Monday, September 26, 2016

Week in Review...

A little bit of everything this week around the Thoman House...

Visitor Update
Auntie Sherrie and Uncle Ken swung into town for about 20 hours last weekend to meet the new prince of the family.  

Georgia, Auntie Sherrie, Uncle Ken, and Grant
The kids finally got to wear their adorable Big Sis/Little Bro outfits that Auntie Sherrie had sent right after Grant was born.  She thought Grant's might not fit for awhile.  HA!  Chunky Monkey proved that theory wrong.

Since their trip was just a quick in/out of town, Abby stayed in Massachusetts with her grandparents.  Georgia managed to give everyone a hard time guilt trip about that one and I think even made Auntie Sherrie promise to bring her with on their next visit down.

Even though they were only in town for the day, we tried to make the most of it and headed over to Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard for a glass (or two) of sangria since it was a beautiful afternoon.  Nick and I were shocked to see how crazy busy the winery was on a Sunday afternoon and immediately made plans to spend more time over there on the weekends.  Live music, booze, and kid friendly = win, win, win!

Grant's first vineyard trip

The real adventure began on the short ride back home.  For weeks, a herd of goats has been loose in town.  I know, goats????  Long story, but a local slaughterhouse holding facility (whatever in the world that is) lost the goats????  They've become a local tourist attraction - meaning that all the locals keep trying to find them.  Our neighborhood Facebook page has been like a live blog of where the goats have been spotted recently.  Nick and I had seen them the previous week as they were being rounded up by animal control and the cops.  Or so we thought.  Until this spotting...


Of course, it didn't take long before Nick and Ken had to exit the vehicle to take some selfies with the celebrity goats (while I wondered what our insurance would say if a goat HIT us!).

Yup, that's an almost 40 year old man excited to see goats!

Hands up in victory!

Stalking goats

Thankfully, the goats wanted nothing to do with us.  Unfortunately, the local wildlife must have heard that Ken was interested in meeting them because when Sherrie/Ken left our house early the next morning, a deer decided to introduce himself to them and ram the side of their rental car as they left the neighborhood!  It's like we live in a petting zoo that's gotten a tad out of control up here in the wilds of Clarksburg!

Who wouldn't want to meet this guy?!?!

Thanks for coming to visit!!

Barnyard Bash - Green Meadows
On Sunday, we headed up to Green Meadows Petting Farm for their annual Barnyard Bash celebration.  We had a lazy morning, so we got a late start, but it ended up working out perfectly since we were there during the Redskins game and had most of the farm to ourselves for the afternoon.

Grant met his first cow... named Tank!  Per usual, #Grantnotimpressed.

Thank goodness for some afternoon clouds rolling in because we were starting to boil after just a short time walking around in the sun.

Goats seem to be the theme of the weekend.  This little guy had just been born a few days earlier.  He had the softest ears and was so sweet (when he wasn't stepping on his sibling to get to his Mama!)...

Georgia is all about these cut-outs right now.  I can remember battling with her back in the day arguing over just stopping to smile for one minute.  Now, she's all "Take my picture!!"

We love Green Meadows - pig races, hayrides, pony rides.  It's a great little place to spend an afternoon!

Girl Scouts Daisy
In other news this week, Georgia officially became a girl scout daisy!  It was very exciting.  Over the summer, we got invited to participate in a brand new troop that was being formed in the neighborhood.  A few other girls from Georgia's daycare/preschool were involved and I thought it would be a nice way for her to keep in contact with all of them (they are all in the same school, but different kindergarten classes - her school has 9 classes for just kindergarten!).  She's really excited about all the fun activities, including their first field trip to the pumpkin patch in a few weeks.

The other nice thing about Daisies is that it is just every OTHER week and it meets at the school, which is approximately 38 seconds from our house.  We decided to forego dance this fall as we adjust to life with Grant in our house.  Since dance was 20+ minutes away, Daisies seemed like a nice alternative.  Tball is still two times per week, but is also at the school or at the fields 3 minutes away.  We wanted to stick close to home as we adjusted to life as a party of 4.

Unfortunately, since we're a brand new troop, we are flat out broke!  Soooooo... Georgia already hit up some of you for the fall sales promotion - magazines and nuts.  Yes, you read that correctly.  NUTS.  My poor allergy kid has to sell the very product that she is allergic to and that could kill her.  The irony is not beyond me.  She earned points for sending out emails to family/friends and for every magazine/nut product bought (as I spend the other half of my life trying to discourage everyone from NOT buying nuts), she earns points towards her first badge and a portion of the earnings goes towards the new troop.  Since I couldn't buy any of the nut products (and I wasn't paying the crazy shipping price that was asked at checkout), I went ahead and renewed one of my cooking magazine subscriptions.  We really appreciate anyone who supports Georgia's newest "hobby."  If anyone wants to buy anything (click HERE for magazines and HERE for nuts), you have my sincere appreciation and should receive a thank you video from Georgia... as soon as I can figure out how to do that on the girl scouts website! 

I hate selling things and I'm certainly not going door-to-door, especially since we'll probably have to do that in the spring when she has to sell cookies... also that she cannot eat.  Perhaps dance was a better endeavor... or at least more allergy friendly!  Dear Girl Scouts, can we sell popcorn next year??!!