Friday, August 11, 2017

Grant - 1st Birthday Pictures - Part 1

We had professional pictures taken the week after Grant's birthday.  Although the main focus was the birthday boy himself, we also asked that Georgia be included for a portion of the shoot.  

As I mentioned with our newborn pictures, our usual photographer has gone completely AWOL.  We tried out a new photographer for Grant's newborn pictures and the images are amazing and we love them, BUT (and it's a huge BUT for me), her communication skills were a little lacking for me.  Weeks went by without her ever contacting me or responding to emails.  So... back to the drawing board.  

Our neighborhood's Facebook community page is very active, so I got some recommendations from there and contacted a few different people.  We were so lucky to stumble upon Lauren McCormick Photography.  She was awesome to work with and I hope we'll be doing pictures with her for a long time to come!

A few images from the day...

We decided to go with a red/blue theme for the shoot and I'm so happy with how it came out!  Grant LOVED the balloons.

We weren't sure how Grant would do with pictures at this age, so it was all a gamble.  It took a few pictures to warm up, but having his best buddy there with him really helped.

Looking a little terrified in the beginning

I just adore this next picture, even if Grant's reaction is "What the hell does she want from me now?!?!"


And my absolute most favorite image from the day is the next picture.  The whole shoot all I kept thinking was "just give me one great image of the two of them together."  BAM...

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