Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ocean City Beach Trip - Day 2

We arrived in Ocean City on Wednesday afternoon and were up bright and early on Thursday morning for our first full day at the beach.  By bright and early, I mean, we saw sunrise.  A great reminder...

Grant apparently wasn't a huge fan of sleeping in a pack-n-play and made sure to get up extra early every morning we were there.  

At least it was a beautiful sunrise
Georgia must have heard Grant and I moving about because she joined us just a few minutes later.  We all tried to be quiet and let Daddy sleep in a bit since it was his birthday, but there's only so much I can do in a condo.

Georgia watching her iPad with a stalker watching her every move from below
Nick managed a little more sleep before he joined the shenanigans in the living room.  Georgia and I had sneaked his birthday gift into the car...

We upgraded Nick's current golf club membership for the remainder of the season
We loved sitting on the balcony spotting dolphins every morning...

Love that Grant actually looks like he's spotting dolphins!

She is 100% my kid!
After breakfast, we packed up approximately 25,098 bags and headed down to the beach, which was completely empty since Memorial Day was still a week away.  Unfortunately, we had read that beach chairs were available for rent, but didn't notice the fine print that it was only during the official summer season, so we didn't pack ours from home.  So, Nick ran across the street to a small store to grab a few beach chairs while I stayed on the beach with the kids.

Grant's 1st beach day ever
My little beach babe loved running down to the water to dip her toes in the ICE cold water!
Grant lasted about 6 seconds sitting on the blanket before he reached over and grabbed a handful of sand and ate it.  He wasn't a fan.  You live, you learn.  There are natural consequences in life.

My favorite pic of the entire trip was this shot I took of them both watching the waves.  My little Coppertone kids...

Grant doesn't look too sure about this new adventure!
Of course, as soon as Nick left to buy chairs, the wind kicked up and the kids and I were getting sandblasted.  Grant was crying.  Georgia was screaming in pain and I was doing my best to huddle them both together to protect them from the wind.  I wasn't quite sure what to do, but knew we needed to make a move.  So, I grabbed all 25,098 bags and attempted to haul them up to the deck/patio area of the condo unit (you can see the tall skinny condo building behind the kids in the above picture).  I decided that I couldn't carry Grant and all the bags alone, so I took the important ones first and managed to get half the stuff back to the deck before heading back for a second run.  As soon as I schlepped all the bags up there, Nick rounded the corner with the chairs.  Good timing, honey.  I was covered in sand and sounded like I was having an asthma attack while hauling around an uncooperative 20lb child on my hip.

We decided to make the patio our base camp for the day.  Nick and Georgia went down to play on the beach and Grant passed out cold on me under an umbrella.

Georgia was also dying to swim, so we headed inside to the heated pool for the afternoon.  We had the whole place to ourselves for most of the day.

Our little fish
Someone woke up and wanted to join the fun!

Grant seemed to love the water just as much as his sister
Eventually, Nick took Grant upstairs for a good nap in the condo while Georgia and I finished up swimming.  We made our way back outside to play in the big waves for a bit too. 

After a round of showers for everyone, we headed to Fish Tales for dinner.  It was definitely a lot busier than the previous night as people started to arrive for the weekend.  The main road was a SCENE since many people were arriving into town for the Cruisin' weekend, which from my perspective, involved lots of people driving around old school muscle cars.  Peeling out from stop signs and red lights seemed to be the cool thing to do all weekend long.  People actually set up chairs along the road and watched the "show" each night as people cruised up and down the main strip showing off their rides.  I had to ban Nick from driving my car since he kept trying to race Mustangs off lights and there is nothing more humiliating than my almost 40 year old husband attempting to race my Ford Explorer.

Yea for another dinner on the beach and gorgeous weather

I love the concept of playgrounds at restaurants!!
100% ready for summer... wet hair, cold drinks and my kid running around playing until dark!

Not surprising at all that the youngest is also a huge fan of big/loud restaurants!

Watching all the action
After dinner, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed over to play some mini-golf as the sun set.

Someone is a total cheater at golf...

The light was amazing as the sun set in the bay behind us

We finished off the night on the boardwalk.  Ahead of our trip, I contacted the owner of TLC's Polish Water Ice.  The website advertised the ice as dairy free and I didn't spot any nut flavors, so I reached out to confirm.  Within a few minutes, he responded right back to me that it was safe.  Georgia was so excited to get a special treat!  

Most people don't have to think twice about buying their kids a sweet treat on the boardwalk.  I was so happy to give her such a "normal" experience to finish off our long day at the beach!

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