Saturday, March 4, 2017

February Life...

Just a little catch-up on pictures and what's been going on around here lately.

We celebrated Mimi's birthday when she was here visiting a few weekends back...

Every year for Mimi's birthday, Georgia demands that we make her cupcakes!

Grant was not pleased that he couldn't eat the cupcakes, so he did his best to raid the Lindt balls....

Girl Scout cookie season is almost over... thank goodness.  Georgia has been selling cookies since December.  I've definitely learned some lessons this first year and feel confident I'll have a better grasp on all this stuff when it rolls around again next year (aka - just order an extra case of thin mints and samoas to save myself from having to "restock" time and time again from our troop's cookie mom).  

Yes, we actually do accept credit card!  Hahaha

Winter decided to never show up here in the mid-Atlantic.  On Wednesday, it was almost 80 degrees.  Totally ridiculous.  Then, an afternoon thunderstorm rolled into town.  I got home to find the deck in absolute disarray.  

We still can't figure out what wind managed to get that wicker/orange chair behind the table/chair set

Meanwhile in the front yard, our first daffodil of the season showed up... on March 1st.  So crazy!  Even the Cherry Blossoms are starting to come out.

Grant and I even walked up to the school to pick up Georgia this week.

On the food front, Nick and I were gifted 3 free Hello Fresh meals from one of my co-workers.  Overall, we really liked the meals, but the prep was way too intensive.  They might be good for the weekend for us, but on a weekday, it was too much chopping, boiling, zesting, etc. when I'm also trying to feed two other kids.  Georgia wasn't able to eat the meals because they all had a cross-contamination warning on them.  So, even though they were tasty and we liked trying new things, there is just no time for me to deal with all their prep steps during the week!

This big guy has been teething like crazy all week (STILL no teeth) and also has been nursing a stuffy nose and lots of green gunk.  Ewwwwww.  Thankfully, he's still pretty happy, even with all the snot and junk coming out of his raw little nose.  Like all babies, getting his nose wiped is apparently THE most traumatic thing that could ever happen to him!

I love belly rolls!

He makes a good pillow

On the peanut butter front... It's like 2 steps forward and 1 step back.  

Eating like a big boy on Friday night

Last Sunday night, Nick took Georgia out to deliver some cookies to his co-workers.  Grant and I went upstairs to do our peanut butter dinner/bath.  Oh boy.  About halfway through dinner, he grabbed the spoon from me and managed to cover himself head to toe in peanut butter applesauce before I wrestled it back from him.  Needless to say, his bath was an extra special event that night...

I basically had to waterboard this baby to get him clean!

Last weekend, Nick took Georgia to a neighbor's birthday party at Climb Zone.  Grant and I hung at home, but kept receiving his text pictures and videos.  The place looked amazing and G had a blast spending the afternoon climbing and pretending to be on "American Ninja Warrior."

Last weekend, Georgia also wrapped up her winter gymnastic session.  It's onto dance and tball for the spring!

Last weekend, we also finally got to meet the newest edition to the family, Baby Elliot!  Grant seemed to enjoy not being the youngest and loved meeting his new California cousin.

Onto March...

Monday, February 27, 2017

Grant - 7 months...

Another exciting month for Grant... the big 7!

The monthly highlights:

On the food front, Grant is all about eating these days!  Little dude can inhale his fruits and veggies.  So far, he's eaten squash, sweet potato, banana, avocado, green beans, peas, carrots, peaches, apples, pears, and apricots.  Tonight, he starts mango (an old favorite of Georgia's!).  So far, peaches seem to be his favorite, but when he's hungry, he'll inhale anything.

I officially retired from pumping on Feb 14th.  Happy Valentine's Day to me!  I made it almost 7 months this time around.  During that time, I managed to pump 45.4 gallons of milk and spent 369 hours hooked up to the pump.  Doing the math, that means I spent 15 days of my life since July 22nd pumping.  Hence, it was time to retire.  We still have a few hundred ounces of milk stored in the basement freezer, so we've introduced formula to him and started mixing bottles 50/50.  So far, no issues!  With the mix, we'll probably be able to get him to 8 months or so before he transitions to all formula.  My goal was always to get him through the majority of winter, so the timing works.

In good news, the formula he's drinking is dairy based, so it looks like we are in the clear with that allergy as well... for now.  We're planning to introduce eggs in the next few weeks to hopefully ward that one off too.  Then, onto tree nuts.  It's always something around here with food.  We're also still doing peanut butter 3x/week, so it's never a boring dinner around here.

He's definitely mastered the whole art of sitting.  He still doesn't love rolling, but he's doing it more and more these days and we're finding that he manages to flip himself over most nights, especially if he wakes up and he's hangry!  He would love to crawl, but he's not quite there yet and mostly just looks like he's swimming in an empty pool.

Georgia remains his most favorite person on the planet.  He can be screaming crying about anything, but if she pops her head anywhere near him, he instantly stops.  He's also starting to show a bit of stranger anxiety when new people are around him or in our house.  He gets over it fairly quickly, but he's still a tad hesitant when handed over to anyone new.

For the most part, he's still a pretty happy little guy.  His teeth seem to be driving him nuts, which is totally understandable considering that he's been teething since FOREVER.  Still no teeth to report, which is shocking to me.  He'll gnaw on anything you put near his mouth.  His favorite is Georgia's little banana rubber toothbrush.  

In other development, he's also babbling away like crazy these days.  It's like you're having a full blown conversation with him that it entirely made up of "blah-blah-blah."

Just like his sister before him, Grant LOVES his cups.  I can't get over how much both of my kids have loved these silly little plastic cups.  I should have bought stock in them back in the day.  It's so fun to play with him these days and Georgia is loving that he is more interactive when playing with her.

Nothing better than two clean kids ready for bed!!!