Saturday, January 14, 2017

5 Months... Going on 6!

Grant's 5 month "birthday" was right as we were headed up to MA to celebrate the Christmas holiday.  Little guy wasn't feeling his best as he seemed to develop his first cough/cold (thanks, daycare) at the same time that teething hit him hard core.  3 weeks later and there are still no confirmed teeth in there, but I wouldn't stick my finger in there to check unless you want him to gnaw like a dog with a bone.  The poor guy just chomps on his hands non-stop.  He's even figured out how to shove one fist in there while pounding on that hand with his other hand... effectively creating a hammer!  Who says we're not smarter than monkeys?!??!  The poor little dude eats his bib non-stop these days just to help his aching gums.  He sighs with relief if you rub his gums for him.

One lifesaver recently has been Georgia's old banana toothbrush.  Grant loves gumming away on it.  We don't leave home without it these days!

Scotlynn tried helping him out at her house last weekend!

Other "big" things this month...

Hands down, Grant's favorite person is Georgia.  He adores her.  ADORES!  If she enters the room, his eyes are glued to her.  It's like he's trying to figure out how she does things - walks, talks, dances, etc.  If she so much as looks in his direction, his entire face lights up with pure joy.  G is such a great bis sister and loves to make her little buddy smile and laugh.

Watching Georgia

Speaking of big sister...

Grant is following in his sister's footsteps with lots of other things too.  He loves her exersaucer/circle of neglect.  He's been going crazy in there lately jumping all around.  He also loves her purple bumbo seat (and also struggles to get his chunky thighs out of there, just like her!).  He's been using her high chair and loves lots of her old toys!

He also has no interest in rolling over, just like her.  He gets 99% there and then just has no interest in the last 1%.  Sitting, on the other hand, is his new jam.  He loves to sit up and can sit for about 10 seconds on his own before toppling over.  Give him a hand or leg to lean on and he's good for a lot longer.  He also is starting to figure out that he has hands and that they can do all sorts of cool things like spin toys!

Sitting up on his own

Spinning his toy

The biggest news is that big man started eating solids about a week ago.  He was given the clear to start at his 4 month appointment, but we had planned to hold off until closer to 6 months.  However, Grant has a big upcoming appointment next week at the allergist's for a peanut food challenge.  He gets to try mashed up food mixed with peanut protein, as well as some crackers with peanut protein.  We didn't want to get to the appointment and have him fail automatically because he didn't know HOW to eat or refuse to open his mouth!  So, we started with some rice cereal and baby oatmeal.

He wasn't too interested in that mush!

Next, we steamed up some sweet potato (G's 1st real food too!).  Those were a little better.  He still wasn't too sure what to do with his tongue and a lot came right back out at us, but progress.

This week, we added some homemade applesauce to the mix and night #2 seemed to be a game changer.  It was like a switch was flipped and all of a sudden, his mouth was open wide and he was complaining that we weren't shoveling it in there fast enough for him!!!  So, getting used to the spoon and eating appears to be a success.  Fingers crossed for the food challenge.

Next on the food list for tonight's entree.... butternut squash.  I love the Wholesome Baby Foods website, which is what I used when I was making Georgia's food too.  Nick and I couldn't believe how much better the home cooked stuff tasted vs canned/jarred baby food.  It's also so much cheaper - I baked 4 sweet potatoes last weekend in the oven and then used the food processor to pulverize them.  I'm fairly certain we have enough frozen sweet potato ice cubes to last for years!  Plus, it seemed to work with Georgia since she eats 99% of what Nick and I eat on a nightly basis, including the veggies (the kid LOVES cauliflower and her favorite is a good stir fry!).  So, we're hoping Grant develops just half a good of a palate as his big sister (minus the food allergies would be a dream come true)!!!  I always think it is horrible luck that our child who would eat anything and loves food can't eat half the stuff put in front of her!

Besides that, Grant's other favorites/developments this month include:

* Babbling away.  He "talks" all day long to us.  We were over at our neighbor's house last Saturday for dinner .  Their little guy is a month younger than Grant and they couldn't get over just how much Grant jabbers away all day.  It's non-stop noises.

Just a crazy Saturday with these clowns

* If he's complaining/whining and you pick him up, he stops almost instantly.  He just loves to be carried around the house checking out all the action and sights.  He loves to be in the thick of things.


* KC.  He has discovered that there is a moving fur ball in his house.  He loves to watch her walk around.  KC is getting brave in her old age and actually gets a lot closer to Grant than she ever did with Georgia when she was that age.

* His own reflection.  My little narcissist loves checking himself out in the mirrors or windows.

* He still loves his milk and chugs down 4oz every couple of hours during the day.  He goes to bed around 8/9 most nights and Nick sneaks in a dream feed bottle to him right before he goes to bed.  Most days, he is good until we are all up and moving around the following morning.

* He has discovered his own ears and loves to hold onto them during the day.  At first, I was terrified he had an ear infection, but it just seems like he loves to play with them.

* The car.  Since he's still not napping well during the day at daycare (he only wants to sleep while being held), he sleeps like a rock star as soon as I pick him up and put him in the car for the 30 second drive home.  The good news is that he then sleeps in his car seat in the house for an hour or two while I schlep all our bags inside, wash bottles, go through the mail, start laundry, cook dinner, make everyone's lunches for the next day, etc. each night.

* He loves to be tickled and get kisses.  He cracks up laughing when you smooch his cheeks or tickle his belly.  He also thinks kissy noises are just hysterical and it's the key to get him to smile in pictures now!

* Napping in the swing is still his favorite weekend activity... unless napping on Daddy is an option!  Daddy's belly naps are the best.

* Grant loves a good dance party.  I got Nick the Amazon Echo/Alexa thingy for Christmas (yes, she is my new sister-wife) and she is all of our new BFF.  I love that she can turn on the tv and the lights on/off while I'm cooking in the kitchen.  Nick loves that he can add things to our shared grocery list.  Georgia loves initiating a dance party with one command!  At first, I thought Grant might not like music BLASTING all the time.  Nope.  He loves it!  He either dances along or just smiles as the rest of us dance around the kitchen.  

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