Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's October???

Apparently it's already October????  I swear that I just cannot keep track of the date while out on maternity leave.  I look at my phone calendar all the time for appointments, school events, etc., but for some reason, the date just doesn't seem to stick with me.  

Our new doormat arrived from Personal Creations and I just adore it...

Georgia had a three day weekend last week due to the Jewish holiday.  We joined up with the neighbors to entertain all the kids with a bowling night...

While the big kids bowled, the babies hung out too...

The kids were all stir crazy after being stuck inside for days on end due to rainy weather and definitely were all SILLY!  It all worked out great, though - the kids had a lane and the adults had a lane.  We ordered some pizza and wings and just let them be crazy!

On Sunday morning, we used Southern Living's recipe to whip up some ah-mazing apple cider doughnuts.  We love a good doughnut morning in our house.  Unfortunately, we can't just run down to the DD due to Georgia's food allergies, so we get creative sometimes...

By Monday, the weather was absolutely beautiful and the rain was long gone.  Georgia and I convinced Nick to play hooky with us (it didn't take that much convincing!) and we headed into the city for our annual fall zoo trip.  It also happened to be Grant's first trip to the zoo!

Georgia is all about the "take a picture of me!" demand these days.

My peeps checking out the elephants

We weren't sure that we'd see many animals since it was mid-afternoon by the time we got downtown.  However, the animals were all over the place.  The pandas were especially easy to spot...

Sleepy pandas

Georgia watching the elephants

A tiger eating a bunny!

Grant wasn't too impressed with the zoo... he slept for 90% of the trip!

The nice part about going to the zoo on a weekday is that the place is fairly empty...

I was just thrilled to get outside after a long few days stuck inside.  Grant and I spent a lot of the rainy week just cuddling...

It's not that tough to spend a day snuggling with this little bug!

Grant also spent most of the week eating his hands.  He's just discovered that they're right in front of him.  Apparently they are DELICIOUS!

At one point, Georgia and I made a quick run to Target for some necessities and may have come home with some Halloween decorations for the house!

In this week's daisy fundraising update... Georgia owed some thank you's to friends/family who purchased magazines and nuts from her online store.

Thank you Auntie, Auntie Elaine, Auntie Sherrie, Mimi, Auntie Lisa, Grandpa and Auntie Carrie (and myself!) for buying magazine subscriptions

Thank you Grandma and Auntie Patti for buying nuts

Georgia was also REALLY excited to show everyone the prize brochure that came with the selling packets, as well as her new daisy outfit!  Apparently she also earns different badges for selling products.  I really need to start reading the fine print on these things (I am SO not a good scout mom!).  I'm starting to feel like this might be more and more like dance... she's only in it for the outfit!  :)

The prizes!

My little daisy

Only one week in and she already earned one badge!  Thank goodness for a little product called "badge magic" cause this Mama does not know how to sew on badges!!

Hands down, my favorite part of this is the next video.  My only instruction to Georgia was that she had to say thank you in the video to everyone who bought things from her store.  And go (where does she get this stuff?!?!)...

If anyone is still looking to purchase, I believe the sale is ongoing through the end of the month.  You can be PROUD of yourself for supporting the daisies (in Georgia's words!).

For magazines, click HERE.
For nuts, click HERE.
**I did get some questions about the nut shipping costs.  When you first click into the order confirmation, it appears as though you have to pay $19.25 for shipping.  I had a heart attack looking at that until I clicked over and found that was for expedited shipping only and there is another option for $8.75 (still a tad high in my opinion, but a heck of an improvement over almost $20!).

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