Sunday, October 8, 2017

Fall Lake Weekend...

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to escape Maryland for a long weekend in North Carolina.  One of our neighbors' parents live on a lake in NC and were planning to be away for the weekend.  So, 3 families in our neighborhood took over their gorgeous house... all 6 of us and our 7 kids!  

Packing up!
We picked G up from school on Thursday afternoon and headed south (both she and I may have played hooky from school on Friday).  We timed the drive with Grant's nap, which worked out for most of the ride.  Almost 4 hours later and we arrived at Lake Gaston.

Grant quite literally spent the entire weekend swinging away on every swing at the house!

On Friday morning, we were up early and ready to spend the day on the lake!

Babyproofing... lake version!
Determined to catch a fish
Georgia was all about catching a fish... until she caught a fish.  Then she threw the pole and ran away crying.  Seriously.  Every time.

Note the huge scary fish!
So, Nick and I spent most the time fishing and "catching" fish for Georgia! (insert eye roll)

Then we had to convince Georgia that the fish wouldn't eat her if she swam in the lake.  (insert larger eye roll).  We finally convinced her when we reminded her that she swims in a similar lake in New York... every summer!

The dock house had an amazing second story deck that allowed the kids to jump off down into the lake below.  On her first attempt, Georgia chickened out and stomped away in frustration.  However, she is her mother's daughter... she walked away, pumped herself up, groaned a few times and then forced herself to jump off.  She never looked back and spent the rest of the weekend jumping from the second story with total confidence.

Attempt #1
Peer pressure works great, even at age 6!


The picture opportunities were awesome...

And, of course, there were Boomerangs!




On the first day, we took the boat across the lake to a lakeside restaurant for lunch and adult beverages. 

After lunch, the little kids napped while the big kids took out the jet skis with the Dads.


Some R&R in the hammock
Are these kids not spoiled or what?  Their hot dog dinner came with a killer view from the screened in porch...

The house was set up perfect for a gaggle of kids to sleep... in the bunk room!

The kids even worked out a rotation so that everyone got to sleep on the top bunk one night!
Grant was super jealous that he had to hang out with us downstairs in our bedroom!
On the first night, the ladies were alone up there and may have stayed up WAY past their bedtime telling stories to each other!  The following night, the boys were in there too and everyone was up at the crack of dawn when they declared it breakfast time at 6am.  

Overall, the kids got along super well all weekend long.  They're fairly used to each other after all these years.  There were definitely tears (usually over WHO got to go on the tube and WHEN), but there was enough to do and s'mores bribery to keep the peace 99% of the time.  Plus, we had plenty of booze for the parents, which always helps with group parenting!

On Saturday, the tube was the story of the day as the kids took turns getting pulled around the lake...

In the morning, the air was chilly, but the lake water was almost 80 degrees.
Grant hanging out in his favorite spot!
Watching the action below at the dock while Grant was swinging up in the play area
One of my fave pics of the weekend... these two goons pushing and shoving each other to see who got to play with the central vacuum outlet in the wall!  The outlet just had a flap and these two argued over who got to open/close the flap!!

Hammock time
In the afternoon, we took out the boat to explore the lake for a bit.  The kids went swimming off the boat and Nick went wakeboarding for a bit.

The "big" and "middle" kids
Nick swimming with the big kids
This kid loves boat/lake life!
When I say that Grant LOVED the swings... he LOVED the swings!


Not exactly a bad view from the play area either, especially during sunset!
We had company from the "middles" playing in the sandbox


My fave pic from the weekend...

And yes, the neighbor's house looks like it came to life right from the pages of an architecture magazine!  We were hoping they would show up for the weekend so that we could take a tour of the inside.  The whole place screamed Pottery Barn!
We finished off Saturday evening with s'mores and a gorgeous sunset.  We had perfect weather the whole time we were there.  Cool fall mornings and lots of sun.

My peeps!
With no filters added to the pic.  Straight from my iPhone!
Grant and Nick tending to the fire
On Sunday, we all packed up and started the journey back north to Maryland. We were all sad to leave the lake behind us.  We could definitely get used to weekends like that!  Even just escaping for a few days felt like a true vacation...  Ok, a trip.  It's a trip because we had these 7 goobers with us!

As always, Nick took our GoPro footage and video he took from the drone to capture all the fun.  The end is amazing - conversations from the prek crew...

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Summer in September...

Mother Nature apparently heard all my complaining about it being cool in Maryland all August long.  So, now, the wench has taken away fall and replaced it with summer. HOT summer!  We're back to tank tops, shorts, and flip flops around these parts.  Unfortunately, our fall germs seem to be sticking around.  I'm on week #3 of mystery illness.  Antibiotics did nothing to kill it.  Georgia has been off/on with not feeling great and Nick was down for the count this weekend!  Aiming for a healthy October at this point!

Wrapping up our week...

In giggle worthy news of the week - Grant's daycare posted the following picture of him one day last week to the app we use to communicate with them about his day.  Nick and I both cracked up.  Holding a spoon?  Using a spoon?  We're declaring it a staged photo opp because this kid LOVES to throw food at us during dinner.  Cup.  Spoon.  Food.  Fork.  Whatever is not nailed down, comes flying at us periodically throughout dinner.  Yet he can politely use silverware at daycare!?!?!  It better be a staged photo.  Grrrrrr...

Georgia and I randomly had off last Thursday thanks to the Jewish holiday - Happy New Year!  We were out running errands and decided to stop into Buffalo Wild Wings.  I love that their menu is nut-safe and Georgia loves that they give her a tablet to play with during lunch.  We decided to play trivia.

My lunch date typing in our names
Since we were the ONLY people in the restaurant for lunch that were also playing trivia, we were the big winners!  Georgia still celebrated like we won a million dollars!

It didn't hurt that one question was about the Boston Bruins, another about Stella Artois, and another about a tv series that I had watched!

Speaking of tv shows... if anyone is looking to make a donation to Hurricane Harvey relief and are "Fixer Upper" fans, Magnolia was selling these shirts for $26.00 and all proceeds went to relief efforts.  I have to admit that the t-shirt caught my attention because "Friday Night Lights" will always be my #1 show.  Texas Forever...

Yes, the shirt is as soft and as comfy as it looks.  I wore it this weekend to baseball and I got several compliments.
Guess who discovered that there are video games on the giant tv in the basement?  #mesmerized

Saturday was again one million degrees for Georgia's afternoon baseball game.  G was 3/3 hitting in the game and made a HILARIOUS play at 1st base.  Georgia was playing 3rd base, but somehow managed to make it ALL the way across the field to help a new player on the team.  And by "help," I mean she dragged the poor kid to 1st base!  The parents of the little girl she helped were sitting next to me and were dying laughing.  The dad said, "She's like an assistant coach!"  I later asked Georgia about it.  Her explanation - "MOM - she didn't know what to do!  I was helping her out..."

Luckily, my friend was videotaping the play and mentioned to get the whole thing on film.  Wait for the last 10 seconds...



On Saturday evening, Georgia had a birthday party up in Frederick.  Originally, Nick and I were going to go out to dinner (with Grant) at a restaurant nearby.  However, he wasn't feeling 100%, so we canceled dinner reservations and I had a little date night with myself.  I strolled around the town, hit up a few stores, and grabbed "dinner"  by myself.

Looking up and spotted a hot air balloon overhead
My "dinner" for the night!
Meanwhile, Dino Baby and Daddy were chilling at home...

Grant is still not 100% sold on this whole walking thing.  He thinks we're crazy that we force him to walk back and forth between us all the time.  He's especially not convinced to walk on his own without holding your hand (for those of you who have been around for 5+ years, remind you of anyone!??!?!  HIS SISTER!!!!).


Like his sister before him, he is also lured/bribed by shiny things, like phones and remote controls!  He's also easily distract by cats who wander by in the middle of walking practice.  We had to take a "time-out" from practice so that he could meow at KC for a short time!


We rounded out the weekend by picking some apples... in 90+ degree heat.  It's really insane.  I remember picking apples in jeans/sweaters/boots in New England.  Nope, we wore tanks and flip flops!

Ready to pick!
Grant really wasn't quite sure of what to make of this new adventure into the trees...

Good news... he was 100% more into it once we gave him a flying projectile that he could repeatedly throw on the ground or at us!

Guess who got to fetch the ball every time?!?!
Representing C'burg baseball with their hats

Checking out the goats
One of my favorite dinners in the fall is a stuffed acorn squash, so we grabbed a bunch from the farm.

We also managed to buy a gazillion pounds of apples... and a Grant!

What to do when you pick 3,089 pounds of apples???

Swedish apple crisp!
It may not feel like fall, but the house smells delicious!