Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day Weekend...

And in the blink of an eye, the first week of kindergarten is over.  Georgia is loving every minute of kindergarten, especially recess and specials (art, media center, PE, and music).  The other 4/5 of the day is a total mystery to us.  After 4+ years of being with most of the same kids daily, this is a whole new world of learning new names, routines, school, etc.  But, she loves kindergarten and is excited to go each and every day, so we can't complain!  Plus, it is wiping her out.  She's out cold every night and totally wiped out from her day.

She was so excited to wear her "Georgia" shirt to school!

I'm so grateful that I'm home at this time of year.  If it wasn't for maternity leave, I would be missing all these moments with her.  I love our morning stroll up to the school.  It's only a few blocks, but I adore our little walks and chats together.

After school, Georgia goes into big sister mode.  She is the Commander of Tummy Time!

Grant is not so sure about this time!

Getting stronger!

Grant is totally obsessed with Georgia when she is around.  Kids always love kids!

For the most part, Georgia has been AMAZING with Grant and has been a huge help (most of the time!)....

The best part about starting school before Labor Day... you get a 3 day weekend... with Auntie!!!

Auntie arrived on Friday afternoon, so she walked up with Grant and I to pick Georgia up from school.  From there, it was onto our first tball practice of the season.

Auntie only tried to kidnap our baby once or twice!

She also invented our new favorite hashtag - #Grantnotimpressed (because Grant is NEVER impressed!)...

Not impressed by tball

Loving Auntie

Auntie also introduced us to Pokemon Go.  Georgia loved walking all around finding the little creatures on Auntie's phone.

Thankfully, the forecast was completely wrong for the weekend.  We weren't looking forward to the tropical storm weather all weekend long.  Luckily, the meteorologists were completely wrong and we enjoyed beautiful sunshine all weekend!

Beautiful day for eating outside

Even Grant looked slightly impressed...

Georgia loved having Auntie's attention...

Auntie brought Grant a Batman because every little guy needs a Batman lovey...

Unfortunately, Auntie had to head back to her boys and New Hampshire on Sunday.  We had to find new entertainment, so we hosted our 2nd movie night in the back yard.  We invited everyone over to watch Disney's "Brave" on Sunday evening.  

I whipped up a batch of treats ahead of time figuring that a hot firepit + small children wouldn't mix well.  I threw crushed up graham crackers, mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips into a waffle cone and wrapped them in tinfoil.  Luckily, our neighbor also has a firepit, so we used that as the warming zone and kept the kids over on our side by the screen.

Our #PinterestFail of the night was the toasted marshmallow cups.  The online tutorial seemed so EASY.  Not so much.  Though, the guys did seem to have a blast setting marshmallows on fire!

In other news from the week... I laced up my running sneakers for the first time in 9+ months.  I was banned from running after my 1st trimester.  Since I was busy coughing up my lungs for almost my entire 1st trimester thanks to a lovely case of bronchitis, it had been a LONG time since I ran.  I "passed" my 6 week post-partum appointment mid-week, so I launched a plan to get back into shape.  I've always recommended the Couch to 5K program to anyone asking about taking up running.  So, I took my own advice and started nice and slow.  My incision felt great.  My tatas not so much.  I'm working on a new plan since my Dolly Parton-esque physique is new to me!  I've got great motivation since a bunch of friends and I have signed up for our first 5K post-babies in November.

We spent Monday at Nick's family's house celebrating the holiday.  Grant was still not impressed and Georgia was thrilled to spend the day in the pool (for possibly our last pool day of the summer!)...

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melissab said...

Georgia is too cute with all her after school chatter! Great visit- I need to sneak another one in soon! Miss you all too, too much!