Monday, July 4, 2016

VA Wedding Weekend - Part 2

On Saturday morning, we woke up and joined the family for brunch down on the big grand porch of the Salamander Resort.  Again, the resort was great with Georgia's food allergies and reassured us that the blueberry pancakes would be a safe option for her, so she was soon digging into a giant stack of delicious pancakes!  We chatted and caught up with aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents as we enjoyed our breakfast.

Georgia was very quick to remind us that the pool opened at 10am.  By 10:01, she was itching to get over there for some swimming!  Unfortunately, it was a cool and foggy morning in the Virginia hills.  We managed to distract her until 11ish, but she constantly reminded us, "It's past 10!"  Time to suck it up and head to the pool.

The kid wasted no time jumping right into the pool (and managed to convince her Daddy and Grandpa to join her)...

Luckily, the sun made a mid-morning appearance.  The little fish could have easily spent the whole day in the water.  She loved playing with all the other kids, especially Anna, whom we only get to see 1-2x/year.  

With lots of available playmates, I was able to order a mocktail and just enjoy some time in the shade!

Georgia, Grandma, and Daddy playing in the fountains

We ate a quick lunch poolside and then headed back to the room so we could all relax for a bit, shower and get ready for the big wedding!  Georgia was amazed that housekeeping had come into our room to clean-up and even managed to make her pony comfortable.

Thankfully, G crashed for about 90 minutes and probably would have slept for longer, but it was time for wedding prep!

Enjoying the luxury accommodations, including the bathroom with a tv!

I had brought a curling iron and fully intended to "do" Georgia's hair, but we were running tight on time and the humidity had really cranked up.  So, a half wet ponytail sufficed.  For the wedding, all the children were invited to the ceremony and then they had their own ballroom for a "kid reception!"  So, Georgia joined us on the grand lawn for the first part of the evening.

Ready for the wedding (with red rosy cheeks from her day at the pool)

Pre-wedding pictures with Nick's mom and her sisters

All afternoon, the clouds rolled through and managed to cool down the temperatures a bit.  Wouldn't you know that as soon as we were all seated for the wedding, the clouds parted and the sun shined down on the gorgeous bride and handsome groom.  It heated up quite quickly.  Normally this 8 month preggo does okay with the heat, but I was definitely feeling it while we sat there.  

Is my make-up melting off my face yet?!?

Waiting patiently and using her fan to stay cool

The flowers for the wedding were AMAZING.  

After the ceremony, we all headed to the culinary gardens for cocktail hour...

Can we all take a moment and be thankful for stretchy dresses, especially when you realize that you don't own any maternity dresses approximately 24 hours before you are packing to leave for the wedding?!?

We joked that Georgia looked like part of the wedding party with her blush colored dress...

Georgia and Auntie Liz

We soon got word that the kid reception had gotten started inside the resort.  As soon as Georgia heard that there was a bounce house, she couldn't ditch us fast enough!  As we headed up the stairs to go back into the resort to drop her off, we managed to bump right into the bride and groom as they headed down to cocktail hour.

We checked Georgia in with the nanny service and she was more than happy to say goodbye to Nick and I.  I had previously talked with the head of the nanny service on a phone conference the week before and I was fairly comfortable with their plan for food (I packed Georgia her own dinner just to be on the safe side), knowledge of epi-pens, etc.  Nick and I periodically peeked into the kid room throughout the evening.  The nannies got the kids changed into their pajamas and they spent the night doing fun activities, eating their dinners, and then watching Disney movies.  Georgia could have cared less every time that I checked on her.

Nick and I got a sneak preview at the ballroom as we headed back to join the adults and it looked incredible...

The reception was fabulous - great speeches, good music and fantastic food.  With my high risk specialist's blessing, I enjoyed a glass of champagne.  Ahhhhhh....

I can't say I did a ton of dancing, but the bump and I managed a few songs!  My best decision of the evening was switching into comfortable flats after the cocktail hour and ditching my high-heeled wedges!

With the bride and groom

Nick and I also managed to squeeze into the photo booth for some fun...

At the end of the evening, all the guests were invited to join the bride and groom at the front portico of the resort for a "send-off."  We grabbed Georgia (looking very chic in her Paw Patrol jammies!) and joined everyone for a sparkler send-off...

Not surprisingly, Georgia got a second wind after the sparklers, so we checked out the after party at the spa pool for a short time.  Georgia managed to collect and hoard the majority of the glow sticks at the party.  We only stayed for a short time, but long enough to grab some late night grilled cheese and fries and to witness the first person to jump into the pool fully dressed!  We headed back to our room for the night and Georgia loved her new night-light decor, courtesy of the after party and some decorating by Daddy...

We were up early the next morning for the farewell brunch and said goodbye to all the family departing for various locations across the country.  Georgia managed to inhale two giant pancakes after her late night partying!  We had promised her that we would check out the horse stables before we left, so we did a quick trip back to the equestrian center before we packed up and headed home.

So, we wrapped up our first weekend of the summer and headed back across the Potomac to Maryland.  Overall, we loved our stay at Salamander.  It was a beautiful resort and they were able to accommodate Georgia's food allergies, which is always a bonus for us (though I had packed enough food to probably feed all the wedding guests!).  The wedding was fantastic and Georgia loved hanging out with all the kids while we got a chance to mingle with family that we only manage to see now and again.  Congratulations to the newlyweds, Adrienne and Luis (#readytorumblewithaybar)!  Until the next wedding...

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