Sunday, June 25, 2017

1st Weekend of Summer!

If you missed my last post, we limped and crawled, but we made it to summer!

On Friday morning, Georgia headed to school for her last day of kindergarten (and got to walk with a buddy who joined Nick/her for the final walk).

On Friday afternoon, I picked G up from after care and we headed home to find Nick on the deck setting up this new fun summer toy...

An advertisement for a blow-up pool popped up on my Facebook stream this past week. I sent it to Nick with some funny like quip like "would be great for movie nights!"  Next thing I know, I've got a shipping confirmation in my inbox.

Definitely a hit with this kid!

On Saturday morning, we were up bright and early for Georgia's final tball game.  Most of these kids have been together for 3-4 seasons at this point and most will be together again in the fall.  It's nice to have a such a great group of kids and parents to hang out with several times per week!  

The coaches convinced the kids that they had to "win the championship" in order to earn their trophies.

Go 6U Giants!
Following a birthday party at the pool in the afternoon, Nick and I celebrated the end of the school year/Father's Day weekend with our usual lobster celebration. Someone (not mentioning any names) wasn't into sitting on the deck enjoying lobster with the rest of us.  So, we trapped him in his walker, gave him some ice cubes to play with, and luckily it bought us enough time to inhale dinner.  Georgia may have stolen half of Nick's lobster this year!  Must be my New England genes kicking in...

Sporting his sister's tball hat
Nick celebrated Father's Day by getting up at dawn to hit the golf course before we all headed out to lunch together.  Earlier in the week, Georgia's school hosted "Donuts with Dad" in the morning before school let out for the summer...

First Father's Day with two of these little critters...

Opening presents

Onto the first full week of summer.  We had Georgia's to-do list to conquer...

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