Monday, July 3, 2017

Grant - 11 months!

Oh Grant... I thought taking your sister's picture was rough back in the day.  You make Georgia look like a model.  There is no sitting still for this kid these days!!  I gave up after about 5 minutes of him crawling away, standing up, trying to eat the sticker, and just in general being A BOY!!!

The above picture inspired Grant's 1st haircut, which took place just a few days after this little photo shoot.  Those blonde wispy hairs over his ears were driving me bonkers.  He had the start of a nice little hockey mullet going on.

Beep beep!
Grant-isms of the month:

  • Still crawling/army crawling everywhere.  He hasn't shown too much interest in using the walker or cruising around much right now unless there is something out of his reach that he desperately wants (aka - my phone or the tv remote).  KC the cat needs to be more careful because he's gotten pretty close to getting her lately.
  • He is getting crazy fast at pulling himself up on any surface or person to stand up.

  • Still rocking 4 teeth, but it isn't slowing him down because he'll eat anything you put in front of him (although he doesn't seem to be a huge fan of pasta - WHAT?!?!?).  Don't worry, he'll inhale any other carb and loves garlic bread.  Faves still include his beloved yogurt, peanut butter, strawberries (he can eat practically an entire pint), bananas, chicken, ice cream (yes, Nick has given him some of our homemade ice cream and he screams at you until you give him another bite), pancakes and Cheerios.  At daycare, he loves the chicken chili.  He still drinks his bottle of formula several times per day, but he really prefers real food over it.
  • If this child has not had a concussion yet it's either a miracle or coming any day.  I tell people that trying to change him is like wrestling an alligator.  The flips, the flops, the rolling.  It's insane.  How am I ever going to get pictures without bruises on his face?!?! 
  • Grant loves speed!  He likes to be pushed in the grocery cart up and down the aisles and cracks up laughing if I push the cart fast or fun.  He loves the swings.  He loves his new push cart.  His favorite position is upside down.  Hold him by his feet and he is one happy camper.
  • He loves music.  As soon as any music comes on in the house or on tv, he immediately starts dancing or clapping.

  • He's talking more and more these days.  Not sure if they are actual words or not.  But, we hear lots of "mamama" and "dadadadad" and his favorite thing to scream - "AJA" (which we assume is Georgia).
  • Like his sister, he loves anything soft, including blankets and stuffed animals.  The easiest way for him to upset Georgia is for him to get a hold of one of her gazillion animals.  Right into his mouth and then she's screaming about it being wet.

  • Waving hi and bye more.  Interestingly, he waves differently than Georgia.  She used to open/close her hand.  He does more a wave his entire hand/arm back and forth.
  • He is giving the best hugs these days and it almost sounds like he says "hugs" back to us (more like "huhhhhhh!").

  • Sleep has been inconsistent these days.  Most nights, he goes down around 8pm and is good until 7 something the next morning.  However, he's had a few rough nights lately (we think thanks to teething) with multiple wake-ups and angry screams.  He's a better napper at home vs school, but does usually squeeze in 2 naps every day still.
  • He has mastered his sippy cup and loves drinking his water... or your water!

  • He loves cars - he pushes them all over the floors and carpets.  He also loves to roll balls all over the place and is starting to understand the concept of pushing it to you and then getting it back and repeating that cycle.  He also loves his cups (just like G). He's gotten smart enough to pull down the entire basket of toys from a low shelf so that he can get to all of his toys at once.  The funniest is that both he and Georgia have wooden puzzles that spell out their names.  He loves to steal the letters and carry them around with him... and chew on them!
  • He loves going out to lunch or dinner.  He always manages to twist himself to sit side saddle in the high chair and then immediately starts stealing french fries from one of us!

  • He's not a huge fan of his car seat.  Correction... he's not a fan of getting into his car seat.  However, once the car starts moving, he's usually okay.  As soon as you stop at a light, he starts complaining again.  In good news, if he's in the car for any length of time, he usually falls asleep, even if it's just going too/coming home from daycare, which is about 5-7 minutes away.
  • He's moved up to the next classroom at daycare and seems to be doing really well in there.  Both of his teachers previously had Georgia.  One of the teachers was her "2's" teacher and the other was her very first teacher ever there.  She left briefly and is now back.  However, his first love is still Ms. Maria from the baby class.  He just adores her. When he spots her, he launches himself at her and screams when I take him away.  He also is NOT a fan when she's holding a different baby!  Jealous.
Not exactly how you use the walker, dude!

Exhibit #2 of the hockey mullet
So who do we think he looks like???

Baby Nick
Baby Jenn

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