Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week in Review - January 2017...

It's been a crazy week with staff meetings, report card writing, 6 month well visit appointments, vaccines, sniffles for just about everyone, etc.  So, here's the cute from the week...

His hair - it's amazing.  'Nuff said.  I don't ever want him to grow out of this fuzzy peach stage.

Grant's officially sitting up like a big boy.  For the past few weeks, he's been a giant weeble-wobble and would hold himself up for a few seconds.  But, this week it just clicked and now he sits up for 5-10 minutes... or until he reaches for something and topples over.  He doesn't seem to mind falling.  He hasn't pushed himself back up yet, so he just lays there like a turtle on his shell until someone comes to rescue him!

The beloved cups

Distracted by delicious toes

I really can't say enough about how amazing Georgia is with Grant.  She never complains when I ask her to watch him for a minute.  She loves to make him laugh.  She picks up stuff he drops... again and again.  She is an awesome big sister.  Hands down, my favorite part about having two of these little rug rats is watching her love him and him love her.  All she has to do is walk into the room and she has Grant's full attention until she walks out.  

Which leads me to coming upstairs to find this scene the other night.  Nick was upstairs folding laundry with both kids.  One thing led to another...

Again, Mr. Chill didn't seem to mind his new play area, even after Georgia abandoned him for cooler toys.

Every time that I've gone downstairs for the past few months, I feel bad that our Instagram wall is a giant homage to Georgia with no Grant pictures to be seen.  I finally got down to business this past week and ordered some new pictures.  It's still my favorite wall in the house, even if it was a million times harder to pick favorite images to print this time around.  I may need to order another row of frames from Tiny Mighty Frames.

The daycare art masterpieces of the month...

So far, the peanut experimentation project has been going really well.  We figured out a good plan that seems to work for us.  Several times per week, Nick takes Grant upstairs and feeds him inside his plastic bathtub.  He eats 2tsp of peanut butter powder mixed in with his apples.  He then chases that down with some banana or something else to help "clean" out his mouth (since gargling with Listerine is out for now!).  Nick then gives him a bath immediately after to make sure all the peanut butter is washed off his face, hands and wherever else it splattered.  Grant then stays upstairs and away from Georgia for the remainder of the night.  I take the blue spoon, blue bowl, and blue bib immediately downstairs and scrub it with the blue scrub brush!  So far, so good and I think the cross-contamination risks are at a minimum.

After falling asleep on top of Nick upstairs... while sucking his finger... and wearing one of his sister's old swaddle suits!

Grant has been gobbling down all sorts of goodies - apples, pears, squash, sweet potato, etc.  We tried green beans this weekend.  To say he wasn't a fan was an understatement.  I guess we know how he says NO these days!  Let's hope the planned peas and peaches for this week go better!

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