Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Break 2017 - Part 1...

11 days... We've had 11 days of just rest, relaxation and GO, GO, GO.  I swear I'm going to need a vacation from our spring break.  We haven't stopped moving the entire time.  We're back to reality tomorrow, so here's a recap back to the first few days of our break.

Last Friday was the first official day of break... sort of.  It was a professional day for me and both Georgia and Grant's daycare/after care was open.  I worked on report cards in the morning and then did a mad dash around town hitting just about every store within a 50 mile radius.  I desperately needed to do all the Easter shopping and also managed to do the great majority of Georgia's upcoming birthday shopping too while the kids were entertained at their schools.

On Saturday morning, Georgia and I ran some errands while Grant took a nap and Nick worked in the yard.  When Georgia and I pulled into the driveway, we were met by Nick... and a new friend.  Meet "Hippity."  Just in time for Easter!

Nick scared this little guy (yes, guy) out of the bushes while putting down mulch.  We weren't sure if he was still with his momma, so we put him back where he came from and hoped that he'd find his way home.  Luckily, we've since spotted him (and his siblings) all week long, so we think they're doing quite fine in our yard this spring.

In the afternoon, we were off to Virginia and the circus.  Sadly, it's the final tour for Ringling Brothers, so it was Grant's 1st/last time at the circus (I posted something on Instagram referencing the 1st/last time and my mom instantly texted me asking if Grant was that horribly behaved at the circus to cause it to be his last time!).  Not quite.  Grant liked it... when he was awake!  He managed to pass out for a small chunk of the performance before waking himself right back up in time for the finale.  We had a lovely older couple sitting next to us who explained that their grandchildren were currently living in New Zealand.  The woman was more than happy to assist, including when I looked over and she was holding Georgia's water bottle for her while Georgia snacked on mozzarella sticks.  I apologized that Georgia made her an assistant, but the woman was more than happy to help.

G and I excited for the show!

He likes it!

On Sunday, Nick took advantage of the beautiful weather (it was GORGEOUS all week long) and golfed with some neighborhood buddies while the kids and I laid low at home and cleaned out some closets.  Grant was a LUNATIC in the afternoon - nothing could make him happy and we were convinced that he was going to get a tooth at any second.  He finally passed out for a late afternoon nap and we decided that it was the perfect evening for our first movie night of the season.  A couple quick texts and we had a back yard full of kids and their parents ready to watch "Moana"

Grant woke up from his nap just as the movie was starting, so he joined us on the deck and LOVED watching the kids and the movie on the big screen.  He was a big fan of the Maui character!

On Monday, we dropped Grant off at school and headed downtown for an adventure.  Georgia was OVER THE MOON about taking the metro into the city.  She was more excited about that than anything else.  Originally, I thought it was just going to be Georgia and I, but Nick surprised us by joining us for the day (and little did I know, for the week!).  

Who is that big kid in the back seat and when did she get that big?!?!?

It's so crazy that Georgia is starting to not remember certain events from earlier in her life, like riding the metro.  She's been on it a few times in her life, but she just couldn't remember it.  She also had forgotten about going to the museums downtown, so it was time to establish some new memories!  The kid typically has the memory of an elephant - she references stuff that Nick and I had completely forgotten about at times.

Ready for our metro adventure

Georgia loved learning all the fun facts about the different metro stations, including spotting Nick and I's old condo in Bethesda.

We got off the metro a few stations shy of the Smithsonian and walked into downtown.  We stopped for a quick photo opp in front of another famous house...

We walked over to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and were lucky enough to get right inside (Spring Break is crazy busy downtown, so I was fully prepped for a long line to get in).  

I'm pretty sure I could have dropped off Nick and Georgia for the week.  They were in heaven checking out all the gems and volcano information.  Georgia quickly discovered the "please touch" signs and wanted to hit every button in the museum!  We checked out the Hope Diamond with a huge crowd of people before checking out the ocean animals exhibit.

Building a volcano together

Ironically, we would see REAL penguins and giraffes the following day!

I made Georgia crawl into this next crawl space because I knew that I had another photo of her from the summer of 2013 in the same exact spot.  Just a little bit of growth since then...

With her cousins in 2013 - easily clearing that ceiling height

Not so little anymore!

We had a blast turning Daddy into a caveman...

Cavegirl Georgia

We took a lunch break in the cafeteria area and then hit up the dinosaur area and more gems before realizing that we were going to have to hit the road to get home in time to get Grant from school.

A great day in the city with my peeps!

Me and my girl

Another flashback to 2013 when we were on the metro as a family of 3 (sorry, Granty, we'll bring you on a ride sometime soon!).

Sadly, Nick and I have aged more than her!

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