Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Starting Kindergarten!

It finally happened... After months and months of talking about kindergarten and counting down the days this summer, the first day of school arrived yesterday.  

We "celebrated" all weekend long with lots of LAST summer events.  Our neighborhood was hosting a movie night up in the clubhouse parking lot, so we gathered all our peeps and prepped to head up there on Saturday evening after ordering some pizza... until we all lost steam.  So, Plan B - movie night in our back yard.  Nick was THRILLED to whip out all of his latest toys and host an impromptu movie night at our house.  The kids loved it.  The parents loved it.  Plus, we had easy access to bathrooms... and beer!  Win, win, win!

"Previews" included Go Pro videos of themselves!

We are so grateful to live in such a wonderful community with great neighbors... and those that don't complain when you throw a giant blow up screen into your back yard!  In fact, the neighbors just walked over and joined in on the fun!

On Sunday, we did some of our final hours at the pool.  The pool will still be open next weekend over the Labor Day holiday, but we weren't sure of final plans.  In my mind, this will always be the summer that "all" the kids learned how to swim.  It's been amazing to watch Georgia and all her little buddies discover their fins. Their confidence has soared and they love to be at the pool non-stop these days.

Grant was less than impressed with the pool lifestyle...

Sunday night was such a weird mix of emotions.... excitement, nervousness, and so on.  Georgia had lots of questions, but was just so excited to head off to the big school.  We chatted a lot about food since 99.9% of my worries were allergy related.  We talked a lot about not accepting food from others and not giving anyone her food.  We're huge into sharing around here, but not food.  Georgia helped me pack her lunch and had plenty of opinions about what she wanted to bring for the first day.

I tweeted out her lunch box to our friends at Enjoy Life - #lunchfreely

The night before also included some VERY important prep... nails!

Her request... purple and pink!

Georgia jumped out of bed bright and early and was so excited to get dressed and ready to go.  It was a new type of crazy for us as we rushed around trying to get myself, Nick, Georgia and Grant all out of the house by 8:35am so we could walk up the street.  We quickly learned what would and would not work in the morning and we already completely revamped our schedule for Tuesday morning (it also involved me cooking off 2 dozen scrambled eggs so that we don't have to fry those up every morning to save time!).

The best part of the entire experience was opening the garage door and seeing the whole block getting ready to head off to school.  We have 3 kindergartners on our little corner of the world and they were all excited to head up to school.  Even the neighbors across the street with their "big kid" (a junior in high school) stopped to clap for the little guys as they headed off down the street for day #1.

Since we're only 3-4 blocks from school, our plan for the warm months and while I'm on leave is to walk on up (and avoid the massive car rider line).  

Walking with Daddy and bringing all her "supplies" to school

The neighborhood school was hopping and it was so fun to see all the kids (and parents) ready for the first day.  The principal was out front greeting everyone and trying to keep the car rider line moving.  We saw friends from the neighborhood, friends from the pool, friends from tball, friends from daycare, etc.  

Georgia couldn't ditch us fast enough, but she did let me take one final picture of us before she headed in and while Nick held back tears (it's always the big guys!).

Our neighbor's daughter and Georgia are in the same class, so they held hands and walked on in!  And just like that, kindergarten started.  

Grant wasn't too impressed with school either.  Basically, he's not too impressed with anything yet!

I met up with a neighbor, who was also dropping off her kindergarten daughter, and we went for a quick loop around the block.  I'm not cleared yet to work out, but hoping to get that clearance later this week!  It was a nice way to ease back into "working out," while also getting in some good socializing and gossip time with a neighborhood friend and we commiserated about being old enough to have kindergartners!

I got texts all day long with people asking me how I was doing.  Me?  I was great!  The only problem was that the day went by too fast.  I had a whole list of things to get accomplished and almost nothing got crossed off!  Between pumping, bottles, laundry, and a few other small tasks, the day flew by.

Grant did get something accomplished... he smiled like a crazy guy all day long.  He's been having gas smiles since he was born, but starting yesterday, he was a happy smiley guy all day long!  It was a day of firsts for everyone in the house!

KC was less than thrilled that not all the kids went to school.  She's counting down the days until Grant starts daycare...

Get off my couch, kid!

Grant and I headed back up to the school to pick Georgia up in the afternoon.  I braved the car rider lane and survived... barely.  I'd love to walk up every day, but in the case of a rain storm or torrential downpour, I would have Grant with me and that might not work out so well.  So, the car line it is!  It was definitely an adventure.

Georgia bounced out of the school and hopped right into the car.  Her declaration, kindergarten is "totally awesome!"  She was chatty chatty all afternoon telling me all about her day.  I was beyond happy to hear that she loved every second.  Never a doubt!  But, the thing that really warmed my heart was when she talked about recess.  Miss Social Butterfly told me all about everyone she saw and what they were doing.  She then mentioned that one little girl was on the bench not playing with anyone, so Georgia went over and asked her to play.  My heart may have just exploded!  BAM... parenting win.

Thanks JC (and Ty/Benji) for the new super hero blanket and books - Georgia loved looking at them after school!

By Day #2 of kindergarten, she didn't even need us...

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