Thursday, May 11, 2017

Georgia's 6th Birthday - Part 2

After an exciting morning of birthday tball, we headed back home for some birthday lunch/cake/present opening.

Too many presents

Every year, there seems to be a "theme" to presents.  This year, Shopkins was far and away the winner!

The kid is SET for clothes, toys and so on for the next century or so!

As always, I had a water bottle label made to commemorate the big day...

After presents, it was cake time!  Have I mentioned how flipping proud I am of this creation?!?!  I mean, the kid is kinda cute too.

After cake and a quick clean-up, we were all dressed and ready to head to Bethesda to a party celebrating Nick's company, which was recently sold.  I don't think anyone could predict that it was going to be 90+ degrees at the end of April for the party.  Georgia managed to spend 99% of the party swimming in the pool!

Grant even had a twin at the party... Uncle Nick!  And they were both equally as sweaty too.

Someone had fun while sister swam the day away....

Looking for Georgia in the pool

Melting out in the heat!

Georgia, Grant and I snuck out of the party as the movie night portion began since we all needed to be up and ready for a big birthday party the next day.  We headed home and left Daddy there to close the party down.

The next day, we were jumping fools at Georgia's 6th birthday party at SkyZone...

Grant was intrigued

Of course, I had to make some cupcakes for the party, so I managed to copy a design off Pinterest.  Overall, not too shabby.  Maybe I'll open up my own nut-free bakery sometime soon!

Of course, as soon as we were back home, I found the birthday party hats!  So, I made everyone eat dinner with them on!!!

Another birthday in the books!  Onto 7 (sigh.....)

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Georgia - Year in Review

I'm pretty good with making Shutterfly albums quarterly for the kids with all our family pictures, but I was struggling with how to incorporate all the videos we take too.  This weekend, I discovered Smilebox.  Approximately 12 hours later, I created my first video... Georgia's year in review!  My new goal is to create a video for the kids yearly with their "year in review" highlighting the big events... parties, holidays, visitors, milestones, etc.  Even better, I can email the video directly to Georgia's account (remember -  you can always email her at and she can always have the video.

I love how much she's grown this year... new adventures with dance, tball, Girl Scouts.  Grant arrived mid-way through last summer and she's an amazing big sister to him.  She's gone from barely being able to swim to the side of the pool to being a little fish.  She's learned how to read.  She skipped off to kindergarten and has loved every minute of it.  I'm so proud of the little girl that she's grown into this past year.

**Warning - the video is about 14 minutes long**