Thursday, September 22, 2016

Grant - 2 months

Mr. Man is officially 2 months old, which is crazy because it feels like we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday.  Yet, at the same time, it feels like Grant has been a part of our family forever.  He really does complete us.

I'm already starting to fear that this little guy is going to be climbing up the walls before his 1st birthday.  He is SOOOOO strong.  He lifts up his head during tummy time and when just chilling on our shoulder.  His head is on a constant swivel as it takes in the world around him.  Nick and I are now on constant vigilance since we've both had near misses which could have resulted in a chipped tooth or two. 

Speaking of strong, Grant's already rolled over several times from tummy to back.  The first time was out of anger.  The second time completely surprised him (and me) during tummy time.  I have a feeling this guy will be on the move before we know it.

Oh those eyebrows!

The best milestone this month is all the smiles that we're seeing these days.  They're not consistent and they come and go pretty quickly.  But, when he makes eye contact with you and lights up, it just makes your day.  Georgia was so excited the first time that he smiled for her.  He certainly loves to light up when Nick walks in the door at night and give his Daddy a big smile.

Cracking himself up!

In sleeping news, Grant slept through the night three times this week.  HALLELUJAH!!!!  Twas amazing... except for the Dolly Parton chest that I woke up sporting each of those mornings.  Nothing like pumping a pound of fluid out of you boobs after a solid 7 hours of sleep!  Of course, after two nights of sleeping like a champ, he then decided to wake up at 4am again the following night.  It took Nick and I a few minutes to figure out what we do in the middle of the night when he woke up.  How quickly we forget!  Luckily, he decided that sleeping through the night was a lot more fun, so he went back to sleeping all night the following evening.

Grant had his 2 month appointment today at the pediatrician's office.  We chatted a lot about reflux since he's showing more and more symptoms of it.  Georgia also had a lovely case, but she was more of a happy spitter.  We tried meds with her, but we never really saw it make any difference.  We're going to try meds with Grant.  It won't fix the spitting up, but hopefully it will take away the burning sensation and make him a happier spitter because nothing is worse than seeing this happy little guy in pain.

Weight update...
One month ago, Grant weighed 9lbs and was 21.5 inches.
As of today, big guy is 12lbs, 5oz and 22.5 inches.  
Way to grow, Mr. Man!!  Someone really does love his milk.

Other Grant fun facts:

* Unless we swaddle him, he loves to kick off his blanket.  If he can't kick off the entire blanket, he ALWAYS manages to free one of his feet!

* KC is obsessed with him.  I'm not sure if it's because Grant "smells" like me these days, but she is always smelling him.  KC avoided Georgia like the plague, so it's interesting to see her always checking out the baby.

* He's still drinking expressed breast milk - just about 3.5oz every few hours.  Although sometimes after a long streak at night, he'll chug down 4.5oz.

* Grant has finally realized that we're not trying to drown him and now he loves just hanging out in the bathtub.  We've been giving him a quick tubbie just about every night since it relaxes him before bed and he really seems to enjoy it.  Plus, we need to clean out the lovely neck cheese he develops from all the spitting up.

* He loves movement.  If he's in the stroller, a moving car, the swing or on someone's shoulder being bounced around, he's a happy guy or out cold!

* He's starting to make all sorts of new noises, coos, and cries.

* Georgia has taken to calling him "Granty-Buddy."  Next thing you know, I've been calling him that nickname too!

* We had our first few poopslosions this week!  They were nasty.  I made the executive decision to cut him out of one poor white onesie.  That sucker was never coming back from the large stain on the back and I had no desire to get poop on his clean head if I tried to save it.

Yeah.... that's not gonna was h out!

* He found his thumb this week.  He likes to suck on it... in a non-traditional way!

Unfortnately, the two month mark also marks the halfway mark for me in terms of maternity leave.  Two months home.  Two months to go until I return to work!  Booooo.  I love the routine we have right now where I bring Georgia to school and pick her up.  It'll definitely take some adjusting to get used to a new routine in the middle of a school year.  We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.  If only I could slow down time.

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