Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spring Break 2017 - MGM National Harbor

We wrapped up Spring Break with a flurry of activity.  On Friday, Nick and I packed up our bags and headed to the new MGM National Harbor for the night.   I received an email around noon saying that our room was already ready for the evening, so we threw a few things in a bag and hit the road.  

As soon as we walked in, we were blown away by the lobby!  Talk about impressive.  The hotel has only been open a few months, but they've already swapped out their lobby decorations a few times.  I can't wait to visit again near the holidays.  I can only imagine their Christmas decor.

We walked right up to the self check-in kiosk, scanned the email sent to me, and keys were handed over to us along with a glass of champagne.  We wanted to explore the hotel and casino, but decided to drop off our bags in the room first.  We scanned our key at the elevator and were whisked up to the 21st floor.  

The room was super modern and chic.  We loved that the bathroom was not right as you walked in, but tucked around the corner.  It made the room seem huge.  All the closets were built-ins and even the furniture seemed to blend into the wall. 

The view outside wasn't too shabby either... the Potomac, National Harbor and the Capital Wheel!

We roamed the hotel for a bit checking out the stores, restaurants, and found ourselves on the rooftop checking out the view of downtown DC (we could see the Washington Monument in the distance) and watched the planes landing over at National Airport.

TAP Sports Bar has outdoor seating and bar games on Potomac Plaza

View from the roof

Next stop... the casino!  Nick and I managed to have some decent luck in the afternoon.  The hotel gave us some free play on our new players cards.  Nick was bored watching me wrestle with a machine that wasn't accepting my card, so he inserted his card into the machine next to mine.  He hit a few buttons and BOOM, he's $150 dollars richer (and my machine ate my free $10 in less than 30 seconds).  

Mimi had given us some playing cash and I proudly managed to not blow it all over the next few hours as we explored the casino and tried a few different games and machines.  I was proud to still carry all my cash back to the room when we went up to get ready for dinner.  Nick couldn't say the same!

As always, our children seemed to be devastated by our absence...

Look how miserable they look at the playground with Mimi

We had dinner reservations at Voltaggio Brothers.  As usual, Nick somehow managed to order a girly drink with flowers.  The man LOVES ordering his girly drinks!

We had an amazing steak dinner before heading back out to the outdoor plaza to check it out at night.

Being a good Mom, I watched the fountain knowing that Georgia would have LOVED it!  Just like in Vegas, there were a ton of kids running about inside the hotel and around the restaurants.  Not sure if that is typical, but for spring break, it seemed normal.  Nick and I said we'd definitely bring Georgia one night for dinner - she would love it.

Love that you can see the Capital Wheel peeking up in the distance!

We spent the rest of the night playing slots and I watched Nick play craps for hours.  It was so interesting to watch... and terrifying as the money comes and goes!  I swear they pump oxygen or caffeine into casinos because it was midnight before we even started thinking about heading back to the room for the night (and I barely make it past 10pm these days).

In the morning, we were up and I was ready to see my babies, but not before pancakes at Marcus (soooooo good).

We headed back to our side of Maryland and made it back in time to take Georgia to the Easter egg hunt at the outlets near our house.  We really didn't know what to expect, but it was a gorgeous afternoon, so while Grant napped, the girls headed over to check it out.  We arrived right at 1pm (the starting time) and weren't sure what to do, but we spotted some signs on certain stores.  We busted into the first store and yelled "Happy Easter!" and Georgia was rewarded with an egg filled with candy.  Score!

The stores loved that Georgia was wearing her bunny ears, so she managed to score some bonus eggs!  One store pretty much dumped their entire basket into her bag.

Waiting patiently at a store

The event was super cute.  We spotted lots of neighbors enjoying the gorgeous day.  We even spotted the Easter bunny!  We've come a long way from hiding from characters in costume...

Mr. Easter Bunny loved her ears too!

We got home and Georgia sorted all of her eggs and candy.  39 eggs!  Thanks C'burg Outlets!!  Even better... most of the eggs were filled with Starbursts and Skittles.  This food allergy mama's heart was so happy.  I was fully prepared to do some major swaps and/or have to be the bearer of bad news that she couldn't eat the majority of the candy, but only a few items weren't nut safe (I may have helped make those disappear rapidly into my belly!). 

Since we had a "babysitter" in town, Nick and I took advantage of Mimi and went to the gardening center to pick up all the plants for our deck and planters.  It usually takes a few hours to get everything into the pots.  Georgia was my helper and Grant enjoyed watching the chaos.

Nick managed to find one of our bunnies while cleaning under the deck!

Hippity?  Hoppity?  Hippity 2?

And then it was time to prep for Easter!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spring Break 2017 - Mimi Arrives!

On Wednesday morning, we took a brief time-out from our non-stop GO, GO, GO spring break vacation.  The weather seemed to agree with us and we had a rainy morning while we waited for Mimi to arrive from the airport.  

Mimi didn't come empty-handed and also managed to bring the sunshine with her.  Bunny ears became the accessory of choice for the rest of the week...

Sorry, dude!  You will most likely endure lots more of your sister's dress-up games over the next few years.

My purple bunny princess

By mid-afternoon, it was time to dye some eggs.

Grant woke up just in time to see the finished product!

Obviously, the rain cleared out, so we took advantage of the beautiful afternoon/evening and headed to the playground.  Grant is OBSESSED with watching kids... any kids.  He was just happy watching all the crazy at the playground.

Yup, that's my unbathed children... including the one that is not wearing any socks or shoes to the playground.  Welcome to the first days of spring!

Just my bunnies headed home

On Thursday, we ditched Grant again (sorry, buddy!) at daycare and headed back downtown on the metro to hit up another Smithsonian museum, the Air and Space museum.  Georgia was so proud of herself and explained to Mimi how to swipe her card, where to sit, the station names, etc.  Daddy skipped out on the adventure, but managed to squeeze in 18 holes on another gorgeous day (we've since figured out that the beautiful weather during spring break made it HORRIBLE to go back to work since it felt like summer all week long!).

The metro was PACKED on the way into the city, so I figured the museum was going to be extremely busy, but I have never waited in line to get inside a museum before!  We waited about 5-10 minutes before a tour guide came to tell us that line on the other side was much shorter, so we headed over there and managed to sneak in a lot faster than I first anticipated when I spotted the giant line.  Phew (as I also realized that I didn't pack the sunscreen).

Highlights from our day

My fave pic of the day!  Astronaut Georgia reporting for duty!!

As we were heading back to the metro to head back to MD, we passed the carousel on the mall.  We never pass up a carousel!

Sidebar... Thank you to everyone who sent the kids Easter cards/money.  Grant made sure to personally taste and attempt to eat each card!

We did manage to squeeze in a s'mores night as well during break.  Even better, we created a new and improved s'more when our neighbor realized he had leftover Krispy Kremes from that morning in his house!  NOTHING beats a Krispy Kreme s'more!!  I'm not sure I can go back to the normal s'more after that experience.

Grant was more than happy to just be outside and to watch the kids play out back