Saturday, May 27, 2017

Ocean City Beach Trip - Day 1

About 6 weeks ago, we got word from Georgia's elementary school that she would not have school for 3 days in May due to the kindergarten orientation event for incoming students.  For some reason, I completely forgot that she wouldn't have school for those few days, even though my own school does the exact same thing.  After a little panic and chatting with neighbors about swapping off days so that not everyone had to cancel work for 3 straight days, Nick came up with a new plan.  Beach weekend!  We never take a few days off during the school year, but we embraced the crazy and went with it.

At first, I thought he was joking, but then Airbnb suggestions started popping into my inbox.  When your husband suggests a beach weekend, you don't argue.  You go through the options, download the app to your phone and book the condo!  We ended up finding a great 3 bedroom condo right on the beach with an indoor pool, which was key in case of bad weather (aka - you never know what you are going to get in Maryland in May!).  

Packing for a beach trip with an infant was a tad crazy.  To say the car was PACKED is a complete understatement.  Between towels, sheets, food, baby toys, clothes, pillows, gadgets, etc., we were set.  The hardest part... hiding the giant pile because we were keeping the trip a surprise for Georgia!

On Wednesday, I went off to work for a few hours while Nick loaded up the car and prepped for our departure.  I got home around lunchtime and we all jumped in the car to pick up Grant from school and to hit the road.  The beach is about 3 hours from our house and traffic is totally unpredictable heading out that way since the roads are limited (still baffles me since I grew up with a major artery... or 2-3 heading to the shore).  

If you're a believer in timing and having an angel on your shoulder, I really think someone was watching over us on our ride to the beach.  While I was driving through Annapolis, I spotted a car on the wrong side of the highway heading right towards us.  They went flying by us (I was in the fast lane and the car was several lanes over in the breakdown lane driving in the wrong direction) and Nick immediately called 911 while I avoided crashing into the car in front of me and cringing as the car behind me swerved to avoid hitting us.  Everyone came to a screeching halt as the wrong way driver went flying by all of us on our side of the highway.  Unfortunately, as we instantly predicted, things didn't end up well.  When Nick finally got through to the 911 operator, the car had already been involved in a crash.  Thanks to Facebook Live, we immediately knew what had happened.

Unfortunately, the news didn't get better.  The driver of the wrong way vehicle died on the scene.  Her infant son was in the car and flown to a trauma center.  The driver she hit also died.  The accident happened only seconds after she passed us and closed the highway down for hours.  Crazy.  The accident is still under investigation and I can't even fathom what would cause a young mother to make that decision with her infant in the car.  We safely made it to the beach and I silently gave a huge thank you to whomever/whatever was watching over us.

In perkier news, we made it to the beach in about 3.5 hours.  Grant slept 90% of the way, which was amazing.  Check-in to the condo was very simple and Nick started unloading the car as the kids and I explored our digs for the week.

Loving our balcony on the 15th floor

Georgia's room

Nick and I's master suite was huge, with a separate walk-in closet and giant bathroom

Grant spent the entire weekend loving the tile floor and long hallway with Georgia as his security guard

Grant is EVERYWHERE these days.  He is such a boy.  Cords and outlets are his jam.  We're constantly finding him in the craziest places.  The balcony door was definitely on lockdown all weekend from this little escape artist!  We actually used the pillows from the couches to block all the television/cable equipment from him in the condo.

Finding something much more interesting than those Cheerios waiting on my leg

Nick and I agreed that we all needed to get outside immediately to take advantage of the beautiful weather and to explore our new town.  I had done my research on local restaurants that appeared to be nut allergy friendly, including using Allergy Eats for reviews.  It had been 5+ years since Nick and I had previously vacationed in Ocean City and we weren't too worried about food restrictions the last time we were in town, so we really relied on others recommendations this time around.

We packed up the kids and headed just a few streets down to Ropewalk.  

View of the bay from the restaurant

Since it was Wednesday night, it was still pretty quiet at the beach.  Memorial Day weekend is the official start of the season, so it was nice to have the quiet for a few days.  

The restaurant had a huge beach area, so we sat outside and let Georgia burn off some energy on their playground while Nick and I enjoyed some adult drinks.  And by adult drinks, I mean that my "mermaid water" came in a bucket!  YES!!!!

Can you spot Georgia????

More than happy to watch all the action around him

Mommy's bucket of joy

Georgia inhaled a cheeseburger and fries while Grant scooped up anything she didn't eat.  Kid can HOUSE food!  Nick and I started our seafood binge with crabs and fish tacos.  Best news of the night... the waiter pointed out that the owners of the restaurant have a child with a nut allergy, so there were no peanuts on the property.  Score.

When she wasn't eating, Georgia was killing Nick and I at the bar games surrounding our table.  Not sure where she gets it, but the kid is going to do well in college if she keeps this up...

Killing it at the ring game that drives me insane!

Grant was EXHAUSTED by the end of the dinner, but he wasn't giving up!

The weather forecast for the next day was looking amazing, so we headed back to the condo to get some sleep and get ready for our first beach day... and Nick's birthday!

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