Thursday, December 8, 2016

The New Non-Stop Crazy...

Well, we've settled into our "new normal" and I feel like I'm running a marathon all day long every single day.  Let's review yesterday... just a typical Wednesday in our house...

6:15 - Up and getting ready for the day

7:00 - Pump for 30 minutes before getting the kids up.  Typically I drive to work and do my morning pump in my office, but on Wednesdays we have an early team meeting before a full day of parent meetings, so I do it before I drive to work.

7:30 - Kids up.  Quickly get Georgia dressed, hair brushed and teeth brushed.  Wake up Grant and get him into an outfit before handing him over to Nick.  Make coffee and grab all 33,000 bags I need to survive the day.  I'm terrified of forgetting a pump part every day!

7:40 - Out the door and driving to work

8:15 - Wednesday morning pre-meet

9:00 - 11:00 - Meetings

11:00-12:00 - Back to my office to pump and catch up on some paperwork

12:00-3:00 - Meetings

3:00 - Back to my office to pump and catch up on some paperwork

3:45-4:30 - Staff training

4:30-5:30 - Drive home and collect Georgia from after care at her school and then onto the daycare center to retrieve Grant

5:45 - Home/Feed Grant

6:00 - Pump/Feed Georgia/Inhale a tupperware of leftover meatballs

6:20 - Nick walks in the door

6:25 - Georgia and I out the door to daisy troop meeting

6:30-7:30 - Daisy meeting

7:30 - Realize the gas tank is empty, so hit the gas station up before taking the "long way" home so Georgia can check out some Christmas lights on the way back to the house

8:00 - Home and Georgia goes to bed.  Nick puts her down while I take a quick shower, so I don't have to do that on Thursday morning and can sleep for an extra 15 minutes!

8:00-8:15 - Cuddle with Grant for a few minutes before Nick puts him to bed

8:15-10:00 - Laundry, pre-soak the TWO outfits Grant managed to ruin at daycare with poop-splosions today, unpack all 8 bags that I brought into the house, wash bottles, make bottles for tomorrow, make lunches for Georgia and myself, freeze extra milk from the day, go through the mail, send out a few extra Christmas cards, go through the 5 boxes that arrived via Amazon (Thank goodness for Amazon!!!), and so on

10:00-11:00 - Watch a DVR show while pumping for the final time 

11:00-11:30 - Upstairs and attempt to turn my brain off for the day so I can sleep

Yup, I'm exhausted just typing it all out again.  It seems like I just run from one thing to another all day long.  Not sure when it gets better, but I'm hoping soon.  If anyone asks what I want for Christmas, I want an assistant!

Some pics from the past week or so...

G loves picking out a safe chocolate each night from her allergy friendly advent calendar from Amanda's Own

My boys...

He really is this happy most of the time!

Last week, Georgia was in the shower and Nick was filling up Grant's bathtub so that all the kiddos could get squeaky clean.  We put Grant in his chair for a minute while we were running around.  Georgia threw her towel on him to keep him warm before she jumped in the shower.  He was HAPPY as could be just hanging out in there watching the chaos...

This past weekend, Georgia started gymnastics.  She was so excited for her first class.  She was even more excited when she got to the gym and an old friend from her preschool class was there and taking the same class.  They hadn't seen each other since the summer since they go to different elementary schools in town.  They reunited like old sorority friends and ran off together before I could even say goodbye!

After gymnastics, it was over to Aunt Susan and Uncle Malon's house for the 15th annual cookie bake weekend... and swimming!

Grant's first cookie bake

Ready to decorate cookies

Decorating after swimming

On Sunday, the baking madness continued with our 2nd annual gingerbread house party at our neighbor's house...

The hostess and her mom go out of the way to ensure that all the candy and the frosting is Georgia-safe!

Grant was slacking at his first gingerbread house party!!

A lot of people keep asking how Georgia is doing with Grant.  For the most part, she adores him and plays super sweet with him.  She loves that he is getting more interactive and wants to make him laugh and smile at her.  She can't wait for him to start eating real food!

Georgia is also super excited for Grant to use some of her old toys.  We brought out the jumper (aka - circle of neglect) this week...