Thursday, August 4, 2016

Grant's First Week Home...

Week #1 at home with a newborn is a complete blur.  It might be the long nights or the lack of sleep, but the days are already flying by, which is slightly terrifying.  Technically, I'm still on summer break and my maternity leave hasn't officially started yet, but I know that in the blink of an eye, I'll be sending both kids off to school for the day and heading back to work.  I'm trying to enjoy all the little moments that seem to end too soon... like cuddling with my handsome man all curled up on my chest.  Of course, there are plenty of moments that can't seem to end fast enough... like a newborn waking up every 60 minutes at night (or washing all the Dr. Brown's bottle parts... I have a love/hate relationship with those stinkin' bottles!).

Georgia's welcome home signs for her brother

I arrived home from the hospital on Monday afternoon of last week.  We spent the day getting adjusted to life back at home and I did my best to stay off my feet and let my incision heal.  I'm not sure if it is because this is c-section #2, the difference between having staples vs sutures, not standing in a NICU for 16+ hours/day (as well as the drive into/out of the city) or just the general knowledge that walking will get easier as the days go by, but this c-section seems to have been slightly easier on my body.  It still is a BITCH of a surgery and sitting/standing/being in the car/turning over in bed was definitely not fun last week.  The binder that the hospital sent me home with wasn't very comfortable and didn't seem to fit my short torso (aka - it was sucking in my upper abdomen, which is NOT where I needed the support).  During a middle of the night feeding session, I ordered THESE underwear from Motherhood Maternity.  They arrived a few days later and they were life changing!  I know that several readers are pregnant and expecting within the next month... order them and you won't regret it!  I feel like it definitely targeted the area where I needed support the most, especially in those first few days.

Besides that, the c-section scar is quickly healing up and every day gets easier.  By mid-week last week, I had some pretty gross ankle swelling from all the IV fluids, but that completely disappeared by the end of the week.  Instead, the nasty night sweats seemed to have taken the place of the ankle swelling. #itsalwayssomething

Tuesday was back to normal life... Grant had a follow-up appointment at his pediatrician's office and Georgia had a swim lesson.  Originally, Grant was scheduled for his first pediatrician appointment on Wednesday, but since he was looking a tad yellow/jaundice before his discharge from the hospital, they wanted us to move up his appointment to the following day.  Grant's pediatrician felt that he didn't look very yellow, so she let him skip blood work for the day and just asked us to come back again on Friday for another bili level check.  He did lose more weight since leaving the hospital and was down to 5lbs, 15.5oz (from his birth weight of 6lbs, 8oz).  The doctor wasn't too concerned and noted that they would check his weight again on Friday.

Hanging out with big sis

A little boppy floor time

Home from her swim lesson and ready to hang out with her little brother

If you don't believe that a newborn can give you the stink eye, feel free to give them a sponge bath.  If looks could kill...

Traumatized child

Grant performed a neat little trick those first few nights at home... he made us think he was a good sleeper!  Trick was on us as his true colors starting showing later in the week.  Those first few nights with 3-4-5 hour stretches already seem like a lifetime ago.

Chilling in his pack-n-play

Sucking down a bottle with Mimi

On Thursday, we woke up sleep deprived, but had to get into motion since we were expecting a family photographer to join us for some morning photos.  We clean up pretty good all things considered!  Georgia was too cute during the session and pretty much told the photographer her entire life story.  I can't wait to see how the pictures come out, especially since this is a new photographer for us.  Our usual gal seems to have disappeared off the face of the planet and Nick is convinced that she went into the witness protection program!

Photo session sneak peek from my iPhone

I need to take a second to say a huge thank you to everyone who has stopped by to check in on us.  We have such generous friends/family/neighbors.  The UPS guy and Amazon drivers have been at our house non-stop and we've eaten quite well with Mimi cooking us up several delicious meals and several neighbors stopping by with casseroles and gift cards to local restaurants.  Most of all, almost everyone has brought something for Georgia, which is just beyond sweet.  She's received books, toys, clothes, stuffed animals, etc.  It's like Christmas in July for the kid!  We're so grateful for everyone who remembered the big sister during this crazy time.

Unfortunately our Team Boring homecoming took a downward turn on Friday.  Grant went back to the pediatrician and his weight continued to go down to 5lbs, 14.5oz.  That wasn't as big of a concern as his yellow/jaundice state.  The pediatrician did a heel stick and let us know that he would call us as soon as he had the results.  He called us back around 10pm that evening to let us know that Grant's bili levels were rising (up to 16) and that we would need to come in first thing Saturday morning to check in again.  Worst case scenario.... he might need to go back to the NICU for a night or two if it hit level 18.

Cue hysterical crying Mama.  The threat of the NICU pretty much sent me into hysteria for several hours on Friday evening.  I've already done the NICU mommy thing x2.  There was no way that I was in any mental state for a 3rd NICU stay for this family.

Our pediatrician recommended that perhaps a switch to formula for the evening might help knock down his bili level for the morning appointment (fun fact that breast milk is slower at knocking down bili levels).  Luckily, we had some free formula that some company had sent me the previous week in the pantry so we whipped up a bottle of formula and gave it to Grant.  He chugged it... and then spent the next 30 minutes throwing it all back up.  Grant hadn't spit up ONCE since being home from the hospital and now here he was spitting up the entire bottle... 10 hours before a weight check and a bili check.  If you thought I was hysterical before, you should have seen me then.  So, back to breast milk we went and kept our fingers crossed for the morning.

Mimi got one of the first gas smiles!

Nick, Grant and I were up early on Saturday morning to head to the pediatrician for the 3rd time that week (sigh).  Thankfully, his weight was back up to 5lbs, 15oz!  So, to review:

Birth Weight (7/22) - 6lbs, 8oz
Discharge Weight (7/25) - 6lbs, 4oz
1st Pediatrician Visit (7/26) - 5lbs, 15.5oz
2nd Pediatrician Visit (7/29) - 5lbs, 14.5oz
3rd Pediatrician Visit (7/30) - 5lbs, 15.5oz

We had to wait until the afternoon to hear back about the morning's bili level.  Thankfully, the bili level went down to 13.6 (from 16).  So, a victory on two fronts.  Even better... because both levels improved, we didn't have to go back to the pediatrician again for a week.  Not that I didn't enjoy the daily car rides, but I was done with the back/forth and Nick was way done with me yelling at him about every potential pothole as I held my incision together.  The only good news is that Grant was a champ in the car every single time and never made a peep.  Let's keep our fingers crossed for a 2nd kid that loves being in the car seat.

My boys taking a mid-afternoon nap

Poor Mimi was set to fly home on Saturday afternoon, but rebooked her flight for Sunday in case Grant needed to be re-admitted to the NICU.  Approximately three minutes after she cancelled her flight, the pediatrician called that we were in the clear.  Of course.

Other randoms...

On Saturday evening, Nick remembered the Cheerios Challenge that had been going around social media this summer.  Of course, I knew what he was up to when he asked if we had any Cheerios.  The neighbors joined in the fun texting pictures back of their baby with Cheerios stacked on his head too.  

KC finally accepted her fate as the cat in a house with children... just not happily.

Unbelievably, we flipped the calendar on Monday and welcomed in August.  Guess I can cross off "Baby due" on 8/19 and scheduled c-section on 8/12!

Georgia had previously enrolled in an online kindergarten jumpstart project that started on the 1st, so we sat down mid-morning on Monday to work on our first assignment while Grant napped.  She loved every second of it and is counting down the days until kindergarten starts at the end of the month.

Drawing her favorite scene from "The Kissing Hand" in her composition journal

Grant wasn't too impressed with kindergarten work!

Note the outfit change before the next video.  This boy diaper change thing is crazy!  Nick has gotten sprayed several times already.  So far, Grant only cries when naked during diaper changes and finds it highly entertaining when he pees on us.  

In other news, we now have two guys in the house who snore...

Nick gets bonus points for babysitting TWO kids on Monday evening so that I could head to the neighbors for "The Bachelorette" finale night with my girlfriends AND my first glass of wine in a LONG time!!  I enjoyed every sip.

So, all in all, a pretty good first week at home.  We're doing our best to keep things "normal" for Georgia.  Nick has been trying to squeeze in as much pool time as possible still and he's taken her to the driving range and to friends' houses for play dates and I've worked with her daily on her kindergarten packet.  Grant has been a great baby, especially when you hear horror stories about babies crying all day/night.  He really only fusses when he's hungry (just like his sister) and he's a noisy little sleeper (just like his sister).  Onto week #2...

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