Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer - Week 3...

I don't know quite how Mother Nature does it, but I really think she makes the summer days go by much faster than any other time of the year...

Day #15 of summer... Another gorgeous day, so we headed to the pool for the day since we already had swim lessons scheduled for that afternoon.  I really can't believe how much progress Georgia has made in just a few short weeks.  She's so much more confident in the pool and more often than not, asks to not wear her swimmies so she can practice diving down.

Day #16 of summer... Wednesday was predicted to be brutally hot, so we headed off to the local splash park with our neighbors (and half of the state!).  It was so hot that I found myself under the fountains a few times!

Day #17 of summer...  Georgia and I spent the morning running errands around town, including hitting up the library for some books.

I had to run into work for a quick meeting, so Georgia came with me and was easily bribed with some iPad time while Mommy talked with some colleagues.  

Nick made a shocking discovery when he uncovered the grill to start making dinner later that night... a baby frog!  Georgia immediately declared him/her to be "Baby Flower."  The original "Flower" hung out on our deck for most of last summer before an unfortunate lawn mower incident.  Georgia recognized that this one was quite smaller than our friend from last year, so she's under the assumption that original "Flower" must have had some babies!

Nick grilled up some delicious shrimp packets that evening for dinner and we were shocked to learn that Georgia LOVED herself some shrimp (I had previously made our allergist test her for shellfish since giving her new foods always makes me nervous!).  Georgia and I had grabbed all the ingredients during a morning grocery run and she was a great helper putting the packets together with me so that Daddy could grill them up when he got home.

Check out that face!

Day #18 of summer...  Back to the pool for a morning play date.  We also bumped into lots of neighbors taking advantage of another beautiful day, so Georgia had lots of playmates at the pool all morning long.  We love our neighborhood.

Practicing her swimming in the deeper end of the kiddie pool

She really is determined to master the whole swimming thing this summer!

Georgia and I were both beat from a full week of activities, so we headed home in the afternoon for naps.  G crashed for a few hours while I dozed on the couch during an afternoon thunderstorm.

The real reason for the naps is that we knew it was going to be a late night.  Since the 4th of July fireworks were rained out, they were rescheduled for that Friday evening.  Nick got home from work and we turned right around to head to Gaithersburg to find a great viewing spot.  I had a hunch I knew a great spot, but I wasn't 100% confident we'd have a great view.  I had even less confidence when we showed up and no one else was there.  But, when the first firework was launched, we were amazed at our view!

Patiently waiting for the fireworks

We were rewarded with the best view of the fireworks!  It was like a private show.

Day #19 of summer... Georgia and Nick were off to the pool for swim lessons while I headed to our local hospital for a tour of their labor/delivery unit.  Since I safely made it to 32 weeks, I am now able to deliver at our local hospital vs having to travel 40 minutes away to the larger hospital.  The new hospital is gorgeous.  It was like visiting a resort!

As I left the tour, I hit some traffic...

Nick and Georgia capped off their day together with a Daddy/Daughter dinner date!

Day #20 of summer... I finally remembered to capture my Week #34 photo with a special helper who wanted to be in the picture too this week!

Nick was off golfing in the AM, so Georgia and I were super lazy and enjoyed a quiet Sunday morning.  Georgia has been asking lots of questions about our summer schedule and is totally perplexed by the fact that she doesn't have to go to school this summer (typically she's still gone a few days/week during past summers).  So, we sat down and made a kindergarten countdown calendar!

In the afternoon, we were off to a family picnic event with a bunch of other families from her daycare/preschool.  Since their graduation picnic was cancelled due to predicted bad weather, one of the Moms organized a summer picnic to get all the kids/families back together.  G had a blast running around with all of her school friends.  Luckily, many of them will be in kindergarten with her in the fall!

Day #21 of summer... I had a morning appointment with my high risk specialist so Georgia stayed home with Nick while I ran in to get checked.  When I got home, we all trekked up to our local 7-11 for a free small slurpee!

Nick headed into work and Georgia and I headed over to Rio to check out "The Secret Life of Pets."  

Good thing we got there early to get decent seats...

After the movie, we did our usual Rio routine... trains and carousel!

Nick met us for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant and I wanted one thing only... a virgin pina colada!  AMAZING!!

We ended up staying a good 10 minutes after we paid our bill because Georgia was so engrossed by the guacamole making process at the next table.  If she doesn't end up a teacher, I wouldn't be surprised to see her as a chef one day!  She loves baking/cooking...

After we left the restaurant, Georgia convinced Nick that he had to take her on the train and carousel too!  

Who is that big girl?!?

I might need a summer vacation from our summer vacation!  It seems like there is never a dull moment.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Big Girl Room...

Back in March, we started the inevitable discussion of bedrooms and what we were going to do with both Georgia's room and the "red room" (aka - the new baby's room/old guest room).  Bottom line, we needed Georgia's furniture for the nursery since her current bed was the convertible crib.

So, we did what any parents would do... we bribed our child with a new room!

Step #1 - Tell Georgia that she could have a purple bedroom.  To say that she was excited was a massive understatement.  So, off we went to pick up some paint samples.

Shopping for potential paint colors back in March 

Nick and I learned a trick awhile back... instead of painting squares directly onto walls, we paint poster board and then put it on the wall using painter's tape.  We learned our lesson after painting approximately 3,009 squares on Nick's condo walls looking for the perfect green!

A few purple options for G's bedrooom

Before we started doing anything, I took a few pictures so I could remember what my baby girl's bedroom looked like back in the day...

Going further back in time, I still remember putting together Georgia's room before she was even born when we first moved into the house...

Mimi hanging those bright pink curtains while Nick and Grandpa started crib construction after Papa Kevin painted the room Benjamin Moore's Carrington Beige (Date of picture - 4/3/2011)

Baby Georgia wasn't supposed to arrive for another 3+ months.  Little did we know, that she would make her early arrival in just 3 short weeks.

That tree was a labor of love that everyone spent hours working on during move-in week.  Nick swore it was never coming down!

Fast forward five years and the first thing I started working on was taking "Georgia's tree" down...

And immediately, the paint and chunks of drywall started coming off with the tree.  Oooops.  An emergency phone call to my mom/Kevin and some googling tipped me off to use a hair dryer to heat up the glue.  It got slightly easier, but some flowers were just stubborn!  I was fairly amazed at how easily it all came off (I anticipated that I'd be peeling off those flowers for weeks).

So odd to see a naked wall in there!

After some debate, Georgia picked the color Canterbury Bells (by Behr)...

Next, we started looking at comforter sets and decided upon this DESIGN.

Mimi and Papa arrived in June to help with putting the whole project together.

Georgia's last night in her little girl room

I still remember her first night in her big girl bed in that room...

Early the next morning, Papa got started on the painting...

Helping Papa

And then the real fun began... Nick started putting together the furniture that Mimi had bought Georgia for her birthday.  The dressers went together with no problem.

Unfortunately, the headboard was an entirely different story.  Nick discovered that the box contained two left pieces, instead of a left and right.  He called Target and they said that they would have to send us an entire new headboard (instead of just the missing piece).  No problem.  In the meanwhile, Georgia just slept in her new bed without the headboard.

A few days later, the new headboard arrived.  Nick quickly discovered that the advertised full/queen size headboard did not fit either a full or queen sized bed (as we owned both).  Again, more phone calls to Target.  Nevermind the two GIANT boxes in our living room with both headboard sets.

In the end, we decided to return both headboards.  It only took an hour on the phone with Target to get a UPS pick-up for the gigantic boxes, instead of their suggestion that we drive the boxes back to our local Target.  #nothappening

Since we had already put together the dressers and had no interest in returning them, we were forced into buying the entire bed package - the headboard/footboard combination (knowing that the pieces would have to fit).  Meanwhile, I complained to Target on their Facebook page and was actually acknowledged and received a $25 gift card for our troubles.  However, they still have the original headboard for sale as a full/queen size headboard, which is not exactly true (especially when you read all the reviews, which all point out the issue).  I'm fairly certain the entire thing is a sham so that you have to buy the combination headboard/footboard.  Fair warning.

Finally, a working bed!  Of course, Georgia's full sized bed didn't fit this set, so we had to haul the queen sized bed back upstairs.

So, all is well that ends well (after some Target drama).  Georgia loves her new room and I'm thrilled with how the whole project turned out...

Georgia begged for this cupcake map canvas at HomeGoods 

Curtains - Bed, Bath & Beyond
Mirror - HomeGoods

Lastly, Georgia really wanted her "baby" pictures back up!