Monday, December 26, 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...

We did it... we made the drive to MA with two children and survived!  The drive had gotten so much "easier" over the past few years as Georgia got older. Hand her an iPad and see you in 8 hours!  Check!  This year, I was a nervous wreck as to how Grant would do in the car.

Luckily, all was calm.  We piled sleepy children into the car at 4:30am and we were on our way.  Grant fell right back asleep all snug in his car seat.  Nick dozed in the passenger seat with a blanket over his head.  Georgia was too excited to see Mimi and just wanted her iPad.  I drove us to NYC where we all stopped, inhaled our annual Burger King breakfast, and piled back into the car for the second half of the drive.  Nick took over driving so that I could pump (nothing like flashing half the drivers on the GW Bridge - hey NYC!!!). By 12:30, we were pulling into Mimi's driveway.  Grant barely made a peep the entire ride.  Success.

Mimi did an amazing job gathering, borrowing and buying baby stuff to make Grant comfortable at her house.  He loved the jumper right next to the Christmas tree.

Laughing at his sister

My absolute favorite hobby in the world right now is just watching Georgia and Grant interact with each other.  He just LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her!

We spent Christmas Eve Day catching up with family and introducing Grant to his cousins and aunties.  Slight panic in the morning when Mimi woke up with a classic case of her "dizzies," but she powered through and refused to rest.  Apparently December 24th is not a good time to get said dizzies, so they were banished!

Grant and Auntie Lisa

I am soooooo NOT okay with the fact that Nathan is now like 12 feet tall and can hoist up Georgia like she is a feather!

Although Auntie flew down to meet Grant a few months back, both the boys had yet to meet the new guy...

Matthew and Grant

Nathan and Grant

Then Auntie told them to all scram so she could reclaim her little buddy!

Meanwhile on Boomerang...

In the evening, we hosted Nick's family over for Christmas Eve.  Typically we head to his brother's house for dinner, but with a new baby and a crazy pumping schedule, that wasn't going to happen this year.  Nick's parents were also in MA this year, so they joined us in a full house.

Thoman cousins

Uncle Paul also dropped in to visit on Christmas Eve and got to meet the new man.

Uncle Paul and Grant

This year was our 2nd annual Christmas jammies tradition.  Fred the Elf managed to score some matching jams at Target a few weeks back.  Unfortunately, he couldn't find total matching outfits for all of us, so Nick and I had to pair up and the kids had to pair up.  Nick may never speak to Fred again... and by Fred, I mean me.

Uncle Paul was jealous and totally wanted to join in...

Papa too...

And then we waited for Santa!