Wednesday, February 24, 2016

V-Day Weekend 2016...

Mimi flew back to MD for Valentine's Day weekend as it appeared as though Georgia's winter dance recital was finally going to happen... after 3 reschedules due to weather!

Since Mimi was in town for Valentine's Day, Nick and I took advantage and headed out for a rare dinner in the city...

We woke up on Valentine's Day and Daddy had the biggest hit of them all - a balloon that sings!  There was a small disclaimer on the balloon that it was "guaranteed for 50 plays."  By now, we're fairly certain that it's played at least 1,000 times.  Georgia sets it off non-stop.  She loves it!  I even find myself at my desk humming the song

Dancing with Mimi

Later in the afternoon, we prepped for the big recital.  Georgia was MOST excited about getting to wear make-up.  I wasn't sure how difficult it was going to be to apply lipstick and mascara to a wiggly 4 year-old, but she did amazing.  She sat perfectly still as I applied blush and eye shadow.  My little girly-girl loved everything about make-up.

The recital was at a local high school, so we headed over there and we said goodbye to Mimi and Daddy, who headed into the auditorium, while Georgia and I headed to a classroom to wait.  Every class needed a "class mom" to volunteer to wait with the girls back stage.  Due to Georgia's allergies and her need to have the epi-pen with her at all times, I signed up knowing that I was going to need to stay with her anyway.  I didn't think it would be fair to put that on a total stranger, who didn't know they were signing up for that possibility.  In the end, I was glad I signed up, since lots of parents sent snacks with their kids and there was food everywhere.

Georgia's class is small, since it's a class for 3/4 year olds and meets on Thursday evenings.  So, I was in charge of monitoring 6 kids total backstage.  Luckily, the time went by quickly and soon we were lining up for the performance!

Not surprising - look who is 1st in line and ready to go!

Ready for her performance

As the class mom, I got to stand backstage and watch the kids performance from beside the curtain.  It was ridiculously cute to watch, especially because half the kids had absolutely NO IDEA what to do.  Miss Georgia was ready to boogie!

Nick captured the performance on video:

After the performance, the kids went back to the "dressing room" to wait for the finale, where they all got to go back on stage to take a bow.  Entertaining a bunch of 3 and 4 year old girls can be a challenge.  When in doubt, use your phone!

And just a few minutes later, they were back on stage taking their final bow!  

Pic courtesy of District Dance

Mimi ended up staying an extra day due to some more inclement weather, including a mini ice storm!  So, we celebrated her upcoming birthday.  Georgia decided that Mimi should get cupcakes for her birthday, so they spent the next day, whipping up a batch of chocolate-covered-chocolate cupcakes!

Nothing like having to make your own birthday dessert!

Georgia also demanded that we eat in the "party room!"

Happy birthday, Meems!  We're so glad you celebrate with us each year!!