Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ocean City Beach Trip - Day 3

We completely 100% lucked out with our weather while we were at the beach.  May has been such a disaster this year in Maryland - all clouds, rain, and drizzle non-stop.  We've had to make up almost every weekend tball game due to rain and cold, so to get 3 back-to-back beautiful sunny (and hot) days was an absolute gem.  

On Friday morning, we planned another beach day.  This time, we were fully prepped with the 25,098 bags again, but also chairs, as well as a tent for Grant.  Again, we were the practically the only people on the beach, so we had the whole place to ourselves.

Grant couldn't handle all the excitement...

Luckily, the wind from the previous day had died down.  The bad news - without the breeze, the bugs were atrocious.  I sat by the tent for a short while, but kept getting bit by annoying flies that landed on my ankles and feet.  Those little suckers HURT!  I did my best Mom patrol job swatting them off Grant too anytime they landed on his bare skin, but I could tell by his tossing and turning that he got bit a few times too.

My 2 minutes of peace and quiet
Nick and Georgia got to work constructing a giant hole/castle down by the water while I maintained fly watch 2017...

They both got a little braver and decided to venture in a bit... until Georgia got hit by a wave and managed to get soaked from head to toe.

Some fun with the Boomerang app...

After battling the bugs for most of the morning, we decided to spend the afternoon by the pool again.  Georgia swam for hours and Grant was able to take a decent nap back upstairs.  

For dinner, we headed to Dead Freddie's, which was another restaurant with a great play area for kids.  We had to wait a few minutes for our table and Georgia was more than happy to just run around and play while Grant people watched.  I could totally get used to restaurants with play areas back home, especially since Georgia is old enough to not need 100% supervision.  Once we were seated, I would just lean over the railing and yell out her name occasionally.  She'd pop her head out of some area, wave and go right back to playing.

And another well-earned adult beverage for Mommy!

I didn't know it was coming with an extra shot of rum!
While Georgia played before dinner, Grant checked out what everyone around us was eating!

After dinner, we headed toward the boardwalk to check out the rides.  Since it was pre-season at the beach, the rides were only open on the weekend, so we took advantage of the beautiful Friday night and headed down there for a bit.

Sunset over the boardwalk

Nick and Georgia on the 2 story carousel
Bumper cars with Daddy

Fierce face ready for the drop ride

Again, the place was empty, which was so nice considering how crazy it usually is during the peak summer months!  Georgia got to ride a ton of the rides without waiting in a single line and Grant loved watching everyone second of the lights and sounds.

Of course, we finished off the night with another water ice treat... cotton candy flavor!

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