a birthday party at the pool in the afternoon, Nick and I celebrated the end of the school year/Father's Day weekend with our usual lobster celebration. Someone (not mentioning any names) wasn't into sitting on the deck enjoying lobster with the rest of us.  So, we trapped him in his walker, gave him some ice cubes to play with, and luckily it bought us enough time to inhale dinner.  Georgia may have stolen half of Nick's lobster this year!  Must be my New England genes kicking in...

Sporting his sister's tball hat
Nick celebrated Father's Day by getting up at dawn to hit the golf course before we all headed out to lunch together.  Earlier in the week, Georgia's school hosted "Donuts with Dad" in the morning before school let out for the summer...

First Father's Day with two of these little critters...

Opening presents

Onto the first full week of summer.  We had Georgia's to-do list to conquer...