Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lake Life - 4th of July

This week, I'm recapping our annual trip up to Keuka Lake in New York.  It's our favorite 4th of July happy place.

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On Tuesday morning, we woke up to beautiful weather for the 4th of July!  Someone was up early and super happy for his first 4th.

Loving life now that 2 new teeth popped out!
Grant and Georgia both watched as the tents and decorations went up for the big afternoon BBQ!

While we got ready in the morning, Georgia and I whipped up a batch of festive Rice Krispies treats.  In the rush to get ready, I never snapped a picture of them, but I was pretty proud of the job we did replicating the pictures/recipe from Pinterest:

I found the colored straws at Party City and bought Rice Krispies treats at the grocery store to save time.  I used an old fashioned corkscrew to make a hole in one end and then dipped the straw in frosting before shoving it in there to help keep it in place and act like a binding glue.  I then melted down Pillsbury frosting (since it's safe for Georgia and all the other kids at the lake with food allergies) and added food coloring to make the holiday colors.  I found 4th of July sprinkles at Wegmans, so we dipped and then sprinkled them on.  Overall, I was pretty happy with the ease and look of the treat for the party!  I would definitely do it for other holidays and/or parties.

Before heading to the parade, we managed to snap a few pictures of us in our holiday attire for the day.

Huge thanks to my neighbor/friend, Courtney, for GIVING me the 4th of July dress!  Always good to have a teeny tiny neighbor who orders a dress online in a size too big and gives you the one that the company let her keep!
We walked down the street to grab a spot for the parade.  Hands down, my favorite part of the 4th at the lake is the small town parade!  Nothing like cheering on the local kids, veterans, politicians, and John Deere tractors.  They must call in every fire engine in the entire county.  So fun!!

Grant almost took Nick's eye out with that flag at least 10,000 times!
Festive cuties!

With Nick's parents and the kids
The kids got more candy thrown to them than they could possibly eat.  Georgia had two large bags filled by the time we left the parade to walk home.  

Waving to the fire engines

A passing politician "upgraded" Grant to a smaller flag... thank heavens!  He waved the flag for the entire parade.  We had to pry it out of his hands!!

Counting her loot after the parade...

Hanging out with Aunt Katey (and notice his flag is STILL there!)
Bennett and Georgia picked a good view for lunch!
After dinner, we settled down Grant for bedtime and put on our layers for the fireworks!  Again, small town life is fantastic... we were able to leave the house, watch the fireworks and be back home in under an hour.

And out cold 30 seconds after getting in the car!
I love living near DC and we have some great fireworks displays in this area.  However, you have to get there hours ahead of time and it takes hours to get home.  This small town display will always be my favorite!!

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