Sunday, November 20, 2016

This Is It...

It's here... again.  The night before returning to work.  The last time around, I was a hot mess.  This time, it's slightly better, but still lots of anxiety about the coming week... the early mornings, the commute, the finding time to pump, the lack of heat in my office for the second straight winter, etc.  All those little things that I do during the week - the laundry, the running a quick errand, making dinner, etc. - will all probably get pushed to weekends.   I know that it will all get done.  It always does, but it just become more complicated and more rushed.  Sadly, doing a quick load of laundry at 10am on Tuesday might be the thing I'll miss the most.  I hate the giant piles on the weekends.  I'll also miss my morning walk (or drive) to school with Georgia.  Nick will be relegated the task of getting everyone out of the house in time for school now.

My chunky monkey man

Yes, I made him checklists.  They're laminated.  On the door.  Nick will do drop off and I'll do pick up.

Grant went to daycare twice last week for quick 2 hour visits.  On day #1, he refused to nap and was a "pistol."  By day #2, he caved and napped in his new crib.  I have no doubt the teachers in there will get him on a great schedule.  It also helps that both ladies in the room have known us forever at this point and couldn't wait to get their hands on Georgia's little brother!  So, Grant is off to "school" tomorrow for the day and Georgia gets to go to aftercare at school now.  She is ridiculously excited since so many of her friends are there in the afternoons too.  I've got my list ready for who needs what in which bag.  I'm sure there will be a day that I accidentally send bottles with Georgia and her lunch to daycare!

On Friday morning, I walked Georgia to school for the final time.  It was the most beautiful November morning and the perfect weather day to end our walking routine...

Grant and I hit the outlets for some Christmas shopping.  By the afternoon it was 70 degrees.  There's something great about listening to Christmas tunes while shopping in the bright sunshine.  It's probably how San Diego celebrates Christmas.  But, for a girl who grew up in New England and now lives in the mid-Atlantic, it's like a blue moon.

Grant is totally ready for Christmas.  We discovered this weekend that he thinks Ho-Ho-Ho is absolutely hysterical!

I'm spending my final day at home in my pajamas, doing laundry and enjoying just chilling on the couch watching all the food network specials about Thanksgiving and contemplating what types of desserts I'll bake this week while uploading pictures.

I will not look at the clock.  I will not look at the clock.  I will not look at the clock.  

Last weekend, Georgia got to have a daddy-daughter date with Nick.  I may have bought the Octonauts Live tickets awhile back, but it coincided with her filling up her behavior chart, so we used the tickets as a reward...

She was so proud of herself.  She gets a dot for all her school dojo points, for being helpful around the house, completing chores, etc.  She's VERY into her chart and loves crossing off those dots.

Yes, Nick is sporting a beard for November.  It's driving him batty,but he's stuck it out so far!

A quick lunch before heading into the city

Georgia had no idea where she was going or what they were going to do in the city.  Nick said she was so excited when he parked and they started walking around.  She was dragging him down the streets...

Thank goodness it's a short week of work for me.  Off to find real clothes and remember how to blow dry my hair...