Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Grant - 9 months...

On April 22nd, our little friend turned 9 months old!  At his 9 month well visit appointment, his updated stats were:

Weight - 19.3 pounds (up from 16.11 pounds at his 6 month appt)
Height - 27.25 inches (up from 26 inches at his 6 month appt)

Just for giggles, I went back and checked out Georgia's 9 month stats:
Weight - 18.13 pounds
Height - 27.5 inches

So, Grant weighs about 1/2 pound more than Georgia did at this point, but is about 1/4 of an inch shorter.  Sorry, dude!

In big news this month, Grant finally got his first tooth... and the second... and the third... and the fourth!  It took long enough, but now they're coming in like crazy.

4/12/17 - 1st tooth
4/17/17 - 2nd tooth
4/20/17 - 3rd tooth
5/1/17 - 4th tooth

Grant's favorite thing to do currently is to eat, and eat, and eat some more.  He's no longer happy with puffs and purees.  This guy has moved onto legit table food, including anything and everything we eat.  He also started on our daycare's meal program and has enjoyed such delicacies as teriyaki chicken with oriental vegetables, sliders, ravioli with roasted asparagus, etc.  Little man can eat!

Grant's other hobbies include attending all of Georgia's tball practices and games.  Really, he just loves any time that he can watch other kids.  

Tball + snack = A good time in a 9 month old world

Speaking of tball, Georgia's first game was awesome!  The weather was less than stellar, but she had a great game and had some hits and managed to make some outs.  It's crazy to see how much all the kids have grown in the past few years.  They actually look like they know what's happening... some times!  

Grant loves being in the stroller now and going for walks in the evenings.  We're trying to get back into the habit of taking our nightly walks after dinner.  Our favorite new place to walk is on the trail near our house, which is slowly expanding.  When it's complete, it will lead up to the main road near our house, which is currently under construction (and can't open fast enough!).

Right before we spotted the fox on the trail

When this busy two lane road finally opens, she'll never believe she stood in the middle of it!

Grant's favorite person.... still Georgia!  We're fairly certain that we've all heard him try to say her name over the past few weeks.  Even Mimi thought she heard it when she came last weekend.  I wouldn't be shocked if that was his first official word.  Although "hi" also seems to be coming around.  Now that he can wave, he also seems to be working on "hi" next.

His other new favorite thing to do... clap!

On the flip side, he's also figured out that he is Grant and is recognizing his name now.

The biggest moves of the month are definitely his MOVES.  He's gone from the rolling king to the army crawler to the combination of every possible move that he could ever dream of doing on the floor... usually all at the same time.  It doesn't look pretty, but it's effective.  He can get from one side of the floor to the other in no time flat these days.  It's crazy.  I turn around and he's already across the room.

Pulling himself up

HELP... I'm stuck in here!

His little laugh just cracks me up.  He is so ticklish, especially on his sides.

The best part about this age... he's still a cuddle bug!  I know these days are numbered, so I'm trying to enjoy all those last little hugs and cuddles.

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