Sunday, January 22, 2017

Oh Nuts!

Well, if you haven't seen my big news of the week on my social media accounts, here's the whopper of the week.... Grant does not have a peanut allergy.  At least not yet.  It's now our job to make sure it doesn't develop.  How you ask?  By continuing to feed him peanut products... and not killing Georgia in the process.

Last Thursday, Grant and I headed off to our allergist's office for his peanut food challenge.  I came prepared with all sorts of peanut goodies - imported bamba crackers from Israel, peanut powder, and regular peanut butter.  Grant was officially the first little guy at the practice to go through the new protocols that were all over the news in the past few weeks about introducing peanut products early to babies, especially those at high risk (like himself).  It was a learning experience for all of us.  

Super Grant waiting to get started

We started off by trying to get him to eat the bamba crackers, but it was taking forever to get them to dissolve in his mouth.  In order to "pass" the test, he would have needed to eat 21 crackers that day.  Never was gonna happen!  We even tried dissolving the crackers in a little water to make them soft and easier to eat, but then they were dissolving completely and we were trying to spoon the soggy mess into his mouth.  We ended up mixing the pb2 powder into some apples and he managed to eat the 2tsp that way.  By the end, he was exhausted and napped in between the 10 minute time trials.  He was such a good little guy the entire time - never whined, never cried, never complained that we just kept shoveling food into him!

The at home plan includes exposing him multiple times per week, so the past few days have included lots of research into how to best do that without exposing Georgia to all the peanut proteins.  Not easy when Grant is teething like crazy and drooling everywhere.  He's also mouthing toys and anything he can get into his mouth.  It's not like we can just brush Grant's teeth and be done with it!  I immediately came home and started color coding the house - blue is now the color of peanuts ---- blue bib, blue sponge, blue bowl, etc.  All are going to be for Grant's peanut eating days.

Leaving the appointment

In good news, Grant is LOVING solid foods.  So far, he's had sweet potato, apple, butternut squash, bananas, and avocado.  He loves it all!  Pears and green beans are on this week's list and already prepared and in the freezer.  

Avocado face

The rest of the week...

Georgia and I had a girls day.  First up was a Daisy Girl Scouts event at the local karate place to earn her strength badge.  We then managed to finally squeeze in an afternoon trip to see "Moana."

World's most gigantic size "small" slurpee

Meanwhile at home, someone found Daddy's hat...

And has discovered his own toes and would like to eat them...

How do I get them?!?!

Mimi arrived for the weekend.  Since Georgia and I both didn't have school on Friday thanks to the inauguration, we sent Grant off to school and had a "girls day" at the mall.  Georgia cashed in her Auntie Kristen's Christmas present and built herself a new friend.  Introducing "Lovey"...

On Friday night, we picked up Grant and then had our usual weekly dance party thanks to Alexa...

It was during the dance party that we realized that the poor little guy was feeling a little warm and discovered that he had a fever.  Not sure if he's fighting off a virus or just part of the non-stop teething symptoms these days.  Tylenol knocked it down, but he's still been a little "off" all weekend.

Nick and I took advantage of Mimi being in town to get some shopping done.  We found a piece for our dining room and my Grandmother's china finally has a permanent home...

Hanging out with Mimi while Nick and I had a date night with the neighbors