Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Summer - Week #1

Week #1 recap...

A rainbow to start off the week!
First up on the agenda was a hair cut for Ms. Georgia.  A few inches off and she even let the hairdresser give her a cute braid for the day.  6 years old and only her second haircut ever.

Day #1 also included catching up on "chores," including getting all of Georgia's daisy badges that she earned this spring onto her vest finally!

And we both cashed in some gift cards to get our nails and toes painted.

Even on summer break, the big kid is still watching over the little kid in our house...

Day #2 included blueberry picking at our local farm with friends.

G and I made blueberry muffins from our haul.  Grant loved them.  He really liked giving chunks of them to the floor too!  Grrrr.

When we got home that evening, a little something was waiting on the front steps for Grant.  Mimi sent him a birthday gift a little early and I think it's going to get lots of use before July!

He was so excited!

He could not wait to go for a ride, even while Nick and Georgia were building it!

Time to cruise!

Day #3 included a trip to the library and we stumbled upon a new nature walk nearby, so we took a few minutes to explore before heading in to get some books...

The best part about summer... random lunch dates with my girl.  Especially when they involve burritos!

She also is a great nanny!

On Day #4, Georgia and I decided to go on a new adventure to a farm about an hour from our house to pick sweet cherries.  Nick happened to be working from home, so he took the afternoon off and joined us to go exploring.  We drove out to Baugher's Orchard in Westminster.  We loved the farm, including the cute petting zoo.

Tractor ride out to the fields

Ready to pick!
So many cherries!

We didn't even need to move.  We just stood at one tree and managed to pick an entire bucket of cherries in less than 10 minutes.

Now.... what to make?!?!

That evening, Nick and G biked up to the corner where a local church was hosting a "music on the lawn" event.  Grant and I stayed home for bedtime, but these characters stayed out late and biked home...

We have the best sunsets in C'burg!
We finished off the first week of summer by spotting this little advertisement on Facebook.  I recognize someone's bouncing curls.

Not bad for the first week of summer!

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