Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Lake Life - Days 3 & 4

If you missed my first recap of our recent lake trip, you can find it HERE.

On Sunday morning, Grant woke up to ANOTHER tooth!  That makes 2 teeth in 2 days.  What is in that lake air?!?  With that second tooth out, he was in a much better mood and definitely was much more his usual self.

Much happier with those annoying teeth out!
We decided to bring Grant out on the boat that morning to see if he liked it or not.  Not surprisingly, he preferred speed over just sitting stationary!

Resting Grant Face (RGF!)
Little bit better
Being around the big kids for just a few days already taught Grant new skills, like how to shake his head NO!

The most entertaining part of Sunday was the giant float party going on all day with the kids.  Nick and the guys blew up and placed the giant float out between the two docks on Saturday evening.  It has huge and heavy sandbags hold it in place so it doesn't drift away.  The kids all originally attempted to swim out there (wearing their life jackets), but quickly found out that they couldn't pull themselves up.  So, they had to devise different strategies to help get themselves out there.

Georgia's 1st attempt to swim out there
Eventually, they figured out that they could push a float/tube out there and get one person aboard, who could then help pull everyone else up.  Great teamwork!  The kids then devised a method to tie string onto their floats so they could head out there solo and then pull their float on too so that it wouldn't head down lake (and after Inga retrieved multiple floats that were abandoning the area!).

Alex, Audrey and Georgia working together out there
The girls are up!

They spent the ENTIRE day out there swimming back-and-forth and just  jumping like fools.

Meanwhile from shore, it was time for "happy hour" in frozen form.

We wrapped up the day with sparklers on the dock!

On Tuesday we woke up with one goal... tubing time!

**I'm so glad that I brought along my actual REAL camera (which seems to always be forgotten these days) vs just using my iPhone.  I always forget how close I can get with my zoom lens and it made such a difference with the following pictures.**

Focused and ready to go!
Rock star

My favorite shot!
Of course, all the other kids chickened out when they witnessed Georgia falling off (in a slow motion slide!) and crying hysterically in the middle of the lake while we turned around to come back for her!  Miraculously, she survived to spend the rest of the day swimming in the lake.

Nick and I took advantage of having all his family around to escape for a few hours.  We've visited lots of the wineries in the region over the years, so we googled "best view winery" and Heron Hill popped up as #1.  Since we'd never been there, we headed that way.

Gorgeous winery
They had both an indoor and outdoor tasting area, so we headed for the balcony to enjoy some amazing views of the lake while we sampled their offerings.

My couch just doesn't have the same wine drinking view!

Cheers to a few hours of kids-free time!
Dirty hair, covered in sunscreen and wearing my bathing suit under my shorts... BUT enjoying adult time!
We sampled their wines (and purchased a bottle of our favorite), but then we discovered that they also sampled ice wines and other spirits!  Oh boy...

On our way back to the lake, we hit up a few different breweries in the area too.  The whole region has just exploded with wineries and breweries!  We really liked Keuka Brewing Company's blue cap wheat beer, so a growler of that came back with us.  The view from Steuben Brewing (and their taco truck!) was amazing and I love that they had both wine and beer samplings!  Nick and I declared that we need a kid-free trip up here to really enjoy all the local offerings in the beer/wine department.  And an Uber!

Grant liked the beer too!
After dinner, it was down to the dock for s'mores and Nick's personal fireworks display during the annual Boat Parade.

Trouble & Trouble

Enjoying her safe s'more
And then time for the finale - fireworks!

I didn't get a second of footage from the boat parade, but Nick had his drone up and got crazy fantastic footage... so stay tuned for his yearly video recap!  He's been working like crazy to perfect it.

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