Wednesday, October 5, 2016

End of September...

I can summarize this past week in 3 words... sleep regression hell!  Oh Grant, you had us so fooled.  Just 2-3 weeks ago, he was sleeping for 7+ hour stretches.  It didn't appear to be a fluke since it happened multiple times in one week.  Then this week hit.  Let's just say that getting up at 2am, 4am, 7am and 8am is no fun.  AT ALL.  Most especially when it took from 10pm-12am to get the kid to bed.  We're not quite sure why the regression... 2 month vaccine shots, new reflux meds, growth spurt, etc.  The poor little guy was just so tough to settle.  He's always gone right down, but not the past week.

Plotting his next move!

Luckily, we seem to be turning a corner and things have been much better the past night or two.  Fingers crossed, it was just a big time growth spurt (because little dude is looking HUGE these days!!).

In other news...

Thank you to everyone who has bought nuts and magazines to help support Georgia's new daisy troop.  In case you missed it, she's part of a brand new daisy troop and they have zero funds at the moment to do anything, so they are fundraising this fall.  Obviously, we aren't purchasing nuts in this house, but we did renew our magazine subscriptions (even the online ones!).  If you would like to help out, click HERE for more information and the links at the bottom of that post.

Georgia's kindergarten class is also collecting box tops, so if you have any box tops and want to send them our way, she'd appreciate it!  The class that has the most box tops gets bonus games to play during indoor recess.

Last weekend...
As usual, the weekends are always too short in this house.  On Saturday morning, we had Georgia's weekly tball game.  The exciting news from the game was that she got her first real hit!  She moved up to the 6U level this year where the coach pitches to the kids a bunch of balls.  If they can't hit them, then they set up the tee for them to hit off of as a second chance.  Georgia has been doing okay in practice with hitting the pitched balls, but hasn't gotten a hit during a game and has used the tee.  Not this week!  She did it!!

Back to playing catcher this week!

After the game, we headed to a neighbor's house for a college football party.  I was pretty proud of myself for finding this fun recipe on Pinterest and making them for the party (I was so excited that I didn't even remember to take a picture).  They were super yummy and Georgia safe, so win-win!  

Grant wasn't too excited about the game, but he enjoyed hanging out with his future BFF, Owen!

He's also managing to hold his head up higher and higher...

On Sunday morning, Nick and Georgia headed out to hit some golf balls at the local driving range while Grant and I did some fall cleaning at home.  Nick was only gone for a few minutes before he text that they had been involved in a minor car accident.  Apparently someone in front of Nick stopped to let some bikers cross the street.  That vehicle stopped.  Nick stopped.  The car behind Nick did NOT stop and rear-ended our car and forced Nick into the car in front of him.  Luckily, no one was hurt and the damage was "minor."  Georgia was more worried about the delay in her golf game...

Since it was a gorgeous day, we decided to go on our annual apple picking trip over at Homestead Farm.  Grant's first apple picking experience!

As with most things, #Grantnotimpressed...

Grant spent 99% of the time at the orchard asleep in the carrier

Finding that perfect apple!

Georgia suckered Nick into a hayride.  What he didn't realize was that the hayride stops at the pumpkin patch.  Of course, Georgia couldn't resist picking a huge pumpkin to haul back.  Nick convinced her that it was too early to bring home pumpkins and that she could "help out" the farmer by bringing that huge pumpkin back to the store for someone else to pick out.

And just like that, the weekend was over and we were prepping for another week of school!

Time to get clean!

Not so sure about this new pacifier!

Thank goodness this kid is cute because his antics with sleep last week were exhausting!

By Monday night, Georgia was nursing her first cold of the school year.  Frankly, we were shocked that she lasted that long without coming down with something.  We went into high gear hand washing mode to try and keep Grant from catching it.  Georgia didn't have a fever, but just a junky cough and the sniffles, which is what she usually comes down with during the school year.  We always know when Miss G isn't feeling well because she voluntarily goes to bed.  It was barely 7pm on Monday night and she was out cold!

After school on Monday = couch and relaxation time

After a solid 12 hours of sleep, she woke up much perkier!

1st morning needing a light coat to walk to school!

Of course, you know what babies do that don't sleep all night????  Sleep during the day!  UGH...

I was doing okay with the whole returning-to-work scenario in November until this sleep regression.  Now, I'm just praying this kid is only waking up one time per night or I'll be a total zombie.  Make that, a stressed out zombie.  Life with two kids and working full-time is going to be insane.  I can barely keep the house running now and I'm home!  Laundry appears to have become a part-time job.  Add in Georgia's tball practice and games, daisy meetings, making lunches, cooking dinner, washing bottle parts and I feel like I should be pulling a salary for the amount of work I do daily. 

Later in the week, I managed to sneak out of the house long enough to grab lunch with a co-worker and her baby girl, who arrived a few days before Grant.  It was nice to commiserate with someone about the good ole days of sleep!

And then September was over.  BOOOOOOO!  I usually love October, but this year it's just one month closer to going back to work.

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