Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Burning Questions...

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Grant's been officially hanging out with us for 19 days now.  Mimi returned to help us out this week since Nick went back to work on Monday.  Most family/friends seem to have the same questions when I get emails/texts/cards/etc, so I thought I'd dedicate this post to the burning questions...

How is Grant's weight and bili level?

Little dude and I headed in for his 2 week appointment last Friday.  It was my first solo outing with Grant.  Luckily, he seems to have inherited Georgia's love of the car seat because he was a perfect angel on the drive to and from the pediatrician's office, which is about 15-20 minutes from our house. 

In good news, the little chunkeroo is now OVER his birth weight and weighed in at 6lbs, 12.5oz.  Woot woot!  He gained almost a full pound in a week.  The doctor stressed that they really like to see babies back up to their birth weight by the 2 week appointment and the fact that he had passed that mark by several ounces was great news.

Since he gained so much weight, the doctor wasn't concerned about his bili level and didn't even measure it at this appointment.  So, good news on top of good news and we don't have to go back until his 1 month appointment at the end of the month.

KC checking out the new guy

Are you guys sleeping?
No.  Yes.  Sort of???  For some reason, no matter what we do, the early part of the night is rough for Mr. Grant.  We've tried lots of different bedtime routines, including the sponge bath, the keep-him-awake for a few hours before bed technique, the let him sleep and hope sleep begets more sleep tip, and the swaddle him like a burrito vs the let his arms hang out.  We've tried cluster feeding, the dream feed, etc.  No matter what we do, he's a newborn and is a hungry little hippo as soon as the lights go out.  

We're averaging about a 60-90 minute initial sleep cycle and then a few 2-3 hour sleep cycles throughout the night.  So, depending upon what time we all get to bed, it's not a horrible night, but it's still a long night.  During wake-ups, we're typically up for about 30-45 minutes between diaper changes, bottles, pumping, burping, re-swaddling, etc.  

Napping with his bear blanket

How is breastfeeding going?

It's going about as well as it went with Georgia!  Grant had a lot of trouble staying awake long enough to feed when we were in the hospital, so I started pumping like crazy.  If it is one thing I know how to do in life, it's pump (after I spent 14 months pumping for Georgia).  Bottom line... I wanted to do anything I could to ensure that we all got discharged and out of the hospital/NICU as fast as humanly possible.

During the hospital stay, I was given the wrong size flanges to use with the hospital pump.  A few "injuries" occurred.  By "injuries," you really do NOT want to hear any further details.  It is never good when a lactation consultant comes in to check on you and is in shock by what you show her and then goes to find a colleague to show her the damage inflicted.  

KC is my pumping BFF... I think she thinks that I'm "purring" when I pump.  She is never far from my side!

So, I had to take a few weeks off from attempting to latch Grant.  It's also giving him time to get a little bigger and to be able to sustain feeds by being awake/alert.  Insurance was kind enough to give me a pump this time around and I still had my pump from Georgia, so we have two pumps in the house.  One stays upstairs and I use that one at night.  Another is in the living room and I use that one throughout the day.  Luckily, I also had a ton of supplies from my exclusive pumping days, including bottles, flanges, spare parts, etc.  We are a fully operational pumping department around here.

In the meanwhile, pumping and I are old friends and I've already got quite the freezer stash built up.  I'm not sure how much dedication I have in me this time.  However, for now, we don't need to fix what isn't broke.  Grant is gaining weight like a champ and I'm more than happy to pass along 14 years of teaching immunity and antibodies onto the little guy, especially before fall and winter get here.  Georgia was so healthy that first winter, even with her extended NICU stay and germ-infested daycare.  If I can help Grant do the same, so be it.  

I could eat that little face!

What are Grant's likes/dislikes?
In breaking news, Grant was a HUGE fan of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics!  Nick and Georgia stayed up late with Grant and allowed me to grab some extra sleep.  Nick said Grant was AMAZED at the television, the music, the colors, etc.  He slept like a rock that night, so go Rio!

Watching the Olympics

Grant is also a huge fan of drinking milk (especially at night!), hanging out in his boppy pillow, napping, and his big sister.  He loves when she sings to him.  

Gas smiles are the best!

Grant is NOT a fan of having his diaper changed, being naked, hiccups or getting circumcised!  Can you blame the guy?!?  He's usually so chill all day long, but after that procedure, he had a tough day with lots of whimpering and groaning.  We all felt bad for him.

How am I recovering?

Overall, I definitely think that recovery from c-section #2 has been much easier than c-section #1.  Again, not sure of the reasons - whether they are physical or just psychological.  I would say I'm about 80-85% at this time (less than 3 weeks out).  I still don't think I could run anytime soon, but my walking is getting faster and faster.  Stairs don't hurt anymore.  Getting in/out of the car is still a little tight.  Getting in/out of bed and turning in bed doesn't feel amazing, but it's a lot better than it was last week.  

I had totally forgotten about the lovely night sweats.  Ugh.  I wake up drenched at least a few times during the night each and every night.  It's disgusting and I feel totally gross every morning.  My temperature regulation is all over the place.  I go from hot to cold and back to hot all within an hour or two.  I had a few issues with headaches this week as hormones regulate.  Oh the joys of post-pregnancy!!  There's a reason this is referred to as the "4th trimester."

Stretching my legs on our first family stroll around the hood!

To say that I'm ravenous is a major understatement.  Pumping makes me STARVING all day long.  It's crazy how many calories I must be consuming at the moment.  Let's not do the math.

Since I am nothing but brutally honest, here's the first post-pregnancy pictures (this is for anyone who thinks you can lose the weight all in a week like a Hollywood celeb).  I figure I showed the bump getting bigger and bigger, so maybe this will help me realize that the bump is slowly going away.  Obviously, I can't exercise yet, but it felt great getting outside a few nights this week for a slow little walk around the neighborhood as a family!  At my first post-op appointment, I was down just over 20 pounds.  Baby steps...

Wearing regular non-maternity shorts again - Mini victory!

I've had a few opportunities to get out of the house, which is important to me for my sanity.  I blogged last time that I was able to attend the "Bachelorette" night finale with my neighborhood friends.  This week, I went to brunch at a friend's house with the same group and we're headed to the movies to check out "Bad Moms" later this week.  I've gotten to run to Target by myself, grab a quick pedicure touch-up, and even hit up the grocery store for some essentials.  There's something amazing about just getting back to "normal" following surgery.

How is Georgia doing with being a big sister?

Georgia has adjusted amazingly well to becoming a big sister.  She adores her little brother and likes to be a "helper."  She picks out his next diaper, likes to do tummy time with him, and will help us give him a bottle.  She doesn't like when he cries and will do her best to perk him up by singing to him or talking to him.  She is so proud when she is able to do something for him or help us out in some way.  I love that she calls him "my baby" or "our baby."

Proudly wearing her new big sis shirt

Taking a picture of Grant

We're still trying to spend quality time with just Georgia.  She loved having Daddy home for 2 weeks and took advantage of having him home to spend lots of time at the pool swimming.  They even had a special Daddy/Daughter dinner date at a local restaurant with some of our neighbors and their Daddies too.

Grant's first walk around the block

Our big helper pushing her baby brother

Home from the pool and wanting to hold her brother

Does the Amazon/UPS guy hate you yet?

Absolutely!  Thank you to everyone who has sent cards and gifts.  Grant is starting to have a closet to rival Georgia, which is a tough legacy to live up to!  I've tried to sit down and write thank you notes, but something always seems to come up and I only get 2-3 done per day.  At this rate, Christmas will be here before I finish the list of 30+ that I still need to write out.

How amazing is this canvas that Auntie, Uncle Andrew, Nathan and Matthew sent for Grant's room?!!?

A huge thanks to my former co-worker, Judi, for this amazing onesie!!!

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