Monday, November 7, 2016

Halloween Week 2016...

I seem to remember that when I was a little kid, Halloween was just one night of the year.  These days, I feel like it's a week long affair.  As both a parent and a teacher, I'm fairly certain that I could win the Presidential Election just by running on the platform that Halloween should ALWAYS be celebrated on the last Saturday of the month.  None of this Monday crap cause it took another week just to recover from it.  Throw daylight savings on top of that and it's been a rough few days around here.

Our Halloween 2016 highlights...

Before the kids' fun began, the mommies got to have a little fun in our town.  The outlets opened!!  Our little town has been talking about this big event for over a year.  Since the opening coincided with my maternity leave (and my neighbor's maternity leave), we decided to brave opening day to check it out.  So, we bundled up the babies and headed over.  Traffic was insane, but we arrived early and our timing was impeccable since they had just opened up another parking lot as we pulled in, so we scored some primo parking spots too!  The weather was chilly, but the atmosphere was so much fun!

That''s my black Explorer - spot #1 in the lot!!  Woot woot!

The babies were less than impressed with the shopping experience...

Overall, the mommies were very impressed with the shopping!  It's so nice to have something right in town, even if the traffic to get over there isn't great right now (aka - perhaps we could have built the roads leading into the shopping center BEFORE finishing the shopping center??!?!).  

It really is a beautiful property - playground for kids, "Market Hall" food court, giant firepit, and fountain/escalators

I may have picked up a few Halloween items at the new Carter's store (although I'm still slightly disappointed that we didn't get ANYTHING... not even a discount... for being customer #1 into their brand new store!)...

Someone liked his new bib!

Who doesn't love glow in the dark skeleton pajamas?!?

Last Saturday was a go-go-go type of day.  We started off the day at our elementary school fitness day and then went right into our final tball game of the season.  From there, it was to the playground for tball cupcakes and then running home to change for trick-or-treating at the local shopping center.  At some point, Mimi arrived for the weekend too!

Starting the morning off with a flower on her face

Georgia with her tball coaches

6U Giants - Fall 2016

Our little assistant at the game

Super Georgia!

It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon for trick-or-treating around the town center...

Super G and Super Mimi

Home for a few hours before Nick and I took advantage of the built-in babysitter and headed out for a movie/dinner/outlet exploring!

Everyone loves their Mimi

On Sunday, all the girls headed up to Baltimore for a little Disney on Ice action.  I bought the tickets months ago since Nick and I wanted to make sure we were still spending quality with Georgia and doing activities that she enjoys without baby brother tagging along!  

When Mimi buys everyone new toys...

After returning from the show, we had the neighbors over for some last minute pumpkin carving.  The weather was amazing - 70 and sunny, so we had everyone on the deck... until we turned around and noticed the black skies headed our way.  Pumpkin carving turned into speed carving!

On Halloween, I delivered Georgia to school with her costume and returned a few hours later to help her class set up for their party.  Nick and Mimi walked up with Grant in time to check out Super Georgia during the kindergarten parade.

My happy boy!  So excited for Halloween!

Dressed and ready for the parade

Enjoying her school party

I was most definitely THAT parent that allowed Georgia to come home for the afternoon versus staying at school for an extra hour with the rest of her sugar laden classmates.  I was hoping I could convince her to just lounge on the couch and chill before the big night out trick-or-treating.  

We got home to discover that Grant's new sit-me-up chair arrived and he loved it!

Looking all grown up

After a quick turn around, it was back up to the top of the street for the neighborhood parade and trick-or-treating with all the neighbors.  The kids were troopers this year (especially for it being a school night).  Georgia's bucket was filled to capacity!  As usual, she was amazing with trading in all of her dangerous candy with safe things that we had purchased ahead of time.  Even with the swap, she still had a ton of safe stuff from her neighborhood collection.  

Grant didn't quite make it trick-or-treating.  Just like his big sister before him, he passed out cold early on Halloween night.  He stayed home with Mimi and gave out candy to the little goblins that came to our house.

Georgia and Connor the dinosaur

The dinos, Super G, and a cute little Tink!

With a few Rapunzels too!

Nick could have a future working for Disney.  He set up a very cool pumpkin in our front window that was a big hit (and it was pretty fun to watch peoples' reactions later that night on our doorbell camera!) and highly entertaining.

Daddy's special pumpkin

Onto November and back to work in just a few short weeks!  Back in 2011, I really didn't want to change the calendar to November and it's the same story this time around.  I'm definitely going to miss being home, walking Georgia to school, and I'm a little terrified of running this household with two kids and two adults working full-time!  Invest in wine...