Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mid-March Update...

So, the big hyped up storm that they predicted for the mid-Atlantic and that I referenced in my last post... well, it was a bust.  Like, big time bust.  We went to bed expecting 10+ inches of snow and woke up to a few inches and an icy mess.  I heard the sleet hitting the bedroom windows around 3am and knew it was over!  So much for big snow this year.  But, it did earn us our only snow day of the school year, so it was worth something.  It also gave Grant time to wear his snow suit for approximately 33 seconds and for Nick to spend the entire day outside playing with his new snowblower.  

Before the snow, we celebrated Bennett turning 5.  Grant loved going into the bounce house with the big kids!

Someone was having so much fun, he refused to nap!

Georgia was a huge fan of the mini-zipline...

On Tuesday morning, we woke up to about 1/4 of the predicted snow, but we made the best of it...

That was pretty much the only picture that I got of Georgia.  By the time that I got outside, she was across the street and played with the neighborhood kids for hours building the world's tiniest snowman.

Nick was over the MOON about the snow.  He didn't care if it rained, he was using his new snowblower.  He bought his new toy 14 months ago after the major blizzard.  Since then, no snow in Maryland.  He was so excited.  

Prepping his toy

Doesn't take a lot to make him happy!

Meanwhile, this one finally came stumbling home...

We headed inside for a lunch break and decided to use our extra home time to try and teach Grant how to crawl!

He may end up being one of those wacky kids who crawls backwards.  Currently, he likes to lay on his back, dig in his heels and pile drive himself backwards again and again.  Shockingly, he makes good progress... and hasn't sustained rug burn on the back of his head.... YET!

Guaranteed that Georgia walked in behind me - instant smile and staring at her!

After some crawling practice, we decided it was time for Grant to brave the great outdoors and meet snow.  He wasn't too impressed!

Ready to go!

The whole snowsuit thing was baffling to him.  It was like he forgot that he could bend!

My little snow buddy

Snow day fun...

I can't believe this little goober is 8 months old this week.  He is the happiest little camper.  A toothless happy little camper...

Where in the world are your teeth, buddy?!?

It's not slowing him down... inhaling shredded chicken!

Grant might not be talking yet, but he can certainly communicate what he wants...

In other news this week... Happy St Patrick's Day from my Irish crew!

He LOVES her!

Both Grant and Georgia have fit into that same shamrock onesie over the years.

Georgia - 2012 - 10 months old

One thing is for sure, when Grant does decide to start really moving around, we're totally screwed.  This kid is trouble...

Trying to escape his tub!