Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Grant - Week 3

The following seems to sum up our world right about now...

Well, maybe it should read that the NIGHTs are long, but same concept!  

It's crazy to think that Grant has been around for close to a month at this point.  Yet, he's still not even "due" to be here with us until the Friday.  At the same time, Georgia gets up each day and crosses off another day on her kindergarten countdown calendar.  It's so crazy to have two kids in such different places in their life.  She's over the moon about being a "big girl" and he's just this little helpless guy needing absolutely everything to be done for him.

Hanging out with Daddy 

Cuddle time with Mommy

Roaring like the dino on his bib!

Hanging with my guy

Guess who discovered the ceiling fan?!?!

Our days are filled with diaper changes, bottles, washing bottle parts, laundry (and then some more laundry), quick snacks/inhaling food before someone else needs me, pumping, showering (it's one of my non-negotiables), etc.  Usually, I'm throwing in an outfit change for both Grant and I since he loves to pee on both of us during diaper changes.  Yes, we ordered the teepee peepee things!  I feel like I live in 2 minute increments throughout the day.  In between tending to Grant, I'm trying to help Georgia with some online learning activity or squeezing in a quick game while giving her hair a quick brush and trying to convince her to change out of her nightgown for the day.

Sunday morning tummy time

Just like his sister, he's not the biggest fan of tummy time!

Don't you dare take away my milk, Momma!

I've officially survived a few days on my own with both children.  Mimi headed back to Massachusetts after taking care of all of us for a few weeks.  We've got a whole slew of visitors lined up for the next few weekends, so life will certainly be busy.  As my neighbors now say - TGFM - Thank god for Mimi!  Mimi was lucky to even get to sit down for 2 seconds.  Georgia had her on full speed mode at all times during her visits.

Just hanging out with my Meems

I'm not sure how people do it with a toddler and a newborn.  Georgia is my mini-nanny.  The poor kid is constantly helping me in some way - opening a door, giving her brother his pacifier, picking up something I dropped, etc.  She really should be earning a salary.  When Mimi was still here, we all tried to spend some quality 1-on-1 time with just Miss G.  I took her out for her first official big girl haircut before she starts kindergarten.  Nick took her to the pool several times.  Mimi hit the pool and the movies with our big girl.  Nick and I took her to a friend's party together over the weekend while Mimi stayed home to mind Grant.

New haircut for kindergarten!

Hitting the driving range with Daddy

Helping Daddy with some yard work

Just a typical day in our house!

I also survived my first day out with both kids.  I went into my school for a few hours to meet with my team.  Packing up two kids to leave the house is no joke.  I'm fairly certain that Nick and I could have traveled to an international country with the amount of bags that I was carrying just to head out for a few hours.  Thankfully, Grant is still amazing in the car.  He really is a good baby - unless he wants something (aka - his milk!), he's a pretty chill little dude.  He even decided to sleep for a 4 hour stretch last night - woot woot!

When I say he is chill... I really mean, he is chill.  Yes, that is my knee and Grant just kicking his feet up to relax a bit!

The only person on the planet allowed to stick his foot in my face!

Meet Nick's new assistant for middle of the night feedings - Mr. Bear

We received our first sneak peek picture from our newborn photo shoot.  The photographer reached out to me this week to apologize for the delay.  Due to a family emergency, she was unexpectedly out of town for the week, but hopefully we'll have the rest of the images soon.  I can't wait to see them!

I'm so lucky to have had lots of great visitors these past few weeks.  So many co-workers and friends have stopped by to meet Grant and to check in on us.  We've survived on casseroles and treats that people have dropped off, including a neighbor returning from a quick trip to Boston and bringing over a whole box of sweet treats from Mike's Pastry!  It really does feel great to be part of a community and it helps with my sanity to have adult visitors to chat and visit with on a daily basis.

Rocking some new slippers from my co-worker, Robyn!

The first 0-3 outfit to fit him (thanks, Jen!)

Thanks for the fuzzy blanket, Auntie Elaine!

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