Sunday, December 18, 2016

December in a Flash...

It's official... I am now lobbying that Christmas be moved to the end of January.  Ask anyone I know, I'm all about it.  Why?  Simple.... From Halloween until Christmas, it is a madhouse.   55 days of chaos.  Poor Thanksgiving barely even gets a day now with Christmas sales starting at 3pm on that day.  The turkey hasn't even been digested and we've fully 100% moved onto Christmas.  So, I think Christmas should be moved to the end of January.  We all try to cram 3,098 activities, parties, cookie making, shopping, wrapping, decorating, etc. into 3-4 short weeks.  No less than 3 friends have commented to me this year that their tree is up, but not decorated because they haven't had the time to do it.  Let's make time.  Let's just make it an even 8 week holiday season from Thanksgiving until Christmas and we'll all be good to go.  The stores will love it.  The economy will love it.  It's a win-win for everyone.  Nothing happens in January anyway, except for fake diet/exercise resolutions... might as well delay those until February too!  #January25 

Thanks for the new book, Mimi!

Thanks for my new Vineyard Vines bib, Auntie Sherrie!

Now that I've shared that little mini-rant with you, back to the regularly scheduled program post.

My happy guy loves a good mirror selfie!

Life certainly hasn't slowed down since my last crazy post where I laid out in detail my 16-18 hour days (this may be influencing my new passion for moving Christmas to January).  This week's crazy included my birthday - Cheers to 37 (it's the new 27!), a follow-up allergy appointment for Grant (I desperately needed a "win" at that appointment), and Georgia's 68th gingerbread building activity.  I joke.  Sort of.  I may be solely responsible for keeping nut-free sprinkle companies in business this season.

How I survive the weeks!

The best news of the week came at the allergist's office where Grant received another round of skin testing to determine if he has any food allergies before we start solids in January.  Amazingly, everything is coming out clear right now.  His body still generates a massive histamine response (you can see in the pictures that is the red "control" area spreading on his back), but the allergist wasn't too worried about that for now.  So, the plan is to move straight to a peanut butter challenge in January.  

No worries, Mama.  I got this!

Oh those arm chunk rolls!

The red splotchy area is the control

Yes, you read that correctly.  My 5 month old baby will be eating peanut butter at the allergist's office in January.  I asked her if the appointment comes with a xanax prescription for myself because I may not survive that appointment without hyperventilating.  My blood pressure already ticks up just thinking about that day.  To further complicate things, if he passes, we'll need to be giving him peanut butter or peanut products on a fairly regular basis.  If anyone has ideas on HOW to do that without killing Georgia (literally), please email me!  :)  I'm envisioning Grant and I sitting in the empty garage eating peanut butter and then me cloroxing the baby from head to toe so that he can go back into the house (and pray that he doesn't spit up anywhere near her!).  Pray for my sanity.

Hanging out with Scout

In Georgia news, she helped me this week by learning all about how to be a "Santa."  She's gotten to that age where she's realizing that there appear to be a lot of different Santas (ex. the mall, outside stores, in movies/shows, etc.) and they all don't look alike.  So, we had a little chat about how all those Santas are really just helper Santas.  She loved that.  I explained that sometimes even Mommy and Daddy get to be a Santa and help buy things for other people.  She immediately replied, "Then Mimi is a Santa too because she's always buying things for me!"

Then, I really rocked her world.  I asked if SHE wanted to help be a Santa.  Talk about eyes lighting up.  I explained that I needed to buy some stuff for a few little kids at my school who weren't as lucky as us and needed some new clothes for Christmas.  We had the opportunity to be a "Santa" for that family.  Georgia absolutely loved every second helping me shop for those girls, especially since they're just about the same age as her.  We picked out some clothes, a toy and some other winter gear for the girls and then wrapped it all up so that I can bring it to school this week.  I really think she understood the lesson and importance of what we were doing for these families.

To learn more about the holiday gift drive, my friend, Liz, wrote a nice piece about it on her blog (HERE), as well as some tips for helping to set up your own gift drive.  My neighbor, Courtney, took the lead on this one and it was so much fun to join together with neighbors to help support families in need and we all were able to teach our own children a valuable lesson about giving. 

 Take a second to check out Liz's company, /giv/.  Each item purchased supports a charity.  I've been rocking a gorgeous piece from Headbands of Hope.  With every purchase, the company then donates a headband to a child with cancer.  If that's not a reason to buy something this holiday season...

Gifts for the girls

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