Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Grant - 10 months old...

While we were at the beach, this little dude managed to turn 10 months old.  Another month closer to 1!  99% of me is so sad that these months are flying by at light speed.  The other 1% of me cannot wait until this kid is 4-5 years old.  I only say that because he is EVERYWHERE these days.  You can't leave him alone for 10 seconds because he will find a cord, climb into a basket, eat anything he finds on the floor, etc.  He is such a boy!!!!  Oh, 10 months!  We literally figure out where he is in the house based on the noises being made.  He loves the door stops, the vents, the gates, doors, drawers, etc.  If you're in our house and listen close enough, you'll find him!

The day we got back from the beach, Grant had his first official school photos taken and they came out so good.

My favorite...

How adorable are the suspenders?!?!  A former co-worker sent him that outfit when he was born.  He wore them one other time to the Kentucky Derby Party and when I went into his closet on Monday morning, it was the perfect little outfit for pictures!

Nick was there when the pictures were being taken and he said that Grant did really well for the first few minutes... until they pulled out the little chair and then he was D-O-N-E!

And done.
Honestly, I give massive props to the photographer who managed to capture those shots above because our 10 month photo shoot at home was a total scene.  Trying to keep this kid in one place for even 3 seconds was a complete challenge!

Note that the following series of pictures is from a roughly 20-30 second time span.

Step #1 - The investigation Stage.  Hmmmm... there is something new on my chair!  I should climb up there and find out what it is and how it tastes.

I love those chunky thighs!
Stage #2 - This is fun stage!  My personal assistant, Georgia, was a huge help... for approximately 8 seconds.  The little beast cannot be contained.

Look - I have teeth now!
Why are these crazy girls making all sorts of noises and sounds?!?!
Step #3 - The "I'm over it" and I now want to move stage.  What is this giant sticker and is it edible????

Why can't I eat it?!?!
Stage #4 - I'm outta here.  I'm bored.  Next.

I don't care what my Mama says - I'm gonna eat this sticker!

Other 10 month news:

Grant will eat anything and everything.  This morning's breakfast included: 3 small pancakes, an entire banana, puffs, and a sausage link.  Totally typical.  I'm fairly certain he ate an entire ear of corn and a 8oz steak the other night at dinner.  The only problem... he's starting to really not want much to do with his formula and he's still supposed to drink that stuff several times per day.  He'd much prefer to eat real food.  

Favorites currently include - strawberries (he can eat half a pint at a sitting), most fruit, any of the little fruit/veggie pouches, Cheerios, corn, pancakes/waffles, chili, burgers, fries, ground turkey, black beans (he eats them like candy!), bread, peanut butter (he's still eating that 2-3x/week), chicken, broccoli, steak, shrimp, bananas, yogurt, cheese, etc.  His dinner is whatever we eat for dinner.  He loves the meal plan at school and tries all sorts of stuff there too.

He's also finally figured out how to drink from a straw all by himself without us squeezing and helping him.

My mom didn't believe that Grant would eat all the food that Nick dumped onto his tray.  He did!

He loves noisy restaurants.  As long as you keep shoveling food into him, he's happy as can be to sit there and watch all the on-goings.  Ironically, he doesn't like to sit forward.  He automatically scoots one leg out of the high chair holes and then twists so that he is sitting in the high chair in a straddle position.  That way, he can still watch us, but also check out everything else going on in the restaurant.

Watching the open air kitchen in our neighborhood restaurant
TROUBLE!  Climbing up onto the table and stealing some of Nick and I's dinners!  Verdict... he loved Italian!

In terms of moving around... he's still army crawling 90% of the time.  He gets up on his knees and crawls forward/backward for a bit, but he really prefers to drop onto his stomach and use his army crawl, which is SO fast these days!  He's pulling himself up and we find him in the craziest places.

Just standing up and chilling out
Just climbing into my toy basket to find something to play with today!

Oh look, now my toy is on the floor and I'm in the basket!
Trying to escape?!?!  Or just watching an incoming storm blowing around the leaves on the deck.
And back into the basket and loving it!
Grant LOVES being outside, especially when all the neighborhood kids are out and about playing.  He just wants to watch them and give them high fives.  The kids are so good with him.  He's like their little mascot that they pet and want to touch.  Grant loves all the attention.

Waiting for movie night to start this past weekend
Just cruising around the deck!
His new nickname - "Thor" - because he loves to carry around his little hammer and bang it on absolutely everything... the floor, the cabinets, his own head, etc.  Oh, how many times does he cry a day because he bonks himself over the head with that thing!

We're fairly certain that Grant's first word is "Georgia" or some variation of it.  We've heard "Jaja" a lot and this week, he's been saying "Aja"  whenever they are in the back seat together, especially when he wants her attention and she isn't looking at him.  It's not surprising because he continues to just think that she is the moon and stars.  She is his entire world.  Nothing makes him happier and she continues to be amazing with him, even when he's cranky or tired or needs our attention.

Playing together on the weekend

In this edition of things that make Grant angry...
* Being put down for a nap when he's tired, but fighting sleep
* Diaper changes have become near impossible the past month.  He fights like a lion in a cage.  It's amazing that he hasn't ended up in the ER from throwing himself off of a changing table!
* When he can't reach something or struggles to pull himself up
* Not being fed fast enough!  You must shovel and repeat... as fast as you can!
* Wanting to move onto something new, like being done with a bath and trying to climb out, but still being covered in soap.
* Getting put into his car seat in the AM to go to school.  For some reason, he flips out in the morning (according to Georgia).  But, he's totally fine once he's in the seat and he doesn't flip out on the way home in the afternoon.  We swapped over to the convertible car seat this past month after getting home from the beach because there was no way I could carry around the infant car seat and Grant anymore without breaking my back!

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