Tuesday, October 25, 2016

October 2016... I Think???

It's official... I have lost track of the date.  All day yesterday, I was writing down today's date on the milk that I pumped.  It's apparently a maternity leave hazard since I'm not in the office writing down the date 10,000 times a day.

The weather isn't helping.  One day, it's summer-like again and I'm putting Georgia in a skirt for school.  The next day, I'm making the kid take a jacket to school and making her promise to wear her coat at recess.  We've had lots of outdoor events the past few weeks and luckily, the weather has cooperated 99% of the time.

The weekly recap...

I got to accompany Georgia on her first kindergarten field trip to a local farm as a class chaperone!  Her favorite part of the entire field trip was riding the bus.  Since we live only a few blocks from the school, Georgia doesn't get the chance to ride the bus on a daily basis (and never will).  She had been to the farm before, so that was old news to her!

Thanks Auntie Sherrie for the perfect outfit and hair accessory for the pumpkin patch

Since the kids were only at the farm for a few hours, it was non-stop running from activity to activity.  

Georgia was so excited to spot Connor while in line for the hayride!

The kids listening to instructions before being let loose on the slides!

Slide fun

Jumping around

Super Georgia!!!!!!!!

I've been on many field trips as a staff member and one thing is always true... it's EXHAUSTING!  I felt like I had been hit by a bus for the remainder of the day.  When I saw Georgia at home later that afternoon, she told me that she even fell asleep on the bus on the way back to the school (the chaperones met the kids at the farm, so I wasn't on the bus with her to witness that miracle!).  

I rewarded myself with an appointment for a haircut and color.  After 12 weeks of having my hair in a wet ponytail 99% of the time, it felt glorious!  I was feeling like a million bucks... until I was brought back to reality by my baby spitting up in my freshly blown out hair approximately 2 hours after I got home from the appointment.  Oh Grant!

Good thing you're cute, Mr. Hair Crasher!

In other kindergarten news, it was school picture day last week, which meant we had to do our hair all pretty and then pray that the pictures were taken within 30 seconds of her entering the building!  We shall see...

My photographic proof that she at least looked decent before leaving the house!

I mean, she is the coolest kid I know.  Or, at least SHE thinks she is...

The BIG kindergarten news of the week is that Georgia is doing amazing with her reading.  She is so excited to bring home her guided reading books each night and practice...

My other favorite moment of the week was at her Daisy troop meeting when I realized that Georgia (and all the other girls) knew the Pledge of Allegiance.  However, they all think that the Pledge ends with "You may now be seated" since they all hear that in school at the end of the pledge each morning.  Classic!

She's also loving that Grant is smiling more and more at her these days...

Onto the next fun event... camping!  A few weeks back, one of our neighbors started a group text chain asking if anyone wanted to go camping with the kids.  Knowing that Grant was too little to be out there and not sure what our nights were going to look like at this point, I initially passed on the opportunity.  But, once everyone else committed (and due to some peer pressure), I caved.  However, I knew that I wanted no part of sleeping outside.  But, I knew that Georgia would love it, so I gave "permission" for Nick to take the night off Grant duty and to spend the night out in the woods with Georgia.

The four families realized that we are now outnumbered by kids 9-8.  Send help!!!!

Overall, the kids did amazing.  They played in the woods.  They devoured hot dogs, beans and junk food before s'mores.  The dads did a great job getting up the tents and manning the fire.  We all packed enough clothes/food/goods to keep everyone occupied for at least a week in the woods.  Knowing the campground was only a few minutes from all of our houses also helped with the packing stress!  

Grant and I came to hang out before bedtime

The weather could not have been better for mid-October.  It was a warm day that turned into a relatively mild and calm night out in the forest.

Cooking up dinner

All the 2016 babies made it for camping!!

Thanks Auntie Sherrie again -- Grant's pumpkin hat was perfect for the camping adventure!

Shockingly, not long after s'mores, all the kids crashed... by choice!  It was so odd.  They were all just so excited about sleeping in tents, they couldn't wait to go to bed.  Georgia led the charge to head to the tents!

I figured there was no way that Georgia was actually sleeping in the tent considering that 8 adults were sitting right outside listening to music, drinking and having a great child-free night since they all put themselves to bed.  But, I was wrong...


Hanging with Daddy at the fire

Grant and I stuck around for s'mores and adult time before heading home for the night.  I wasn't sure if Georgia would make it all night, but I got the all-okay text the next morning!  All the kids made it!!  

Nick had the Go Pro with us in the woods, so we got another Thoman House Productions video...

Georgia has been DYING to see if her old baby pumpkin costume would fit Grant this year for Halloween.  Last weekend, I hunted it down and we gave it a shot...

Let's see if Grant actually makes it to Halloween.  His big sister passed out cold before her first Halloween and never even made it outside to say hello to the neighbors back in 2011!

Grant thought he was safe for the remainder of the afternoon, but then we discovered that we got Boo-ed by the neighbors.  Inside the gift... a little fun and entertainment for everyone!

Pirate baby!

Since we were having a Halloween based afternoon, we also whipped up a batch of "mummy brownies!"  Pinterest success!

And after some shipping confusion, the ghosts that Auntie sent the kids both finally arrived (after one took a side trip to NH!) and look so cute with all our Halloween decorations...

In Grant news this week... the big guy is now 12 weeks old and is now sleeping in his crib in his own room!  Wahoo (let's ignore that little study that came out this week claiming babies should be in their parents' room until they are 1 years old... I'd be dead from lack of sleep!).

I decided last Tuesday to try and get him in his crib for nap time.  It was an epic failure and he fought me for over 2 hours.  It's tough for him to lay flat due to his reflux.  I propped up the crib using a small pillow under the mattress, but no luck.  I gave up and he napped in the swing.

I figured he'd be back in our room that night.  However, I was out of the house for bedtime and when I came back, Nick declared that he was able to get Grant into his crib using the magic sleepsuit.  YES!!!  It's been a week and the little guy has been doing great in there - usually with just one wake-up in the middle of the night for a quick milk refill and then back to sleep until the morning.  He even made it the entire night a few times this week.

Chilling in his crib!

Tummy time is still hit or miss most days...

I HATE it!!!!!

Maybe it's not so bad?!?!

We've been trying to spend our afternoons outside enjoying the decent weather while we still have it...

Hanging out while my sister plays chalk in the driveway!

Grant is non-stop smiles these days and is just starting to laugh too.  He lights up whenever one of us comes into his view and he loves to be tickled!