Saturday, July 2, 2016

VA Wedding Weekend - Part 1

Our first official summer weekend was spent in Virginia at the Salamander Resort celebrating the wedding of Nick's cousin, Adrienne.  The resort was only about a 60-75 minute drive from our house to Middleburg.  We've heard amazing things about the resort over the past few years, so we couldn't wait to get the weekend under way.  We checked in on Friday afternoon and were able to get into our room and started to get settled before all the action began.  We were super excited to check out the resort and the weather was predicted to be gorgeous all weekend long.

Since our room was on the 3rd floor, Georgia loved checking out the views from our balcony.  Several times each day we saw groups heading out onto the trails on horseback.  She loved counting the horses each time.

The bride and groom invited arriving guests to the main lawn later that afternoon for a meet/greet and some lawn games, so we headed down to say hello.

A panoramic view of the resort

Playing a little lawn chess

We had some time to kill before the rehearsal welcome dinner, so we walked on over to check out the resort pool.  We instantly regretted not letting Georgia get into her bathing suit because plenty of people were in the pool and she desperately wanted to go in and join them.  We let her roll her shorts up and wade into the shallow water to play in the fountain area for a short time while we awaited the arrival of Nick's parents from Ohio.

Hanging out with Grandpa poolside

We stayed at the pool as long as we could, but all the wedding guests had dinner plans, so we hustled back to our room for a quick change.  We grabbed our cowboy boots and headed down to the equestrian center for a Texas style barnyard rehearsal dinner.  Georgia was beyond excited to wear her cowgirl boots to the party.

She begged me to take a picture of our boots together...

We didn't really get any great family pictures that night.  My mother-in-law snapped a quick picture of us as we headed into the equestrian center (which was absolutely beautiful - what spoiled ponies!!)...

Not a great picture of any of us, but it's what you get after a long day!

The wedding coordinators brought in a giant LOVE sign for the party and it was a big hit for photos.  Virginia is for lovers...

Since we told Georgia that the party was a barn "dance," she wanted to dance... immediately!  Nick got dragged onto her "dance floor" to boogie down!

When Nick left her to grab a drink, she just kept on dancing the night away all by herself...

The weather gods shined upon the party because we all watched as black clouds rolled into sight not too far off.  Everyone started checking their weather apps and doppler.  Rain and lightning could be seen far off into the distance, but somehow the wind blew the storm just off property.  A few random rain drops fell, but nothing that interrupted the party.

Georgia knew a handful of other kids attending the wedding weekend, including her cousins, as well as some of the kids that we see yearly at the lake up in NY.  She also recognized some of the older girls from the annual Christmas cookie bake.  Little Miss Social had no problem going right up to the kids and inviting herself to play with them.  We barely saw her again for the rest of the night!  The big kids were so good with her and made sure she got a turn playing all their games.

Every now and again, I'd wander over to the games area to check that Georgia was still there.  Otherwise, she was well entertained all evening long (and learned how to play corn hole!)...

The resort was fabulous with answering food allergy questions all weekend long.  As the buffet started, I managed to flag down an official looking gentleman from the resort (aka - he had a walkie-talkie --- in my world, anyone with a walkie-talkie is "official looking").  I asked if there were any nuts in any of the food items on the buffet.  He immediately told me that the desserts were made off site and he would not recommend trying any of them (little did he know, I travel with a purseful of desserts!).  He said he would get the chef on the phone and get clarification about the regular buffet items.  He immediately strolled away with his phone already up to his ear.  Within two minutes, he discretely flagged me down and let me know that the entire buffet was made in-house in their kitchen and safe from all nuts.  Georgia was thrilled to know that she could skip the sandwich in my purse and indulge in the flank steak and rice!  She inhaled dinner and then headed back out with her friends.  About 3o minutes later, she came back to the table.  I assumed she was back to look for dessert.  Nope, she wanted a second helping of rice!  

Just inhaling a second helping of Mexican rice!

And then the miracle truly happened... our child came up to us and declared that she was exhausted and wanted to go to bed!  I don't believe that has ever happened in the past 5 years.  

Poor Nick ended up carrying her all the way back to our room, which was a hike up the hill.  Georgia was over the moon to get her own big girl bed in our hotel room.  If I had known how noisy of a little sleeper she was (things haven't changed since her infant days), I would have booked her into her own hotel room!  I can't say I slept all that much... or at all.  The room was lovely, but sleeping in the same room as Georgia, missing our king size bed, and being 8 months pregnant was not a great combination for a great night of sleep!  I debated paging the front desk and asking for a cot to roll into the bathroom or grabbing the car and heading home to sleep for a few hours.  I think I finally dozed for a bit around dawn.

And so, we wrapped up day #1 at Salamander.  Saturday was going to be all about the pool and Adrienne and Luis' wedding!

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