Saturday, August 27, 2016

Last Week of Summer...

The summer of 2016 will always be remembered as the summer that Grant joined our family.  But it was also the summer that our big girl learned how to swim!  Georgia and I pretty much spent the entire first month of summer at the pool.  Looking back now, I'll forever remember those days sitting poolside (feeling like a giant whale!) while my first baby gained her confidence and her sea legs!  I'm so glad we got those final days with just the two of us.

This week was all about kindergarten prep.  I attended Kindergarten Back-to-School Night at Georgia's school and learned that our brand new elementary school is now the largest in the county!  Ahhhhh.  We're still 3 years away from the opening of the second elementary school in the neighborhood too.  

The next day, Georgia, Grant and I all hiked up the street (in 95+ degree weather) to the school's Open House.  I knew parking would be at a premium, so I'm glad we hiked up, but holy hell were we all sweating by the time we got there.  

Georgia got to meet her teacher and see her classroom.  She was so excited.  The teacher had all the kids do a scavenger hunt to familiarize themselves with the classroom.  Georgia had a blast running around the classroom finding the class library, the bathroom, her name on the board, etc.  She's so excited to start kindergarten on Monday!  

Exploring her new classroom

At Open House, Georgia was all about making sure everyone knew that she had "learned something new" this summer!

I made Georgia do the scavenger hunt all by herself and I just love her inventive spelling for "paper, glue and giraffe."  Can't wait to see how much she grows and learns this year!

My first day of kindergarten photo!

I've also gotten a lot of questions about how Georgia's food allergies will be managed in kindergarten.  We met with the school in the spring to discuss that exact topic and I've been emailing all week with the school counselor to make sure everything is in place and set for her to have a successful (and safe!) kindergarten experience.  The school has been very receptive and wonderful to work with - they've even made the entire kindergarten peanut free in the classrooms!  Since I've received lots of questions from other food allergy parents, I'm going to try and write up a bigger post in the coming weeks about what we did to prepare and what we have put into place in her classroom and the school.

In other news from our house this week...

I'm so grateful for all our friends, family and co-workers who have stopped by to meet Grant, play with Georgia and keep me company.  It really does help with the sanity and 2-3 hour increments that are currently my world to spend time with friends, gossip and have some good laughs!  And we've been having fun posting selfies of ourselves to antagonize our other friends who aren't with us at the time...

Most days, I feel like I get very little accomplished.  I blame this cute dude...

How can I say no to baby cuddles?!?!  If only I could reach the remote...

As I mentioned above, our lives really do exist in 2-3 hour increments.  Most days, Grant is up right around 7-8 for the day (after snoozing from his 4-5am wake-up too).  I usually try to grab him and bring him downstairs for his morning bottle so that Nick can get a few more minutes of sleep or just a peaceful shower.  As soon as we are downstairs, I feed Grant and then I spend the next 20-30 minutes pumping.  Georgia usually gets up right at 7:30am and grabs the iPad for some screen time.  Then, it's onto washing all the bottle parts and pump parts from the night.  If I'm feeling super ambitious, I might throw them all in a steam bag to sterilize.  It's right about then that I remember the cup of coffee that was brewed 60+ minutes ago when I first got downstairs.  Into the microwave that goes... sometimes more than once before it actually gets consumed.  By the time I make the bottles for the day, run downstairs to freeze some milk, and inhale a quick breakfast, the cycle starts again and it's time to feed Mr. Hungry again... and that I remember the cup of coffee still in the microwave.  I feel like a million bucks if I throw a shower into one of those cycles or a load of laundry.  Yesterday, I watered the plants, grabbed the mail, and played "Go Fish" with Georgia.  Mom of the Year Award for getting that all done in one day.  Three nights this week, I even managed to get food onto the table in time for dinner!

In this week's edition of we all survived leaving the house together... I finally braved going to the pool with both kids this week.  I looked like I packed for an expedition to Everest.  I pumped, fed Grant and threw them both in the car knowing that we had exactly 2 hours before our time expired and either my boobs exploded or Grant had an epic meltdown in front of the entire pool.  As soon as we got there, I sat down and breathed a sigh of relief as Grant slept and Georgia swam.  I plopped myself down in the shade, reached into my bag, and realized that my phone was still sitting on the kitchen counter.  Oh well, two hours of peace and disconnecting from the world.  So, no pictures of that first outing!

I did manage to snag a picture of Grant's first playground outing... he found it thrilling!

In Grant news from the week... our little guy finally had a 5.5 hour stretch of sleep at night.  Woot woot!  I woke up at 4am wondering what the hell was going on... and the realization that I was feeling like Dolly Parton.  We think he's going through a growth spurt because he managed to chug 10oz that same evening within a 3 hour time span.  Chug-a-lug!  Of course, the following night was back to 2-3 hour shifts.

Thank goodness that I'm cute!

So NOT impressed by this chair!


I'm so hungry!  Why does no one ever feed me?!?

Chilling with my Daddy

Snoozing in his crib while Mommy folds laundry

How Mommy knows that Georgia found me and "shared" a sticker with me!

Nick is convinced that he invented a new burping technique.  Ironically, it does work every time...

My boys

Grant's Pottery Barn chair finally arrived this week... and KC promptly welcomed it to the family.  We'll know if the PBK people are stalking me again if the next catalog comes out with a "Grant chair" (do recall they totally "stole" my pink Georgia chair for their catalog!!!).

Hate these kids, but love their chairs!

No one ever buys KC a fun and cool chair!!

I tried out my baby wearing skills this week...

I did attempt some productivity this week and decided to start organizing my planner/calendar for the fall.  Dates are starting to roll in from work emails (which I should be ignoring, but Outlook only stores them for 30 days, so I have to address some and/or at least forward them along).  Georgia's tball team emailed out her schedule for the coming weeks and we're going to try Girl Scouts/Daisy troop this fall, so lots of dates to get on the schedule.  I had bought a new planner at Target in the late spring/early summer and it had just sat on the counter.  All was good until I flipped to November.... and a page was missing.  Thanks to the power of social media, a new planner will be on the way this week!

KK... you rock and always find the best gifts!

And thank you for including big sis in the fun too!

Any my fun fact from the week...

Before we know it, we'll be out here playing in the snow.  But, for now, we're just cruising away these last gorgeous summer evenings...

Monday, August 22, 2016

Grant - 1 month later...

Holy hell does a month fly by when you've got two kids and living life in 2-3 hour increments!  Grant officially turned 1 month old today.  It's been one giant blur.  Two weeks ago already feels like a lifetime ago.

Grant had his 1 month appointment today at the pediatrician's office and his newest stats include:

Weight - 9 pounds, 0 ounces (up from 6lbs, 12oz at his 2 week appointment)
Height - 21.5 inches (up from 19.75 inches at his 2 week appointment)

The pediatrician was thrilled with his growth and agreed that I must be pumping the heavy cream with this kid too.  It's odd to think that he's been home for a full 4 weeks.  At this point, Georgia was still in the NICU and was still several weeks away from her release.  I went back today and re-read the post I wrote when Georgia turned 1 month old.  It can be found HERE.  She didn't even weigh 5 pounds yet!

Georgia was beyond excited to take pictures of Grant with his monthly stickers.  So, she served as my assistant photographer today...

We received two different sets of monthly stickers as presents, so we used both today during our little photo shoot...

Not interested in wearing a tie yet!

My almost kindergartner and my little man

My world...

At this point in life, Grant has a few favorite things.  They include: drinking his milk, snoozing, car rides, and walks around the block.  Dislikes remain being naked and that includes diaper changes and baths.  We finally traumatized the little dude for his first official bath last week after his umbilical cord stump finally fell off and his circumcision healed up.  He was NOT a fan!

My traumatized little guy post bath