Tuesday, November 15, 2016

November 2016...

I hate November.  I really do.  For some reason, no matter when my kids are born, I go back to work in November.  UGH.  I'm really not too worried about Grant at daycare.  If they can raise Georgia, they can raise him!  But, I'm just imagining how chaotic our house is going to be in the morning/evening as we try to get four of us out of this house daily.  Not to mention the packing of lunches, the grocery shopping, the random paperwork that seems to pop up for someone every week, etc.

Ready for turkey day

Oh well.  It is what it is (and everyone who knows me, knows that I despise that saying).

Let's catch up on what's been happening in this house...

Fall Tball
Fall tball officially came to an end a few weekends back.  Georgia was really lucky to be on the same team (just with a different name) with a lot of the same kids/families and the same coaches from the spring.  They're infinitely patient with the kids and we're lucky to have a group of nice families to spend Friday night/Saturday mornings hanging with every weekend.  It's amazing to see how much the kids have improved, especially the boys with older brothers.  Georgia is still just trying to figure out what hand her glove goes on half the time!  We're going to take Saturdays off for the month of November and then start up with gymnastics in the winter/December.

Georgia absolutely loves going to school every day.  Her reading and writing have already improved so much since the beginning of the school year and she's just so darn happy to go every morning.  

Miraculously, her school photo came out pretty good...

With the weather getting cooler, we haven't been walking up to the school in the mornings quite as much, but we still try and sneak it in at least a few mornings each week...

All last week, Georgia was nursing a cold.  She had no fever and wasn't really complaining too much, so off to school she went each day.  It was a wacky week with no school on Monday/Tuesday and half days on Thursday/Friday.

Voting on Tuesday

Finally on Friday, we brought her in to get checked and were floored to find out that she had strep.  We had no clue, especially since she wasn't telling us that her throat hurt.  She's been in "isolation" to try and keep Grant from getting it too.  Frankly, I'm shocked that he didn't get it...

Loves his big sis

Great Pumpkin 5K
Exactly 6 weeks after getting the all clear from my doctor that I could start exercising again, I ran my first 5K.  I used the Couch to 5K app to ease my way back into running.  After being forced to take almost my entire pregnancy off from running, it was painful... in places that I didn't expect.  My lungs felt fine.  My knees felt fine.  My legs felt fine.  My chest did NOT feel fine.  I spent almost 4 weeks buying and trying on different running bras to help with "the situation."  It was horribly frustrating and it still hasn't completely resolved.  But, the combination of 2 running bras that are 2 sizes too small and a cup size too small have helped... a bit.  I wasn't able to squeeze in all the training runs, but managed to increase my mileage each week.  If only I didn't feel like my chest was going to explode the entire time.  

The good news is that I survived the run.  It wasn't my best time.  It was actually 10 minutes OVER my best time.  But, I ran 99% of the time on a fairly uneven and hilly trail run and had fun doing it with some great friends.  My first trail run ever... and probably my last.  I don't have the ankle strength or balance for that insanity and I hated running while staring at my feet the entire time to ensure that I didn't bust my face open thanks to rocks everywhere.  I was convinced I was going down at any second.  I had a great group of fellow Moms to run with, including a bunch of neighbors and other mommas that gave birth this year.  We earned our shiny medals and the mimosas that we crushed after the race!

One thing that is really killing me about going back to work is knowing that there will be little to no "me" time in the coming months.  Running is one of the few things that I really do for me.  I'm not a great runner.  I'm not even a good runner, but I'm proud of all the races that I've completed over the past few years.  I took a full year off from exercising and running after having Georgia.  I'd love for that to not happen again, but I'm afraid with our schedules, work, school, kids, grocery shopping, packing bags for everyone every day, the holidays, activities, and so on (aka - sleep), that running is going to be the first thing cut from the list of priorities in my world.

My first run wearing a tutu too!

The Clarksburg Mom crew!

Why do they always put the race photographers at the top of the hill?!?!

Georgia was so excited that I won the race and got a medal!  Hahaha

Time for brunch!

Oh Granty-buddy.  This guy is so happy and smiley most days.  He's a fairly chill little dude most days.  His laugh is awesome.  He's been sleeping through the night solidly for the past week or so, which is amazing.  He loves to kick, almost as much as his sister did (who was once nicknamed "Thumper").  We think that he is starting to teethe, as his cheeks have been bright red and he's been ramming his fists into his mouth non-stop.  He's been gnawing on any thing that he can get onto his gums, including our fingers.  He loves movement - the swing, the stroller, the car, shopping carts, etc.  He's starting to "talk" more and more - cooing and such.  He's such a fun little chunky monkey to be around most of the time...

Watching his sister play in the driveway

Loving his Daddy

Cool dude

Happy guy

This kid also LOVES bath time.  I'm sure we could leave him in there all night and he'd be thrilled.  Not so bad for a little guy who thought we were drowning him for the first month of his life!

We took the high chair out of the basement so that Grant could join us at the table.  Big man doesn't start solids for a few more months, but he watches us like a hawk.  I'm fairly certain that if I offered him a fry, he'd devour it!

Always watching his sister
Looking so tiny in that big chair

Speaking of being the second baby... Grant passed out cold on Halloween well before it was time to trick-or-treat, just like his sister before him.  So, I never took any real pictures of him in his pumpkin costume.  I figured the kid at least needed his own 1st Halloween pic, so I dressed him up this week and took a few pics before I put the costume back into storage...

My chunky pumpkin

Allergist Appointments
Both kids had appointments with our allergist last week.  Georgia got updated skin testing for dairy.  In awesome news, her skin reaction was minimal.  So, we're looking at finally challenging her to regular milk sometime next summer.  It would be amazing to get everything down to just peanut/tree nut allergies!  She's come a long way.

My brave girl

You want a real struggle in life?  Hold a squirmy 3 month old fairly still for 15 minutes.  Grant gnawed on my jeans the entire time and was not a happy camper that I had to keep him on his belly the entire time!  But, he did better than his sister with the skin pricks and didn't even react.

The allergist completed skin testing on Grant for top 8 allergens.  Amazingly, the nut and dairy were all clear (hallelujah).  Unfortunately, shellfish showed a mild reaction.  That's a new one to us!  The doctor wants to see him back in 6-8 weeks to do another round of skin testing before we start solid foods with him.  His histamine/control was actually the biggest reaction (the bottom left in the picture above), so the shellfish could have just been the histamine reaction.  Fingers crossed.

One thing we've learned in our family is that even with food allergies, you can still eat pretty well.  Nick whipped up a delicious meal for all of us this weekend!  Thank god we have a child who enjoys food as much as we do.

Butler's Orchard
We finally made it over to Butler's Orchard for their final weekend of their fall festival.  Usually the place is INSANE during the fall weekends.  We learned a valuable trick... go after Halloween and the place is empty!

Grant wasn't too impressed, as usual!
Movie Night
We had our first "cold weather" movie night.  With sleeping bags and blankets, it wasn't so bad.  The kids certainly didn't complain!  The good news for parents is that with the time change, movie night was OVER  by 8pm!  

Grant was VERY impressed with "Finding Dory"

And I'll leave you with my favorite video from the last week.... I swear Grant knows when it is time to go get Georgia from school.  All I have to do is mention her name and his face lights up (excuse my ridiculously high pitched and annoying voice and focus on the cute kid!)...