Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Lake Life - Days 6, 7, 8

Wrapping up our trip to Keuka Lake in early July (as we rapidly start to approach the end of July... NOOOOOOO!).

Part 1 is HERE.
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Part 3 is HERE.

No matter how much time we spend up there, the week always seems to fly by.  Nick and I always have grand plans to escape and get to different places, try different wineries, etc. and it just never seems to happen.  But, it's always a reason to come back and put it on the list for "next year!"

Grant woke up the morning AFTER the 4th of July still clutching his beloved little flag!! 
Grant just loved hanging with this wild and crazy crew for the week!  In good news, by this point in the week, Audrey had already declared that she was going to marry him in the future!!
By mid-day, we were back out on the boat for some tubing action!

This kid is such a rock star - so grown up!  She's the perfect age for fun trips!!
After being flipped off the other tube earlier in the week, Georgia was taking NO chances on this day.  She basically wanted to just be pulled behind the boat at 2mph.  Nick would give us the sign to speed up the boat and Georgia was more than happy to just cruise!

Pulling my crew around the lake

Eventually, Nick just jumped off and held onto the tow rope while G chilled in the tube as we made slow laps around the lake.

Later in the afternoon, we liberated the sailboat from the garage and got her seaworthy for a trip across the lake.

Sailing with Grandma
The rest of the day was just spent chilling around the lake.

Just climbing on Daddy
Georgia was obsessed with Uncle Malon's hot tub the last time we were at the lake 2 years ago, so we promised her she could take a late night dip after Grant went to bed that evening.

The next day was a tad overcast, but we managed to get the kids out tubing in the morning and then Nick got out a smaller and faster sailboat to take out himself and to give a few lessons.

Life is tough!
All week, different people took turns cooking dinner for the group.  Thursday night was our turn to help contribute, but we somehow managed to convince everyone to come out to dinner instead!  So, off to Lakeside we went.  We've got a long history with Lakeside - it's one of the few bars you can get to on the lake with the boat.  It was Georgia's first bar!!  Fast forward 5 years and now it's one of Grant's first bars!


Crawling around the dock
After dinner, we headed back to the beach for some sparklers and s'mores.

On our final full day at the lake, we had to make every minute count.  First up... water balloon fight.

Look who found the water balloons!
All the kids convincing Grant to not pop the balloons!
Nick went to the hardware store in town for something and managed to come with a new toy for the final day!

Every year, Nick makes an amazing recap video of our vacation.  This year had the added footage from the drone!  Enjoy...

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