Monday, July 24, 2017

Summer - Week #3

After 3 straight weeks of go-go-go, travel, visitors, and parties, we are finally home and I'm loving a lazy morning sipping coffee, catching up on the DVR and sending Grant off to school until we pick him up later for his 1 year-old well visit.  #Timeflies

Before I get to birthday parties and reviewing the next trip on our summer agenda, it's a rewind post to the 3rd week of our summer vacation, which was rudely interrupted by a little tummy trouble and a fake fever. 

We returned from Keuka Lake on Saturday evening and laid low the next few days catching up on grocery shopping and prepping for Grant's upcoming 1st birthday party (knowing that we'd get back from Massachusetts with limited time to do much).  

On Monday, Georgia joined me running errands, ordering a cake, trying on dresses for Grant's baptism, etc.  

On Tuesday, we woke up expecting to head downtown to meet up with the Brodeur crew before they joined us at our house that evening.  However, Georgia woke up "weird."  She couldn't quite explain what was wrong, but that's her typical M.O. when she doesn't feel well.  She complained a bit of belly pain, then a headache, and so on.  So, we cancelled our plans for the day and decided to just chill at home for the day.  BUT... she totally rallied when we remembered that it was 7-11 day.  FREE SLURPEES!

Happily sipping on her cotton candy slurpee
The rally continued as her cousins arrived and she played downstairs while Nick grilled up some dinner.  As we sat down, Georgia again complained about not feeling well, so she laid down on the couch while we got ready to eat.  UNTIL she made a mad dash for the bathroom and we got to see the cotton candy slurpee all over again.  Poor thing was so upset that she was sick while her beloved cousins were here.  You know she's not feeling well when my little night owl agreed to head to bed at 6:30pm.

Meanwhile, Grant was loving all the new attention...

Matthew working on teaching Grant how to walk
Look how proud!

We were hoping that Georgia would rally on Wednesday, but she woke up complaining that she still wasn't feeling 100% and reported that she had thrown up again in the early morning hours (total rock star that she managed to make it to the bathroom on her own!!).

So, we shipped Grant off to school, Nick worked from home to keep an eye on Georgia (who was more than happy to just hang out in bed with her iPad), and the rest of us decided to head into the city to explore the National Geographic Museum.  None of us had been before, so a new museum was an exciting endeavor for the day.  Unfortunately, it's not part of the Smithsonian, so you do have to pay to enter.

I was over the moon about visiting since the current exhibit included...

The museum isn't huge and only features two different exhibits, but it's well done, clean, and fairly empty on a week day morning. Currently, the two exhibits are Sharks (well timed for Shark Week) and Earth Explorers.  

"Trapped" in a shark cage.  The real thing is on my bucket list!

If you've got a kiddo who loves sharks (or an adult who loves them, like me!), then this is a great place to check out this summer.  

On the other side of the museum is the second exhibit... Earth Explorers.  There were more "interactive" experiences over on that side, which is perfect for elementary aged kids (and older).  I was sad that Georgia missed out on the cool museum, which I knew she would love, so I already started planning our return so that she could check it out at some point.

Crazy Brodeur crew
Hello, big boy!
Checking out how thermal imaging and how heat escapes our body in the Arctic
Look out... Matthew heading out to explore the jungle!
More sharks!
I also learned some fun facts that I never wanted to know.  Reason #10,039 you will never find me in a jungle.  I can't even handle the small spiders we sometimes get in the house.

The gift shop has some great options.  Matthew explored them all...

I debated a new coffee mug!
The museum only takes an hour or two since it's on the small side.  Since Shake Shack in Dupont Circle was only a few blocks away, we decided to walk over to grab lunch.  As we were finishing up our burgers/shakes, I got a text from Nick that Grant was being kicked out of daycare for having a fever!  That's 2 kids down!

When we got home, it was apparent that Grant was suffering greatly...

Such a sick kid!
However, since he had a fever on that Wednesday, he was not allowed back in school the following day.  Luckily, Georgia woke up feeling much better on Thursday, so we ALL headed into the city, including Grant!!!  I'm fairly convinced he faked a fever just so he could hang out with his big cousins.

First up... Smithsonian Natural History museum!  We were just here over spring break, but it's always a favorite.

Definitely feeling better!
We had to recreate this classic picture since all the kids have grown so much in the past few years.  Plus, we've got a new addition (who was NOT pleased to have to abandon his comfy stroller for this nonsense!).

Compared to 2013
Although I'm starting to think that Brodeurs bring the drama to our house... In 2013, I lost my gallbladder while they were here.  In 2017, we had two "sick" kids (though both made dramatic recoveries in time for some DC action).

We grabbed lunch in the museum's cafeteria.  New tip of the day - if you want a seat in a crowded cafeteria, make eye contact with people while trying to drive a stroller with a screaming baby while balancing a tray with food on it - people jump up and offer you their table!  I may have even said "God bless you!" to the woman who waved me down to give me her table.  After we checked out most of the museum exhibits, we headed across the mall to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum.  Georgia attempted to get herself lost at the security check-in point for approximately 8 seconds while Grant managed to rally for his second museum of the day (all without a nap).  All signs that it must almost be time to escape the city!!

More interested in his puffs than the exhibits!
Auntie & G
Life is great when you have big cousins to push you around
The kids hit up the pool for a quick evening swim before it was time for everyone to start packing.  The Brodeurs were headed back home early on Friday morning and we were debating a Friday evening departure for MA ourselves.  Georgia was so sad that she missed a few days with her cousins.  She counts down the days every year until their annual summer visit.  Luckily, we'd see them again just a few days later in MA!  Onto the next adventure...

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