Sunday, January 8, 2017

Adventures in MA/NH...

After Christmas, we spent the remainder of the week/2016 with family/friends in Massachusetts.  

Georgia woke up on the 26th begging to play with her new Osmo system.  If anyone is looking for a cool system to work with their kid's iPad, this is it!  Definitely check it out.  So cool!

Found an old ornament on Mimi's tree

We gave the boys Celtics tickets this year for Christmas, so on the 27th, we headed into the city for the Celtics vs Grizzlies game.  Mimi was concerned about the timing of the game and that Georgia might fall asleep.  Hahahahahaha.  That's funny.  Georgia could have easily earned "fan of the game" honors.  She's a true Boston girl at heart (not that her Mama gives her any choice!).  She made the jumbo-tron within minutes of us taking our seats!

As the game started, the Garden (yes, it will always be "the Garden" to me) lights turned off and the pump-it-up music started blaring.  I turned to Georgia to reassure her if she was scared.  Scared?!?  Nope, she was too busy rocking out!

The Celtics never knew the big fan they had in Georgia.  Any time the crowd would chant, she joined right in!  The gentleman sitting next to Nick even commented, "I love her!"

This about sums it up...

The Celts won and it was a great game.  I think all these goonies had a great time!

Meanwhile, this kid was home with Mimi watching the game on tv!

While wearing his Pats outfit!

Grant got to spend lots of time meeting all his New England Aunties...

Mid-week, snow was predicted.  Georgia was so excited to get outside and play in the snow since we haven't had any in Maryland yet this year.  The flurries barely started before she dragged Mimi out there to play!

Unfortunately, it wasn't the big storm that we were hoping for while we were in New England.  But, it was enough for some sledding later in the week!

One little hiccup during the week... Grant's first cold/cough with the combination of some teething led to lots of sleepless nights!  Good thing the little dude is adorable because 3 nights of little to no sleep was no fun.  Poor Mimi bought him his own beautiful crib for her house and he spent most of his nights napping on Nick's chest.

Happy to nap on us.  As Nick says, "I'm his walking pillow!"

3am and WIDE awake!!!

I'm supposed to be asleep right now!  Hahahaha

Luckily, he was still a happy guy most days, even with limited sleep!

Rocking Brayden's hat

On our last day in New England, we met up with the boys and Auntie for some sledding!  We didn't exactly pack our winter gear, but Georgia managed to hang with the boys for quite awhile.  

G and Nathan heading down the hill

Nathan and Georgia

The sled crew

The "big kids" had fun too...

And bright and early on Saturday morning, we were back in the car to head back to MD.  The kids did AMAZING in the car, especially Grant.  We barely even knew they were in the backseat as Nick and I took turns driving.  

We stopped in NJ for our annual Dec 31st Burger King breakfast!

And a bottle for the little guy in NJ!

Luckily, when you get up at 4am, you're home around noon.  Nick was quickly put to work putting together one of Georgia's Christmas presents and we entertained Grant with an old favorite...

New tent!

Circle of Neglect

Always a great trip, but equally as awesome to be home and celebrating New Years Eve with an early glass of wine, an early bedtime, and sleeping kids!

Cheers to 2017!

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