Thursday, March 30, 2017

Grant - 8 month update...

Happy 8 months, Granty-boy!  I forgot how much fun these monthly photo shoots get once they're semi-mobile and decide that they'd much prefer to just eat the sticker!

Obsessed with the damn sticker!

Luckily, I had a helper who loves to make her little brother smile when I commenced photo shoot #2.

First off, how does this child NOT have teeth yet?!?!?  Georgia, born 10+ weeks early, had plenty of teeth at this point!  I feel like he's been teething since before Christmas.  Still no teeth.  But, this ain't slowing Mr. Man down.  Not one bit.  Just this week, he's been chowing down shredded cheese, broccoli, asparagus, etc.  I'm fairly certain that if we handed him over a porterhouse steak, he'd find a way to inhale that too.

There's no doctor visit for 8 months, so we'll have to wait for his 9 month visit for the official update on stats, but I think he's weighing in around 19lbs these days.  I feel like he's definitely gotten taller and he is wearing 9 months clothes pretty exclusively these days with a couple of exceptions for larger 6 month outfits.  HOWEVER... I think he is smaller than Georgia was at this point (again, she was born 10 weeks early!).  Little Miss Chunkeroo had cheeks for days.  Grant definitely has some rolls and chunk, but nothing compared to her.

In bottle news... today was Grant's last official day getting breast milk mixed into his formula.  The freezer supply has officially been used up and I quit pumping back in mid-February.  My whole goal was to get to spring and to get through the majority of cold/flu season, which we did.  I'm sure I'm jinxing something, but he still hasn't had a sick visit, so I'm hoping nothing drastic changes with just going to formula.

Favorite toys currently include anything that he can bang together... the louder, the better!  He also has just discovered Scout, the musical puppy that Georgia "bought" him for a welcome-to-the-world present.  He loves when the puppy lights up and sings.

Just this week, he's been standing up more holding our hands and clinging to the couch/objects.  He doesn't get himself up, but he does a pretty good job balancing for a few seconds before falling back down.  We're definitely in that transition phase where he's not using a lot of the baby stuff anymore and he's starting to interact with more toys and activity centers.

Unfortunately, with a big sister always around to help, I have a feeling Grant might not be walking or talking on his own anytime soon.  Exhibit #1 and 2...

This kid is never going to crawl!

I'm kind of digging the mohawk look they gave him at daycare last week...

Life update...

Our weekends have been crazy busy with birthday parties and Girl Scout daisy events.  We visited the local animal shelter for a tour and we're off to the police station this weekend.  We celebrated Scotlynn turning 3 last weekend with a super fun party at the gymnastics center.  G & G both had a blast.

Grant attended his first Kites over Clarksburg event.  It's a yearly event in our small little town - everyone shows up at the local park to fly kites, picnic, and play for a few hours.  Grant loved watching all the action and it was by far the best weather that we've ever had for the event.

Flying his 1st kite

For a little comparison fun, Georgia's 8 month update is HERE

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