Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Card Failure...

You know life is crazy when I haven't managed to get a post up on the blog in almost a month.  Ooops.  Funny how life happens.  Once upon a time I managed daily (sometimes more than 1x/day) posts.  Those days are long gone!

However, I did manage to mail out all of our Christmas cards this past weekend, which was a major life accomplishment.  In honor of our Christmas card, let me introduce you to some of the outtakes that we did NOT use on the card.

First up... our attempt at a photo shoot at the local mall.

Issue #1 - Someone wasn't quite so interested in smiling for the camera and instead just stared at Daddy behind the camera.

Issue #2 - Someone was being a total brat!  Note the tongue out as he makes raspberries at us.

Issue #3 - Someone tried to flee the scene while his sister tried her best to manage the situation!

Issue #4 - Someone has inherited RBF from his Mama (google it if you don't know what that abbreviation stands for!).  Even when bribed with a toy...

Issue #5 - Someone finally stops screaming/crying and at least looks at the camera... and his sister looks away!  You can't make this stuff up.

Issue #6 - Someone was D-O-N-E and started throwing things!

The only good news.... at least Georgia behaved and glamour girl got her close up.

And the only semi-decent shot that we got of them together...

Stay tuned for part 2 of our Christmas card experiment!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Halloween 2017

It's mid-November, which means that I'm finally uploading the pics from Halloween!  It really feels like Halloween is a week long affair these days.  Event after event all week long.

Event #1 of the week - Grant's "fall festival" party at daycare

Let's just say that Grant wasn't thrilled with his costume... or anything about the parade.  

Immediately after I put on his costume!
Maybe he didn't want to be Nemo?!?!

Thank goodness for his beloved Ms. Maria.  She finally put a smile on the poor kid's face while his mother tortured him.

In fact, he refused to let her go for the entire parade and wanted nothing to do with me.

It's tough to be Nemo and be growing teeth at the same time.

I mean, what can you possibly say to this face?!??

Luckily, Nemo is always thrilled to eat!

It was a gorgeous day, so we headed outside for a bit when we got home that afternoon.  Within seconds, I was attacked by a vicious dog... who wanted to lick me to death.  He managed to escape from a neighbor's house and since we were the only people outside, we became his new best friends!  He just needed a side of obedience school and I may have kidnapped this cutie!!

Three cheers for doggies (Grant's favorite animal, by far!!).

Both kids had spirit week all week long at their schools leading up to Halloween.  We got lots of use out of the pink hair kit I purchased a few years back...

Grant's crazy hair day

Oh boy!
While Goober had his pink hair, we also took his 15 month pictures (super late... ooops).

Yup, those are all bruises on the dude!  It's tough being a toddler.
Georgia's school also managed to squeeze in a fundraising activity where the kids ran laps.  Georgia managed to run all 35 laps, so I owe the school approximately $10 million dollars.  I wasn't there for the event, but another neighborhood Mom sent me some pics of my little runner right when she finished.

Both kids spent many nights wearing their matching skeleton jammies...

Note that one of these children does not mind being trapped behind the gate (clue - the gate is not for her!).
Note the second child who is devastated to be trapped!
Mimi arrived just in time for Georgia's final tball/baseball game EVER.  After 5 amazing seasons, she's aged out and will be moving up to softball in the spring.

And finally it was officially Halloween.  Georgia's school had their parade in the afternoon, so Mimi, Nick and myself went up to cheer on our Wonder Woman!

G's class had a Halloween party following the parade.  The room mom also has a child with severe food allergies, so they had lots of fun crafts and activities and less focus on food.  WIN!!

Making a skeleton with Mimi
Standing by her locker
I signed up to provide fruit for the party, but needed to spice some of the stuff up a bit...

We headed home for a quick respite before we needed to head back up to our neighborhood clubhouse for the annual Halloween parade that kicks off trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.

We tried for a quick family photo.  Prepare yourself for real life...

Guess not!!!  I am literally wrestling Grant in the picture.
Thank goodness that one of them smiles on command!

Off we went to the clubhouse.  Nemo "drove" us up there.

We rallied at the clubhouse with the neighborhood friends and prepped for a long night!

Best pic of the kids that I got all night
Someone still wasn't so sure about this chaos!

Luckily, he had some buddies who felt the same...

Checking each other out!
This crew has a blast together every Halloween...

The "big kids" and the "middle kids"
Adding in the "ltitle kids" too!
My boys...

And then the real madness began... These kids RAN from house to house all night long.  It was insane.  Thankfully we had a whole caravan of wagons, kids and parents.  We spread ourselves out all along the streets and the kids went crazy sprinting from door to door.  Georgia came home with HUNDREDS of pieces of candy, including huge candy bars!

Already enjoying my "Drunken pumpkin latte" drink.  Thank you, Pinterest.

Mimi took Grant home at one point to help give out candy at our house while we powered on.  I was shocked when we got home several hours later and he was still going strong giving out candy in our driveway!  My mom said he refused to stay in the house with so many kids outside partying the night away.

Nick did an amazing job decorating our house this year and it was quite the hit.  We had people stopping to take pictures in front of the animations!

The skeleton garage band played all night long
Annual photo with Mimi...

And we wrapped up the night by having the creepiest duo walk up to our house... silently... and oddly.  Thank goodness it turned out to be Nick's aunt and uncle because I was on the verge of calling the cops on these weirdos!

Happy Halloween 2017!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pumpkin Patch 2017

We finally made it to the pumpkin patch!  This year, we tried out a new farm that Georgia and I discovered when we picked peaches there earlier in the summer.  Overall, a successful trip for pumpkins and some fall treats and fun.

Grant was intrigued by all the action and LOVED the hayride!  He tried to climb out on several occasions when he spotted characters in the woods.  Time for Disney???

We picked out lots of fun pumpkins for our steps.

The pumpkin patch was GINORMOUS!