Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ahhhh.... Summer!

That's a wrap, folks.  Georgia and I are officially on summer break for the next 2 months.  I didn't know if we were going to make it there at the end.  I swear we had a "final" something every day for the past 2 weeks.  

Final dance class, dance pictures, dress rehearsal, dance recital, final tball practice, final tball game, last day of school, last day of work, last day of after care, end of year work party, end of year kindergarten party, end of year after care party, etc.  Of course, every one of these events seemed to come with a "please bring an appetizer/dessert/snack to share," so it's been a little bit of chaos in our house for the first few weeks of June (and I've been to the grocery store 3,087 times, especially when your kid has deadly food allergies).  I joked that I was on 14 Sign-up-Genius at the end of the year and owed every single person at work $5-10 for end of year parties, baby showers, summer weddings, retirement gifts, etc.  But in the end, it's all worth it.

A gift from a co-worker on one of the final days... so appropriate!
I absolutely LOVE having the summer off.  It is the #1 thing I love about my job.  

However, the crazy at the end of the school year is always insane.  This year, the added crazy of having Georgia end her school year (vs continue with daycare) was just added chaos.  

As I explain to Nick every year - just imagine your job ends at noon on Friday and absolutely everything on your desk and every project you're working on, ends at noon on Friday!  No extensions.  No finishing it after vacation.  Oh, and be sure to pack up your entire office (even if you'll be back in the exact same space next year).  Take everything off the wall/desk/shelves and box it up before you leave too.  And the cherry on top... you don't get a paycheck for 2+ months.  Actually, that's a lie.  It's 3 months because you have to work a full 2 weeks before you finally get a partial paycheck in the fall. There's no option for summer pay in our county.  So, before you say "you're so lucky!" to a teacher, remember that they are exhausted, broke and just happy to finally not have an insane to-do list for the first time in months! Most of us come out of the fog by mid-July --- just in time for our minds to start creating that back to school to-do list!  Heck, I already bought my planner for next school year and I've been on break for less than 72 hours.

So.... rewind to the 2nd weekend of June and we got to see Georgia hit the stage for her 3rd official dance recital.  This year, she concentrated on jazz and her recital number was to "I Saw the Sign" by Ace of Base.  Yes, it brought me right back to high school.

We were so lucky that the recital was in our neighborhood at the local high school

The whole family made it to the recital, including Mimi who flew in for the event.  Grant successfully made it through the first half of the recital, but he (along with the other 10,000 babies in the crowd) were fairly OVER it by the second half.  So, Nick and him chilled in the back of the auditorium for the second half of the show.  Georgia's class was one of the first shows, so she joined us in the audience to watch lots of other classes dance before the big finale bow.

Daddy and G after the show

Our crew
G and Mimi
If you want to watch the whole routine, here it is:

My favorite part is at the end where one of Georgia's classmates loses her glove and Georgia runs over to give it to her before the final pose!  Cracks me up every time!!!  As soon as I picked her up back stage, it was the only thing she talked about.  "Mommy, Sydney lost her glove and I had to get it back to her before we finished!"  

On Sunday, we all headed to the pool for the day and we quickly learned that Grant at the pool is a whole lot of work!  Now I remember why Georgia was pretty much banned from the pool until she was 2.  Even with a 3rd adult with Mimi visiting, it was rough.  Any guilt I had about keeping Grant in daycare for the summer was instantly erased (not that we had much option since daycare doesn't allow for part-time until kids are 2 years old and we don't want to lose his spot for the fall!).

NOT pleased to have to wear sunglasses and a hat.  I'm a horrible mean mommy!

Trying to convince Grant that napping by the pool is cool!  He's not having it...
Maybe for now, we'll stick to the water table with this guy!

He loves being on the deck playing in the water

Or we could just stick to pretend water gun battles with Mimi (yes, she brought those on the plane.  Let's all give thanks to TSA officers who are patient and kind to traveling grandparents and that we didn't see her on the news).

The final week of school was a giant blur.  Georgia had field day.  I had field day at work on two different days.  I attended Georgia's 504 review meeting for her allergies to set up the plan for 1st grade (Sidebar - We made a few changes and I'm going to write up a longer post this summer about kindergarten/allergies/etc. since I tend to receive lots of emails, texts and calls from readers and friends with questions about 504 plans and kindergarten).  Georgia had a "final project" due involving our family history... cause last weeks of school are great for that non-sense.  G had her final tball practice and I had a year-end party at my principal's house.  We were pulling 14+ hour days most of the week before we all rolled into the house to inhale dinner, bathe and sleep.

But, we did manage to sneak in a little playground time one evening.  Grant LOVED riding in the wagon with Georgia to the park and was a huge fan of the swings (once he figured out that he wasn't going to fall out!).  We quickly learned that he doesn't like to swing slow.  He wants high and fast like his sister.

Love that he's hanging on for dear life in all the pictures

And when did this one get so big?!?!  She was barely able to squeeze into the swing.

Georgia loves that Grant is getting big enough to "play" with her!

And this guy loves anything that his big sister likes, even when the sun is blinding you!

Cracking up the entire time!

Note the death grip on the swing!

Such a boy... the bigger, higher and faster = he loves it more!

Perfect summer night!
Nothing better than riding home with your favorite person as your co-pilot

Looks like the little guy will enjoy the wagon just as much as his sister did (and still does!)
I know I say it all the time, but Georgia is the best big sister ever.  Grant just adores her and as he gets older, she finds all sorts of new ways to entertain him and make him laugh.  He has the best laugh when he is playing with her.  It's like he saves it just for her.

Now, there is a 5 year age difference, so on some days, she'd rather play iPad or Shopkins or do all the other things that she loves to do.  BUT, when she plays with him, she really plays with him and wants to genuinely make him happy.  I love watching it and I don't think it'll ever get old.  Yes, there is already the "he just pulled my hair" or "he scratched me" or the whole thing ends in tears... with both of them!  But, 99% of the time, it's just giggles.

In the blink of an eye, kindergarten was over.  It feels like just yesterday we were walking her up the street to start her first day of school. Now, DONE.

When I picked her up from her final day of after care that afternoon, I was absolutely 100% blown away by the piece of paper that came home with her...

"Most Thoughtful"

After 14 years of teaching, I see the best of kids and the worst of kids in terms of behavior and how they can treat each other (and teachers) day in and day out.  So for my own kid to come home with "Most Thoughtful"... well, I might have teared up a bit while I put her in the car.  Bottom line... I don't care if my kid is the smartest or the most popular or has the most friends or the best clothes or wins the science fair or spelling bee.  But, to be named "most thoughtful," especially by the after care staff who see her daily?  Well, that made me one pretty darn proud Mama and I may have had to squeeze her just a tad tighter that night when I tucked her into bed.  

What a way to end kindergarten!  Onto 1st grade...