Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas 2016

Crap.  Even when I'm not working, I can't manage to get more than one post up in a week!  I'd say it was because we were extraordinarily busy while visiting friends/family in New England, but it was just pure laziness.  That and the fact that our baby gave up sleeping while we were at Mimi's house!  Luckily, one night home has seemed to cure him of his newfound insomnia.  There's nothing cuter than a 5 month old smiling away at you at 4am... except sleep.  Sleep is cuter.  Much cuter, especially on night 3 of no sleep.

We put Georgia to bed on Christmas Eve with the instruction to come wake us up as soon as she awoke on Christmas morning.  I damn near had a heart attack when the beast jumped on me around 7am the next morning.  That teaches me a valuable lesson about sleeping with ear plugs in... you don't hear Santa Claus or your snoring husband (or perhaps a robber!), but an excited child is not blocked out in any way/shape/form.

Valuable lesson #2 of the morning... Santa could have just brought a stocking and Georgia would have been completely and utterly happy for the remainder of the day!  Shopkins and a Wonder Woman hat in your stocking = joy.

She rocked the hat all morning long

The kid is a builder!  The look of excitement on her face from a new set of Lincoln logs from Santa.


Not sure if Nick had forgiven me yet for the Christmas jammies, so I made sure to Instagram and document the morning ones too!  His co-workers loved it on Facebook (#embarrassyourhubby).

Hunting for gifts

Pulling double duty and opening presents for Grant too.  I'm sure he'll hold his own next year!

Since I already reached my quota of embarrassing Nick during 2016, I don't feel too badly about this next pic.  He's not looking his best, but Grant's face is priceless.  The poor kid's teeth are killing him and he's been miserable all week gnawing on anything he can get near his mouth.  We're expecting some chompers any day now.

So darn happy to eat Winnie-the-Pooh

In the afternoon, we headed to our favorite meal of the year at Auntie's house!  Grant finally got to meet all of his aunties too.


Auntie Pat scored a big hit with Shopkins - it's her newest "thing!"

Auntie found the hatchimal!!!!  I'm still convinced that we should have put it on ebay and gone to the Bahamas on the profit!

Just a girl and her egg...

And then we waited... and waited... and waited.  The darn thing said to just keep rubbing it.  We watched videos of our neighbors and friends hatching theirs in a matter of minutes/hours.  Ours was well rubbed and loved all night long by EVERYONE and he still didn't want to hatch.

My labor with Grant was quicker than birthing this thing!

Grant and Auntie Pat

Chatting with Uncle Paul and Auntie Pat

Hanging out with Auntie Elaine

Note the egg still in one piece with no hatching occurring!

Georgia convinced Miss Gretchen to "help" the animal hatch

Out of everyone that Grant met on Christmas Day, I think he was most excited to meet Murphy the cousin pup!

Murphy seemed pretty darn happy to meet him too!

And just like that, Christmas was over.  We finally hatched a new little friend for Georgia... with maximal assistance from adults and a child who was granted permission to assist with hatching!  The day was extra special since it was Grant's 1st Christmas.  We can't wait to see him tear into gifts next year.  If I remember correctly, Georgia was more interested in eating the wrapping paper and playing with boxes during her 2nd Christmas!